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We Should Know Family Is The Gospel, Not Church, and Continue to Learn More About Love

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 18, 2019

ppt-jpeg4I am not much for coming-to-Jesus drama and drama-confessions in general. I pretty much stay away from drawing attention to myself with escapades of “humbleness” and “transparency.” Truly, I had all of that I can bear with 30-plus years of church and its “confessional” roots that Al Mohler et al are so proud of. Look, if life has taught you something about life, just shut up and apply it. Talk with your life. Stop living life like Sunday at church where people do the alter-drama-walk and nothing changes. Children will continue to be raped in the church venue and the church will continue to cover it up because “we are all just totally depraved sinners declared righteous by grace.” Church will continue to pose itself as humanity’s moral compass to draw you in until you are indoctrinated in the ways of nihilism and all that’s left is to invest everything in church as your only shot at heaven.

So, with all of that said, suffice to say writing an article today was not even on my radar screen but something happened. What happened made me come to grips with some truth I have to build into my life. But I don’t confess like church hypocrites, I build. When I stand before God, I think He will say, “Well done faithful servant, you stopped going to church and started building.” Folks, did you ever think we would see the day when church openly admits that practicing what you preach is “moralism” and “Phariseeism”? Well, those days are here and the only possible logical result of its founding ideology that has come home to roost.

The problem with the Bible isn’t its complexity (though it can be complex), it’s the simplicity of it. The gospel, the good news, is about a family, not an institution. Church, is by definition an institution. An institution CANNOT love you. If you think you have found love in church; you are delusional. And that’s ok because I was delusional for 30-plus years.  Church by definition is an institution, and an institution by definition functions by authority. And when you function by authority, why would you need leadership or love? You don’t because in the end the real functionality is described best by former pastor Mark Driscoll: “Keep your damn mouth shut and obey!” But bless his heart, in his zeal he forgot the second part; “and put your money in the plate.”

Though our family has been given authority by its firstborn brother and Prince to proclaim the gospel in this foreign kingdom as ambassodors, our family does not function by authority. The Bible states that we are a “body” with ONE head. And that’s not “head” as in “boss,” that’s “head” as in head of a body. A human body. First, the gospel is about being literally reborn into the family of God. Let’s pause here to talk about God’s mode of operation. He created Adam and Eve as living creatures who had freewill. God is not threatened by unlimited possibilities; He is not primarily sovereign, He is primarily all-powerful. And, love is not love without freewill. Love doesn’t please you because it has to, it pleases you because it wants to. It pleases love to please you; love needs self-fulfillment as well. Self-fulfillment is inevitable when someone wants to do something. Adam and Eve’s freewill didn’t go well, but here is what God did and continues to do: He turns evil acts into good. When Adam and Eve were deceived, God provided a way to make living creatures His very family. Evil is in a catch 22; it can perform its acts, but it also knows God will bring good out of it for those who love Him. Because I now understand this, I am far less exercised emotionally when someone does evil against me; I know God is going to bring something good out of it. I can point to many explicit examples in my life.

Look, I am not one to debate the Trinity or try to explain it, but I do know the Trinity is efficacious to the new birth. God is the Father because life comes from Him. Christ is the Firstborn of God’s family because His death and resurrection was ALL about establishing the gateway to new birth into God’s literal family which functions as a body. A literal family functioning as a body; “You must be born again.” That’s the gospel; that’s the good news. Justification by new birth, NOT justification by a mere legal declaration. That is ALL wrong for countless reasons, but primarily, how is a “legal declaration” a “righteousness apart from the law”? Duh. Hence, the reason many will not repent of church; it is an admission that we fell for a ruse based on the crudest of elementary error. While reading Paul in the Bible flogging a dead camel about righteousness being apart from the law, we all went to church every week and presided over our “legal declaration” like Tim the Tool Man groveling over the latest 20 amp power drill.

And because of church, there is a famine of love in the land. The way of the world is law, condemnation, control, and authority. It’s a worldview, it’s the waters of reality that we swim in. Church is just another version of that and merely added to the condemnation free-for-all. Knowledge of how to build a life of love is lacking, but I think I am learning a little about it. As we teach here at TANC Ministries, you drive a stake on what you know objectively, and you use those things as a foundation to build more truth on. In a way, it’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. The corner pieces are the foundation and lend understanding to fitting the other pieces in, making the big picture. When you study anything, don’t worry about what you don’t understand and focus on what you do understand; the rest will fit into what you understand later. Learning starts with the basics that are easier to grasp first. So, here is what I have learned about love, and I hope it is beneficial.

