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Why Trump Will Win Massive Landslide, Keep the Senate, and Win the House

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 24, 2020

Nobody saw the Donald Trump 2016 win coming. Obviously, a huge silent majority showed up at the polls. This happened regardless of a massive propaganda onslaught by the media. Political experts literally laughed out loud at the notion that Trump would be elected president. My front yard and car are illustrations of this dynamic to some point. While I am a huge Trump supporter, I am also very busy and don’t have time to deal with drama; that’s why I don’t have a Trump sticker on my car and a Trump sign in my front yard. I don’t have time to deal with vandalism. But see, this also says a lot about who we are up against and how most have chosen to deal with them; at the polls. There is a lot to learn from football on this point. When some players are harassed on the field by trash-talkers, we see them merely point to the scoreboard. This is instructive: trash-talking either seeks to demoralize the competition as a strategy for winning or lashes out at those winning when the former fails.

A couple of days ago, Trump had his first rally of the political season. Regardless of the expected aggression from Antifa and BLM, both violent groups whose exploits are well publicized, and a pandemic, the crowd was still substantial. In fact, it represented the tip of a huge iceberg. I think most Trump supporters are like me: why go through all of that when I can just watch the Trump show on TV? Likewise, I don’t have time to replace slashed tires or broken windows, but I am counting the days to November 3rd.

How powerful is this Trump populous movement that does its talking at the polls? Trump, in 2016, was up against the full wrath of the Democratic party, all of the media, and 50% of his own party known as the “Never-Trumpers.” Trump absolutely trounced a huge field of impressive Republican candidates in the primaries using schoolyard mentality. Many surmised that Trump really didn’t want to win. And, all in all, huge issues were not really front and center. Yet, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a substantial margin.

This time, there are a myriad of issues not helpful to the Democrat party. For the first time in many years, blue states will be in play. The new issues have offended those with TDS on both sides of the aisle, and most of them will merely stay home and not vote. They hate Trump but have been offended by their party as well. Undecideds will break for Trump in large numbers. The Democrats are also likely to lose the House. The only chance Democrats have is to steal the presidential election. Other than mail-in ballots, one governor has signed an executive order allowing prisoners to vote. However, things like that will likely fall short of making up the difference. The following are the issues that will make the difference.

The COVID Misstep 

COVID-19 presented a possible gift from on-high to the Democrats, but they blew it. Had they carefully played the pandemic well, they could have used it to trash the economy going into the election which would have been their best shot for winning, and at the very least, would have enabled them to hang on to the House and maybe gain a majority in the Senate. But, they blew it; they took their eye off the ball, and played the race card. Endorsing huge demonstrations circumvented arguments for keeping the economy closed. While people, who are also Democrats, were not allowed to go to church or take their children to the park, others were allowed to protest and riot. While many were not allowed to go to clothing stores, others were allowed to burn them down. Party loyalty only goes so far in the face of these types of outrages, and there have been many. Remember, Democrats have families also.


People are not up with hating Trump more than loving the lives of others. COVID was not partial to political parties. It was evident that the left politicized treatments for COVID. A Democratic state representative even credited Trump for saving her life by endorsing hydroxychloroquine. Then, there is the nursing home controversy that claimed at least 40,000 lives. FYI, Democrats, and their extended families, have family members in nursing homes. Few hate Trump enough to sacrifice their own family members to unseat him.

Second Amendment

The riots revealed the fact that government cannot be depended on to protect us. Gun sales to first-time gun owners have skyrocketed. Even Democrats expect the government to protect them. Security is a bipartisan issue, and Democrats are clearly on the wrong side of the argument. Videos of innocent people being randomly assaulted on the streets are viral on social media. This will cost the Democrats at the polls. Blue voters will vote red or stay home.

Black on Black Crime

It is apparent that Democrats refuse to address the real issues facing black people. The recent riots have brought this issue to the forefront. Many Democrats are black. Again, the Dems should have stuck with COVID and taken a pass on the race card.


Blexit is a Black movement out of the Democrat party led by Candace Owens who is quickly becoming a household name. The black populous has been the Democrat bread and butter for a long time, and they can ill-afford to lose the strength of this base. More and more, black people are overtly showing support for Trump in large numbers. This is unprecedented in political history and will weigh heavily in November.

Turning Point USA

Turning point USA is another movement that is making inroads into the Democrat base, and in this case, better stated as the very life-blood of the Democrat Party: education. TPU is organized on 2000 college campuses and led by another political household name, Charlie Kirk, who is a data base engineer and prolific speaker. Again, this is another significant example of things eating away at the Democrat base.


The LGBT community has been a stalwart of the Democrat party for years, but Donald Trump has brought them into the Republican party and hatched a conservative LGBT movement. This is because Trump is a pragmatic, commonsense, live and let live, liberal who finds common ground with liberals and conservatives alike. Yes, it can also be argued that his experience as president so-far has made him more religions and a bit more conservative, but you can take the boy out of New York, but you can’t take New York out of the boy. At any rate, the LGBT community wants a higher quality of life as much as anyone else. This is another front that is hurting the Democrats.

Democrat Business Owners

Democrats are also small business owners, and most of them are in blue urban areas. This is where Democrat politicians stood by and passively watched businesses burn in the rioting and did nothing. This is after many of them survived the COVID shutdown and were helped by Trump’s stimulus package which was held up by Democrats. This part of the base will either vote red or stay home.

