Paul's Passing Thoughts

Indisputable Facts About New Calvinism

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 29, 2020

FACT: New Calvinism is a return to authentic Protestantism.

FACT: Protestantism is another form of Catholic progressive justification and salvation by church authority.

FACT: Disagreement on the philosophy of Plato was the catalyst for the Reformation, NOT a biblical view of salvation. “Infused grace” is the scriptural cloak for the real issue.

FACT: The Reformers rejected all notions of assurance apart from the authority of the church over salvation.

FACT: The Reformers rejected all notions of a church apart from the state. Americanism is NOT a Protestant idea.

FACT: John Calvin believed in a temporary election of some resulting in a greater damnation for the glory of God.

FACT: The church does not appear in history until the 4th century. The church has no ties doctrinally or historically to the 1st century called-out assembly of Christ.

FACT: The problem with church is church.

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