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Do New Calvinists Use the Same Playbook?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 2, 2020


Read the study at Clearcreek Chapel Springboro .com    

This question is often asked by those seeking answers in regard
to church tyranny.

How can the church get away with outrageous behavior and yet
maintain enough of a following to pay for its massive infrastructure?
The answer is fairly simple: the church intimidates with lofty elitist
credentials which are set against the highest stakes possible; eternity
in ether heaven or hell. Is the church really God’s authority on earth
and the overseer of salvation by proxy? With the stakes so high,
many choose to play it safe and capitulate to church authority.

But is that really playing it safe? Could we be hiding our talents
in the ground in order to hand them back to God in the end? If so,
Christ’s indictment against the “lazy wicked servant” would be no
less fearful. While entrusting our eternal state to elitist authoritarians,
the fact remains that we are individually accountable to God for
the sum and substance of our own lives and we will get no pass for
being deceived.

This study represents a like narrative that has taken place world-
wide regarding the tenets of authentic Protestantism and how they
drive events in the local churches. Clearcreek Chapel was on the
cutting edge of the New Calvinist resurgence movement and is also
the same story retold by thousands who attended churches caught up
in the movement. That’s why this study is important for those who
want to know the truth about church and what to do moving forward.

In essence, they all use the same playbook because churches share
a common ideology that produces tyranny. The ideology is the

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