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Potter’s House to Resume Weekly Bible Studies

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on August 31, 2019

potters-house-logo-2Starting tomorrow at 11am (9/1/2019), and every Sunday thereafter we will have a brunch at 10am, and a study of Galatians starting at 11am. The study will be conducted from a podium as many people (whoever our guests may be) don’t want to be broadcasted on the internet which is understandable.

Susan and I are very busy people, and invested much pondering on this commitment, but decided the time has come. Your prayers would be appreciated. We hope this study and live broadcast can be used by many as a means of fellowship. Means of personal interaction can take place on our Facebook pages and groups.  This is the TANC Ministries link and the Church Lie link.  The Bible study should play live on those links and you can comment on the live post.

Here is the live link for tomorrow’s study: 9/1/2019 @ 11am

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