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Excerpt From Upcoming Post: “The SBC and PCA Churches Go Hard Left; The Rise of Christian Marxism and the Elimination of America’s Elderly”

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 2, 2020

Before I begin to make my case, let me state the thesis. With Marxism, there are relevant human beings and irrelevant human beings. You either believe in the total inability of mankind, or you don’t. If you don’t, the sum and substance of your life is completely irrelevant. The Christian Marxist would use the Bible to state it this way: “All of the works of man are as filthy rags.” In that Bible verse, the Hebrew word used represents menstrual  rags.

If you believe in the total inability of man, your works are still filthy rags, but your total worth is judged by what you believe about humanity resulting in total obedience to the state. With Christian Marxism, you can replace “state” with “church,” and when Christian Marxism has fully bloomed, they are one and the same.

This translates into how the purpose of an individual is defined. The purpose of EVERY individual is to contribute to the state for the collective good as determined by the state. Of course the government has a right to tax you into poverty, it knows best how your money should be used for the “collective good.”  If the government didn’t take your money from you—you would only use it for yourself. Man must be ruled. He is inherently evil and must be saved from himself.

Purpose now defines worth. The worth of an individual is now determined by the individual’s ability to contribute to the state, and subsequently, the state’s definition of what the collective good is. Old people have little ability to contribute to the state; in fact, they are a burden on the state. Old people cost the state money and contribute nothing.

Though many of today’s evangelicals would deny the church doctrine of total depravity intellectually, they function according to its dictates. At the very least, they proclaim Total Depravity Light; “We are all just sinners saved by grace.”

The end-game of Marxist politics is the total submission of individuals to the state. Marxism uses different narratives cloaked in moralism to obtain that goal. Marxism’s worst nightmare is the idea that the world should be ruled by the collective good of individuals, and frankly, that’s the church’s worst nightmare as well because the doctrine of total depravity and Marxism are mutually inclusive. The church’s present participation in leftist narratives is a march towards the same end-game, and more and more, wittingly rather than unwittingly.

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