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New Church Scandal is Irrelevant Because Good and Evil is Irrelevant

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 6, 2020

Front Cover TCLIn this kingdom, issues of good and evil are pure pretense. As a culture, we pretend it matters and even use goodness for an argument when it fits our narrative. Don’t get me wrong, goodness and justice still matter to many people, but common goodness is not the driving force behind politics or religion in this kingdom. The driving force is control-lust because that’s the essence of sin. Freedom and slavery are dominant biblical themes.

Let’s define the present kingdom ruling on the earth. The Bible makes it clear that the kingdom of darkness presently rules. God’s kingdom has representatives here (“ambassadors”), and there is common goodness and justice because the works of God’s law are written on the hearts of every person born into the world, but the Bible also states, “We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.” Hence, the conflict we see between good and evil is a war between evil and good manifested in God’s creation and presence.

I am a rabid supporter of America because I really don’t want to live in another Dark Ages until Christ comes back and establishes His kingdom here on earth. In fact, Christ says we are to uphold justice and defend the weak until He returns. That means we defend American principles.

That brings us to presuppositions about mankind and reality itself. That determines your religion and politics. Let’s look at the least common denominator, reality; state of being. The philosophy of choice for the kingdom of darkness is Dualism. What’s that? The material world is evil, and the spiritual world is good with a strict dichotomy between the two. ALL things that can be sensed with one of the five senses is evil. But hold on, that also includes knowledge; all empirical knowledge is evil and a delusion. The cardinal sin is thinking you can know. So, the wise of this world, and wisdom itself, is defined as knowing that you cannot know.

Don’t confuse this with “worldly wisdom” and “spiritual wisdom.” Worldly wisdom has a practical use, according to Dualism, that serves selfishness. Cars are a wonderful invention, no? They enable us to zoom around at 50+ MPH etc., but on the other hand, they destroy the earth with carbon emissions…supposedly. Radical environmentalists are not crazy, they are driven by a succinct ideology. You, as a selfish individualist, are willing to satisfy self at the expense of the whole world. Man indeed is technologically able, but all of humanity’s earthly practical wisdom is for “consumerism” and other selfish motives.

So, according to this philosophy, good cannot really be known per se. Hence, seers, who are all wise because they know goodness cannot be known (Socrates), are qualified to lead us through the world of darkness for the best possible utopia that can be obtained. Utopia is the relinquishing of all concept of self and the individual with complete submission to the knowledge that man cannot know. It’s really an anti-humanity ideology and always has been.

This is where pretense is really important. The all wise must meet the unenlightened where they are at in their thinking. They must play along with the strong tendency of the commoners to think they can know things; particularly, the difference between good and evil. The all wise use a pretense standard until the pitiful commoners, those enslaved to the 5 senses, are indoctrinated.

Show me ANY church, and I will show you this doctrine. But first, let’s look at the political angle. We have Democrat women saying they believe Tara Reade, while also saying they are going to vote for Joe Biden anyway. This perplexes many people, while it does not perplex me in the least. Biden’s morals matter not; what matters is his presuppositions regarding mankind and reality. Is Biden going to invoke policy that makes individuals responsible for the sum and substance of their own lives, or is he going to demand total obedience to collectivist seers who will save the world and usher in utopia? This is about the mother-state versus a representative republic.

Last week, I was emailed information about the newest church scandal. It involves Cedarville University, again, which is right down the road from TANC Ministries. Apparently, if I read it right, the university hired a naughty person onto the staff who had been caught with both hands in the cookie jar, and as an old nurse mentor of mine often stated, “God only knows where those hands have been!” Then, if I understand my cursory reading of it, the university¬† lied about knowing the guy’s decadent resume, and that claim turned out to be a lie.

Obviously, the university didn’t care about the guy’s morals, because obviously, it doesn’t matter. However, they must now address the pretense standard critical for their survival. I have watched the game being played this way for what, forty years now? In “The Church Lie,” I devote all of chapter 7 to pretense standards and how they work. The good is defined by knowing how unable and totally depraved mankind is, and the church along with the Democrat party define it the same way.

Please, just stop going to church, and while you are at it, stop being a Democrat. Both share the exact same disdain for human life.


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