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Why Evangelicals Target Joel Osteen and Not Joseph Prince

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 22, 2019

ppt-jpeg4It’s difficult to watch people who don’t even know what the gospel is howl and moan over the prosperity preaching of Joel Osteen. It’s difficult to watch those who are complicit in spiritual tyranny, sexual abuse, and child rape criticize Osteen as no such scandals have ever visited his ministry. If it did, I think Osteen would take a scorched earth approach and fully cooperate with authorities immediately because it’s the right thing to do, and he’s smart.

In addition, you have Protestant Churchians attacking Osteen when the prosperity functioning of the evangelical church is covert. God forbid someone would be in the open about it. The medium income in zip codes where the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors offers its services is 50,000 and above. ACBC counselors are non-existent in income areas that are less. Go to any parking lot at any church on any given Sunday and look at the cars parked outside. Look, as a former evangelical pastor, I tried to bring the poor into the church on several occasions and at several different churches; it didn’t go well ever. Look at where evangelicals have their conferences, and check out John MacArthur’s Alaska cruise Bible study trips. Yet, he is the most visible critic of Osteen; the overt hypocrisy is stunning.

But an equally famous prosperity preacher, and close personal friend of Osteen, Joseph Prince, is avoided like the plague and appears nowhere on the evangelical “Ravenous Wolf” list. Why not?

Because he preaches the authentic Protestant gospel in unvarnished terms that people can understand and without nuance. Evangelicals don’t want to draw attention to Prince because there is a danger that he will clarify what Protestants don’t know about their own doctrine. I have written about this in detail here, and here.

As I cannot look at my Twitter account without seeing anti-Osteen material on a daily basis, I thought it was worth another mention.

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