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The Furry Fandom Part 9: From the Abundance of the Heart the Mouth Speaks

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 7, 2019


    I always get a kick out of seeing a particular scene played out on daytime TV whether in an auto shop waiting room or passing by a TV at a healthcare facility. Some guy is denying he fathered a particular child while a picture of the child is on a big screen in the background. Of course, the picture is merely a miniature version of the denier that evokes mocking laughter from the audience as the accused attempts to deny any connection to the little bundle of responsibility.

    The same type of spectacle can be observed while reading comments, excuses, and “arguments” from Fandom advocates. For example, even though the notion that Fandom is merely a hobby was soundly trounced in part 3, Furries are still coming here and claiming the hobby defense. A hobby is not a subculture. A hobby is not a lifestyle. A hobby is not an ideology. The hobby defense is cover.

    The point of this post is to point out that the various comments we are receiving here at PPT confirm our assertions about this sect. For (another) example; on the one hand, it’s just a hobby, but on the other hand, it’s a “healthy” coping mechanism for sociopathy. Furries are even coming here and claiming that the Furry ideology has saved lives. The hobby defense is for the low-information lazy thinking crowd: “Nothing here, just a benign issue about a hobby. It’s a Nothing burger.” But when someone looks into it deeper, all of a sudden, Fandom is a spectacular gospel Segway to utopia.

    And, of course, the Broad Brush defense. The whole movement is being painted with a broad brush because of a few. We trounced that defense as well. If you have a choice of five public pools to swim in, and one only has a small amount of flesh-eating bacteria, guess what? We all know that you are not going to swim in that pool. If you do, it’s proof that you really have no problem with the bacteria. Also, it’s obviously indicative of something fundamentally wrong with the management of the pool. Bemoan the idea that, for example, Nazis are painted with a broad brush, but even though you don’t agree with everything Nazis teach or do, the fact that you are a Nazi confirms that you don’t have a huge problem with the other stuff. In other words, the other ideologies of the movement are not a deal-breaker. And likewise, for innocent Furries who are just partaking in a hobby, zoophilia and pedophilia, among the many other social anomalies present in Fandom, are not deal-breakers. Why not? and…end of argument. And moreover, participation at any level contributes to the cause of the movent to that same degree. Interestingly enough, Fandom being identified with those who have sex with roadkill doesn’t even give pause (see Part 6; 9:18 on video).

    Let’s talk about Fandom being a “healthy coping mechanism.” But wait, isn’t a hobby a good coping mechanism for a troubled person? Yes, if it’s a true hobby, but if it isn’t, it only adds complications to the existing problem or problems. Why? Because Fandom is socially controversial and has implications for conscience. If you worry a lot and take up golf to keep your mind occupied on something other than worry, that’s nothing but a positive because golf doesn’t carry any controversial baggage along with it. You don’t need an instruction video to explain how to “come out” as a golfer. If you are a troubled person, any kind of controversy is not a healthy coping mechanism. If you have issues, you don’t want to add anything to your closet. One Furry shared how he met a young person who hated people and wouldn’t associate with people at all, but loved animals. But, then he became a Furry, and dressing up like an animal (because he loves animals) now enables him to relate to people. I hope it is very easy for you to see the absurdity of that as a happy ending. None of the issues regarding the young man’s hatred for people are addressed, but rather covered up for the time being. and because the real problems are not being addressed, they could lead to more serious problems. It’s like taking Tylenol for incessant migraine headaches and seeing that as a cure. Fact is, it could be a brain tumor.

    And that’s the point we made in part 4; in the same way people feign mental illness to escape responsibility or guilt, like, for instance, Schizophrenia in many cases, Fandom is just another form of escapism. I didn’t do it, my other personality did it. One form of escapism prevalent in Fandom is Peter Pan Syndrome (“an inability to grow up or to engage in behavior usually associated with adulthood” [see part 6; 13:18 0n video]). Yet another form is Victim Mentality (Ibid 26:54). In short, the Fandom is a melting pot for a plethora of categorized mental disorders. Few Furries, if any, deny that their Fursuit characters are alter egos. One advocate even came here claiming that this alternate identity serves to find the real self and subsequently accused me of being un-self-aware accordingly.

    Another familiar attempt to disqualify the author as one able to have a valid opinion for various and sundry reasons concerns a supposed inability to know the internet as a genre. Gee whiz, there is just no way to know where I am coming from because I am not internet savvy. Frankly, this attempt at discrediting a detractor is so lame that I am not motivated in the least to address it.

    Lastly, we did see some honesty in comments defending the movement’s anti-God mentality. Of course, per the theme of this post, the comments only serve to confirm our assertions; the movement is vehemently anti-God. That is addressed in part 5.



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  1. Dubmutt said, on October 8, 2019 at 8:45 PM

    It’s a genuine question. Don’t take it personally. I don’t use the internet every day I just know internet culture. That why I’m confused reading this.

    I’m viewing this as a person that is familiar with internet culture, memes, furry, fandoms, subgroups, and other stuff. I’m just trying to understand the mindset you are coming from. And I’m asking questions based on examples I know. When I mention self-awareness I was just pointing out that a lot of what is mentioned can be applied to religion and most social groups including ours. I know this is controversial in the year 2019 but I like reading opposing views.

    I agree with some of this and you do bring up valid points and even points I haven’t considered. That’s why I read over it carefully and bring up points and questions and make comparisons. To kinda clarify and understand better.
    It’s not a hobby Its a fandom witch is a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. And the common interest is Anthro animals. Although you could say what you do in the fandom is the hobby (costuming, art, writing, music, and so on).

    You mention pedophilia and zoophilia and that’s fair. However, witch-hunting is the internet’s favorite pastime. And man even furries love a good witch-hunt. I have seen them ran out of the fandom and conventions.

    Heres why it is hard to stop and remove not just from furry but all communities. They hide in the cracks if we want to prevent it we shouldn’t be shaming the pedos or zoos but trying to get them help before they act. More priest are being arrested for pedophilia then furries. I’m not going to call you guys pedos. But as a society, we need to face these problems and stop it before the problem gets worse. And not sweep it under the rug.

    I agree some furries have a massive persecution complex (fursecution is an ironic term). You guys have a bigger persecution complex at least in the free world. Let’s face it no one offline cares as long as you are not annoyed with it. The internet makes the real world look worse then it is. If you make it a big deal it will become a big deal.

    Apologies if I come across as rude or annoying in my comments I’m just trying to understand better. Personally I do like some of the writings.

    Something fun if you make a sarcastic remark online use “/s”


  2. lydia00 said, on October 9, 2019 at 8:49 PM

    Surely there was some starting point for something this big? How do they afford the conventions? Who organizes? It’s surreal. I am astonished. So many questions. But then I am doing exactly what doesn’t work. Trying to make sense of something that is completely nonsensical.

    Did I read that Beto was a furry?


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 10, 2019 at 7:51 AM

      Oh. it all makes perfect sense because ideology leads to action. Your questions are good ones and we intend to answer all of them beginning with possible connections with a Greek mythology known a “Fury.” Only one “R” is missing, but the mythology involves animal persona as well.


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