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The Furry Fandom Part 11: Good News for the Furries

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 10, 2019


In reply to Dubmutt.
I am not answering your question with a question to be snarky, and it’s not a loaded question; there is actually a point to it, and it really doesn’t have anything to do with Furries other than the question being a readily available example. Do you think it is ok, or normal, to have sex with roadkill? Either way, yes or no, tell me why. Is pedophilia ok? Why, or why not.

In reply to Paul Dohse

Animals can’t consent to sex. So we as a society said it was wrong. It is repulsive most of us hate it for that reason. Pedophilia is wrong because children aren’t capable of consent. They aren’t mentally mature enough to understand. That’s why 18 is considered adult and the typal consent age. Although I feel it should be older. Since 18 is still immature juvenile.
That’s how we’ve always determined laws since the start of civilization. Whether God is real or not religion is an effective way to control human behavior. A lot of religions seem to agree on one thing and that is to do good to your fellow man. I’m not anti-religion and to be honest, not sure if you read all of the OT laws but I can pick quite a few that would really benefit society today.

In reply to Dubmutt.
I believe the Bible because it is the only source that logically explains what you just stated in your comment. All people are born in the image of God according to the Bible, but what does that mean? One thing that it means is described in Romans chapter 2: the works of the law of God are written on the hearts of every individual born into the world with the conscience either accusing or excusing behavior and actions. The Bible also says that God is known by His creation so all are without excuse. And all are under judgment. The irreligious will only be judged according to the law of their conscience, but the religious will be judged by both laws: conscience and the Bible, so they will receive a more severe judgement. Eternal punishment is meted out to different degrees based on the level of condemnation; the more law that you are under, the more condemnation. The goal should be to escape judgment altogether. Christ died on the cross to end the law. He was resurrected by God to establish the new birth. The new birth changes our relationship to the law because the old us dies with Christ and we are resurrected with Christ to being a new person. Hence, like a person who dies in this life, they are no longer accountable to any law; you can’t indict a dead person. NO person is tried in abstention that is dead. To the new person, the law now has a different purpose: it is our manual for loving God and others, BUT with NO ability to judge or condemn. Think about this: no true Christian will ever stand in judgement before God. There is “now” “no” condemnation for those who are in Christ. The love we are now in casts out fear, because “fear has to do with judgement (1John chapter 3).” Of course, the new birth also changes one to have a love for truth and God’s word, so true love does not use being set free from condemnation as a license to sin. And that my friend, is the good news.


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