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A Mass Grave Named Megan Rapinoe

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 10, 2019

megan-rapinoe-X159570_TK1_0834Megan Rapinoe represents a mentality that is at the core of every mass grave located in the world. This post is not about any of her lifestyle choices which are little or no concern of mine; this post is about her ideology. Her kind of ideology, if not circumvented in some way, always ends up in the venue of oppression and mass death. Sorry, you will have to use a thinking exercise and read the whole article to understand how I come to this conclusion. At any rate, a present mass grave somewhere in the world or a future one should be named after her.

Our outline follows: predeterminism; freewill; division; death. First, a definition of a mass grave: “Graves where two; three; six; or ‘a large’ number of bodies are buried together. Graves where bodies were buried with no respect for each individual person. Graves where bodies are buried very closely together, packed tightly, without the dignity of a regular burial. Group graves of people who were killed or executed without a trial, or without doing anything wrong.” The way mass graves are orchestrated speaks to the ideology that results in mass graves. More on this as we work through the outline.

God’s order of things are predetermined. How things work are predetermined by God. What you choose to believe about God’s order of things, and how you choose to operate within that order is totally your choce and a matter of freewill. Knowing how gravity works, you can choose to jump off a cliff or a ten-story building for your own purposes. The gravity is predetermined, the choice to jump is yours; that’s a matter of freewill. God did not predetermine your jump; He may have known about it ahead of time, but that part is not predetermined. Likewise, God’s means of salvation are predetermined, but the choice is yours. Hence, good ideas work well with God’s order of things. I hardly ever tell people they are “sinning.” In contrast, I prefer to say sin is never love, and always a bad idea.

That takes care of predestination and freewill, let’s move on to division. The world is divided at every level of existence because of sin. Sure, you can say that sin is lawbreaking and that would be true, but also intrinsic is sin’s desire to control others. According to the Bible, sin is within everyone and results in a desire to control others. And if everyone has a desire to control others to one degree or another, you may expect division. The antithetical goal of holiness is unity around good ideas that coincide with God’s order of things. There is nothing immoral about commonsense.

According to the Bible, sin uses condemnation to control others. It goes something like this: “Since you are a bad person, a sinner, or not as intelligent as I am, or not well-bred like me, or not preordained by God like me, you should let me control you for your own good and everyone else.” Sin within everyone seeks any excuse to control others and uses condemnation to do so. The following is definitive according to the Bible: the power of sin is condemnation, and when condemnation is removed sin is stripped of its power. Though the law of God is good, and informs people regarding God’s order of things, religion uses it to control people. Religion uses the law to condemn people so they can be controlled. Church isn’t about learning how to use God’s word to be better people, It’s about using God’s word to condemn for purposes of control. If my self-worth and self-esteem are in the tank, more than likely, I will let you control me because I am unworthy. Sound familiar? You should obey me because I am a man and you are of the weaker sex. You should let me control you because I am high-bred and you are low-bred. I am better than you because I am mentally disciplined and you aren’t which is apparent because you are overweight (body-shaming).

But this also cuts both ways: “You are immoral because you make more money than me for the same job, or sport.” “Though I refuse to aknowledge commonsense regarding the way the world works, you are immoral if you disagree with me.” “Man-boy love is the highest form of love (Plato), and if you disagree with that, you are unenlightened and immoral.” Since this article focuses on Megan Rapinoe, let’s point out her condemnation ploys that occurred this week. She stated in the press that women’s soccer could not win a World Cup without lesbians. What’s that saying? Obviously, straight athletes are inferior to lesbian athletes, at least in regard to women’s soccer. And, the verbal intimidation towards the other teams during the tournament wasn’t merely an embarrassment for America and lacking class, it was specifaclly designed to denegrate the spirits of the other teams to make them less competitive. And frankly, I think it worked. While shaming the very country they were supposedly representing, America, their celebrations after goals openly mocked the other countries. The message? Apperently, no country is worthy of them. Why? Because the whole world endorses unequal pay for men and women soccer players, and also assume that lesbians are not superior women. Therefore, the whole world is unworthy. We are the champions; us against the world, because the world is unworthy.

This brings us to death, the last part of our outline. While control lust wars against souls on every level of existance, the plenary caste system has its major league and minor leagues. Slavery was the major league of caste, while things like schoolyard bullying is the little league. And while she doesn’t know it, Rapinoe is in the minor league of shaming and a useful idiot for the big league condemners. Useful idiots like Rapinoe rarely understand the big picture of sin’s goal of world domination. In other words, they think equal pay for men and women soccer players is actually a real issue that world leaders care about. And these kinds of ignorant musings are reinforced when politicians “honor” them in the “Parade of Champions” that occurred today during which Rapinoe et al made total fools of themselves.

How powerful are the concepts being written about here? Many political experts credit “white guilt” with electing Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 elections. In other words, America was shamed into electing him; to not vote for Obama was racism, and America needed to elect him to pay for its past sins of slavery. This is big league shaming, and the Rapinoe’s of the world are mere naïve pawns for the big dogs.

But in the end, when the big league control freaks gain power through, in part, the use famous musicians, artists, and athletes, these useful idiots are the first to be dismayed to find out their petty victimhood was a ploy to shame a culture into submission. So, Socialism, Fascism, and Communism are merely the manefestation of sin’s tyranny. God created us to be free individuals; sin opposes God’s predetermined order of things and seeks to enslave humanity. Hence, the mass graves of Socialism reflect its disdain for individualism: “Graves where bodies were buried with no respect for each individual person.” And, the utter rejection and disdain for anyone who would dare question the state: “Group graves of people who were killed or executed without a trial, or without doing anything wrong.”

Ironically, once the big league shamers are done with the useful idiots, historically, they are the first to be executed and tossed into a pit with everyone they shamed on behalf of the tyrants and despots. This is the narrative that has played out over and over and over again throughout human history. Though it may be unlikely that the Socialist narrative will have a curtain call in America, a mass grave somewhere in the world should be named after Rapinoe for the role she is presently playing.





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  1. lydia00 said, on July 10, 2019 at 7:34 PM

    What chills me to the bone is how quickly this sort of thinking and subsequent bold public behavior has become normalized. And I consider people who write about it under their real name, brave.

    What is even more bizarre is to read a thread on a faux intellectual liberal free speech site like Quillette when Antifa drops by to shame, label and insult everyone. All these types remind me of the 1980’s version of Tom Wolfs, “Masters of the Universe”. Mainly Wall Street types but at least they made money. The intellectual elite liberals are at a loss in dealing with the monster they created under the guise of compassionate big government.

    But in the end, everything is ruined. Sports, food, entertainment, clubs, etc. Church is no different with slightly different tactics. People will continue to divide into echo chambers and I still tell my kids stories about the “good old days” when America was more risk taking and individualistic.


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