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The Furry Fandom Part 13: Inquiring Furries Want to Know

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By Paul M. Dohse Editor/Author for TANC Publishing

I want to use this post to keep our readers up to speed: NO, we are nowhere near ending the series which will be turned into a published book. Lulls between parts are due to research which will include psychological studies that I have found. The Fandom has been officially classified as a personality disorder by some Psychologists and also associated with certain types of Bi-Polar disorders. Meanwhile, I received the following redacted inquiry via email by a Furry group. It reveals some more details about where the series is headed.

Received via email:

For the past couple of weeks, we in the group have been reading and going over the post. We find it to be a look into someone that has just discovered what a fandom is. We find it fascinating this is why I keep coming back and trying to get answers.

Our final questions are:
1) What is a contra reality? We think we got it but it is a weird term.
2) Is furry the first time you have ever encountered an internet community?
3) Why do you focus so heavily on the negatives and act like that is a general representation?
4) What are your opinions on other fan communities?
5) I have been asked to bring this up… Bronies
6) What makes furry different than any other online community?
7) Are you personally part of any subculture or fandom?

For us, things like subcultures, fandom, avatars, fake names, alternate identities are common online. Truthfully your post seems to be geared towards older people than younger people. It confused everyone under 35. Our chat wants to finish up the puzzle before we move on. Thank you for your time it has been fun and enlightening -Dub Mutt

PS. Would you happen to know of any good book on church history, the bible or Christianity?


  1. It’s an anti-reality. It deliberately rejects God’s order of things. It rejects natural revelation and poses a reality in contrast to God’s creation.
  2. Hardly. Our organization has researched several sects and cults over the years that are internet based.
  3. Because that’s how Fandom describes itself. We have only begun to research the group, but one upcoming post will address the Burned Fur Manifesto. This group was formed as far back as 2005 because, “Anthropomorphics fandom is being overrun by sexually dysfunctional, socially stunted and creatively bankrupt hacks and pervs” Note the word, “overrun” as far back as 2005.
  4. We research sects and cults that are driven by an ideology. Most “fan” organizations can rightly be considered mere hobbies. We make our case extensively in the posts thus far as to why Fandom is not a hobby.
  5. There are KEY differences between the two groups which is going to make a good post. The contrast serves to expose Furry Fandom for what it really is.
  6. See #5.
  7. NO
    PS. Yes, a book I published with Andy Young titled: “The Church Lie and the Biblical Alternative.” Go to and either purchase it or read it online for free.

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