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TANC 2019 Paul Dohse Session 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on August 24, 2019

Paul’s transcript; does not match video exactly. 

Furthermore, this tension between commonsense and church orthodoxy coupled with being comfortable with theological contradiction is indicative of many well-known church scholars. Nothing illustrates this better than the history of church infighting. When we speak of commonsense, we are referring to being created in the image of God, we are referring to what is self-evident. We are referring to the individual’s ability to reason.

The scandalous history of the church isn’t just shameful for leaving every vestige of decency undisturbed, but for its completely illogical thinking and pure ignorance dressed up in intellectual and scholarly acumen. Church scholars like “Dr.” Albert Mohler have perfected the academic aurora for purposes of intimidating the laity and self-aggrandizing complete with reading glasses and bowties. However, the church’s pedigree of logic is a comedy of errors and confusion. As of 1970, it is absolutely clear, and thanks to this ministry, well-documented, that the hallowed halls of Westminster Seminary, a bastion, if not the bastion of Protestant scholarship, had no earthly idea what Luther and Calvin taught concerning soteriology.

In the book that founded this ministry, The Truth About New Calvinism, I document evangelicalism’s admission that the church had strayed away from its Reformed roots by everyone who has ever been anyone in the church such as John MacArthur Jr. Except, they insinuated that they had known this all along and were then finally sounding the alarm. Not so, regardless of incalculable investment of blood, sweat, tears, and hard-earned money by the laity, the who’s who of Protestant scholars had no idea what Protestantism is.

Fact is, an Adventist named Robert Brinsmead, the true father of the New Calvinist movement, came up with a novel idea; he decided to read the teachings of the Protestant reformers for himself. This resulted in a think tank referred to as the Australian Forum which established the foundation and mode of operation for the New Calvinist movement as we know it today. It’s theological journal was named “Present Truth” and was the most widely read theological journal in the Western Hemisphere during the 70s. Present Truth was a contemporary explanation of the Calvin Institutes prefaced with the writings of Martin Luther. Though swept under the rug by the church, it is the most significant document coming out of the church since the founding documents of Protestantism or the early counsels of the church.

Complete with pictorial illustrations, it focused and revealed the church’s contemporary heresy in conjunction with true Protestant orthodoxy: the separation of justification and sanctification, and the idea that justification (salvation) is a finished work in the believer and sanctification is a separate process. The journal called sanctification, “justification is motion.” It refuted the new birth as a false gospel, and rejected OSAS, or “once saved always saved.” It also emphasized salvation by church attendance and membership as the only means to partake in the justification process.

It did this because that’s Protestantism. The church got woke. Protestant scholars had no idea what a Protestant is…hail to the professional clergy. Like most expertism, it’s a pipe dream. Hence, this ministry has documented the wars between those who found out what Protestantism really is because an Adventist decided to actually read their writings, and everyone else proclaiming Protestantism who had no idea what it is, which was most.

Please note, anyone saved in church since its conception in the fourth century is saved by their intuitive gospel knowledge and confusion regarding church orthodoxy. What good that has ever come out of the church is due to its confusion regarding what the Reformers really taught about sanctification. This confusion resulted in at least an anemic sanctification which is better than none. The Reformers rejected the new birth as a righteous state of being and reinterpreted the biblical new birth. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that Christians know anything about sanctification or Christian living. Church has NEVER been about sanctification; therefore, sanctification must be recovered, and as we will see, this will only be accomplished by the laity. PLEASE, stop looking for some educated teacher that will reveal these things to you. PLEASE, stop being a lazy thinker. Rather than study these things for yourself, you turn yourself into a pretzel googling like a lazy person who works harder to get out of working than the work itself. Please just stop it, you are the teacher. Nothing gags me more than Churchians who claim to be “Bereans.” That’s a joke. Real Bereans teach others with what they have discovered in the Bible through their own reason. A Berean isn’t someone who thinks other people’s thoughts because the other people were taught by Protestants who didn’t even know what Protestantism is until 1970. It’s a joke.

Point in case, and I am just being honest here. If you email me and say, “Hey dude, I stumbled across this guy on the internet and he seems to get it, here’s the link…” I am probably not going to read it. If you email me and say, “Hey dude, I was reading such and such in the Bible and the following idea occurred to me…” I am probably going to look into it. Andy’s original perspective on ekklesia and women speaking in the church is an example of what trips my trigger, not regurgitated church trash. A rose by any other name is still a rose and the same goes for a septic tank in disrepair.

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