The Cancel Culture

Liberal icons are being led to the popularity gallows by the left on a daily bases. No one is safe in the Democrat Party. This is intolerance that dictates what people believe. The left’s cancel culture is actively seeking liberal icons to topple as a way to demonstrate their power in the name of what they consider racism. One may not like Republicans, but at least Republicans are allowed to have an opinion. Even Democrats will reject a Democrat hive mind that demands conformity. Lots and lots of Democrats watch Jimmy Fallon et al and are watching them being destroyed for something they did 20 years ago when the rules were different. This is no way to energize your base.

Education Choice

Democrats send their children to school, and care about what kind of education they get. Two things are clear: urban schools are out of control, and Democrats are against charter schools and school choice. Many think Trump can win the election on this issue alone. Few hate Trump enough to sacrifice their children’s education.

The Police

Many Democrats are police officers. The left has spray-painted the Democratic Party with the defund the police idea.  If you are a police officer, you are not going to vote for a party that wants to defund your career or is even willing to entertain the conversation. If you are the brother, sister, cousin, or parent of a police officer…likewise. This probably represents a million votes or so, in and of itself. In the debates, Biden will reject the defund the police platform, but Trump will continually make him wear it like a pie in the face. The DTP mantra has been a very prevalent talking point among Democrats, and Biden rejecting it will only confirm to Democrats that they are on the wrong side of another issue.


Everyone knows China is directly responsible for the deaths of 100,000 Americans and the destruction of businesses and wealth many Americans spent their entire lives accruing. That includes Democrats. While Democrats have been coddling the Chicoms for years, Trump has been railing against them for years well before he ran for office. Many Democrats lost everything because of the pandemic, and are unable to stomach any excuses for what the Chinese did. They will vote red or stay home.

Joe Biden

Few Democrats are comfortable with Joe Biden being the leader of the free world. Like the Republicans in 2016, they had a huge field of candidates that represents every nook and cranny of the party, but in the end, Joe Biden figured to be their best shot at beating Trump. It is apparent that Biden is merely a figurehead right now, and whoever is picked for his running mate is the real presumptive presidential candidate. In essence, the Democrats must depend on a base that hates Trump so much that nothing else matters. Furthermore, there isn’t another candidate on the face of the earth who has more political baggage than Biden.

Republican Primary

Though Trump is the presumptive 2020 candidate, primary voting has set new records. This means Republican voters are making a statement. Trump’s approval rating in the party is over 90% regardless of the Never-Trumpers.

The Onslaught of Conservative Candidates

Radical Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, seen to be vulnerable because of the deplorable conditions of their precincts, are being challenged by pro-Trump candidates nationwide. The Republicans do not seem to be taking anything for granted and are not conceding any political territory without a fight.

Negative versus Positive

People become weary of constant negativity. Trump’s positive outlook is the hope people are looking for. Why is Joel Osteen so popular in evangelical circles? He is an alternative to the constant negativity people hear in church every Sunday. Even if people believe they are totally depraved sinners saved by grace, they don’t want to hear about it every day. People survive on hope, and Trump is the candidate of hope. The Democrat message of doom and gloom will leave its base too malnourished to physically make it to the polls.


Michael Moore once said that the election of Donald Trump was the American people flipping off the political establishment. As I mentioned before, there were no huge issues front and center in the last election that elected Trump, Moore is spot-on, people were just fed-up with the political establishment in general.

But then something happened; many discovered they actually like the guy, and many are also wondering how we can ever go back to politics as usual. Would NASCAR really be that popular if there were never any car accidents? That will be an interesting question in 2024, but few are willing to give up the present experience after four short years. Has Trump lost support? If he has, how could any political figure survive the onslaught leveled against him? The full force of the Democrat machine has left him unscathed and still having fun by constantly triggering the left. Even Democrats must marvel at his staying power and may find confidence and comfort in his strength.

Perhaps this is the only real indicator we need for knowing what’s coming barring an act of God: Trump will win in an unprecedented landslide and gain seats in both the House and the Senate.


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  1. lydia00 said, on June 25, 2020 at 11:59 AM

    #walkaway. Started by Brandon Straka in 2016. He is a gay New York City hairdresser who became alarmed at the censoring of free speech surrounding him. he started a Facebook page about why he walked away from the Democrat Party. it went viral even after Facebook trying to shut it down a few times. It is filled with testimonials from immigrants who escaped communism, blacks, gays, etc, who all have testimonies about being silenced because they dared ask questions that were uncomfortable. Within three months of starting his page, there were a hundred thousand followers and on it went from there. Almost all of the testimonials are uploaded video. It’s very inspiring.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on June 26, 2020 at 10:33 AM

      Apparently, however, the mass exodus out of blue areas (out of sheer necessity) is resulting in the ideology going with them into red areas. I don’t put as much weight into this as Buck Sexton and Tucker Carlson.


  2. lydia00 said, on June 25, 2020 at 12:01 PM

    I still remain concerned about voter fraud. Covid was used for the mail-in ballot strategy. Ballot harvesting works when it comes to fraud and mail-in voting makes it easier in more States. If there is one thing we have learned, these people will stop at nothing for power.


  3. Anonymous said, on July 23, 2020 at 11:18 AM

    Has anyone heard of the book “In Their Own Words”? (The Democratic Party’s Push For a Communist America.) Authors Terry Turchie and Donagh Bracken. Retired FBI agents give straight talk revealing histories, agendas, what’s behind them, who are the key players, their backgrounds. You will hear the news with definitive and conclusive explanations of what’s happening before our very eyes. It will make perfect sense. Get it and read it.


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