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Why Pastors Get a Pass on Everything: They Forgive Your Sins and Decide Where You Spend Eternity

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 11, 2019

Evil exists in the church because its orthodoxy demands it. To be holy is to realize how far you are from God, not an actual practice of being like your Father. This is because law is the standard for justification, and one cannot keep the law perfectly so our works in sanctification must also be substituted. Hence, justification is a “legal declaration.” How is a legal declaration a righteousness apart from the law? Why would perfect law-keeping be substituted when there is not a law that can give life? Galatians chapter 3 also states that there is only “one seed.” If the church’s Double Imputation soteriology is true, there is obviously more than one seed because the law can give life. If it can’t, why would Christ come to fulfill it for purposes of justification?

In the following Tweet exchange, we see that Churchians are now closer to openly admitting intellectually to how they have always functioned. This is why pastors have so much power; when it gets right down to it, they are all “sinners” just like us who have been preordained by God to grant His forgiveness to us…because they went to seminary. It’s good work if you can get it, and many do. This alone explains why pastors are protected by the church no matter what they do. It’s the logical action of its false progressive justification gospel.

Note that the person I was tweeting, per the usual, cites Matthew 28:20 which actually states the polar opposite of the church’s presupposition of authority. Somehow, “all” doesn’t mean “all,” on earth as well, by the way, and “teaching” somehow means, “authority.”


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