Love and law, biblically, are two different states of being. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any law in love, it means that you no longer function by a law without love. In the realm of law, love is mostly pretense. But, in regard to love, it is only found in family and not institutions. Families function as a body, institutions function by authority. And here is something to remember: you can’t really make anyone do anything. The only exception is God, and He doesn’t want to. Why? Because when somebody is compelled to do something by force, that’s not love. Example. I am a nurse aide. Most residents would rather suffer in pain and lay in their own mess than be helped by a nurse aide who doesn’t want to be there and is only there for a check. Got it? There are laws regulating aides, but regarding aides, adherence of the laws are merely a natural result of their love. Aides that function by love and not law see the regulations as a manual for love, not laws to be obeyed. One mindset is merely looking for the avoidance of consequences while the other mindset looks to the law to find better ways to love. Same law used two different ways. Same law applying to two different worldviews: law or love.

The law realm is controlled by sin which seeks primarily to control others. The world is dominated by control-lust. Excuses to control others are measured by any difference between people resulting in caste systems and prejudice. I recently saw an add for an online dating site for “Elite Educated Singles.” Wow, really? Now, go find a couple of those elitist singles out on a date and ask them the following: “For the betterment of the world, should the educated singles rule over the “Country Singles.” But of course it goes without saying that the world would be a better place if the educated singles ruled over the stupid hillbillies. And so it goes at virtually EVERY level of humanity. That’s the law realm of condemnation. While the church claims to be of the different realm, that is, the realm of love, that is a lie. Church is merely part and parcel with the world’s condemnation fray.

James stated (in the book of James) that conflict arises from desires that battle within people, viz, desires to control. In home settings, family members have their own laws, referred to as “preferences” and punishments deemed sufficient when other family members break those laws. That’s law and condemnation (sin’s primary weapon), not love functioning as a body. Think about how a body works; there is NO authority. You can’t tell the members of your body to do squat. The body is a cooperative effort among healthy members, but you have NO control over those members. Sure, you can tell a voluntary muscle to do something and it will do it, if it is healthy. But, most of our body systems are involuntary and work apart from anything we know or do. The only control we have over our body is the choice to edify it and thereby love it so each member can fulfill its role and be there when we need said member. This is exactly how the body of Christ functions. There is no authority; the body functions by being nourished and edified.

So, I conclude with a few applications thereof. Wellbeing is found in the self-satisfaction of building life-things. Help others do that, and be sure to do it for yourself. Be sure to dwell on what is right with people rather than what is wrong with them. And, if something about them is annoying, is it because they are breaking a law, or your law? Watch out for any kind of criticism that condemns you; 99% of the time this is an effort to control you in some way. Therfore, don’t be a sinner yourself and condemn people; the desire to control or rule over others by tearing down their self-esteem is sin and the essence of sin. If they didn’t rob a bank, you will nevertheless find something to condemn them for. Just stop it. Leave judgement to God. Seriously, I have a message for many who I do not think are orchestrating their lives in a way that is healthy for them or others: it’s between you and God, but if you think you can dismiss me as just another Quaker in a can, you are barking up the wrong tree. I do not seek my own wellbeing by making others lower than me by using the condemnation shortcut; I find my wellbeing in building with my own hands and mind. If you want to engage in a crappy building project it’s your problem, not mine. Don’t make me the issue, your issue is with God.

All of this to share what I have learned this week. Second to the mostly untapped power of God’s family in this Church Dark Age is our earthly family. It is of paramount importance because it is second only to God’s family. But in both cases, and well into the realm of love being administered, and especially in this Church Dark Age, some just need to be separated for a season from associating with each other. Do I believe this is necessary because they just don’t get the basics mentioned in the prior paragraph? Probably. Church people don’t have a monopoly on loving families that function well and the reason for that has been stated in this post: they are of the same law realm/ideology/state of being. Church has done absolutely NOTHING in propagating knowledge about love. In fact, orthodoxy calls for the realization that no one can truly love—love has been redefined as obeying the church, or in other words, law for salvation. No, law and justification are mutually exclusive. Don’t miss this, due to church orthodoxy, secular families are probably better at loving because intuitive knowledge about love has not been circumvented by law.

A church background in our family is presently making relationships and love more difficult. Separation between a couple of family members has returned peace to our family and eliminated drama. Listen, the idea that we must suffer each other because we are family is a law idea. Though an example separate from this discussion, the idea that two people who hate each other have to stay married because “God hates divorce” is VERY much an under-law idea; law doesn’t make a marriage—love makes a marriage. law doesn’t save anyone, only love does. However, love is not absent from the separation process. “We all love each other, but they just can’t get along.” Until they figure it out, keep them separate and let peace prevail. The Bible states that Christians are “called to peace.” Not that long ago, I went to a funeral where two family members were present who had a strained relationship. But of course, one or both of them could not be kept from the funeral because we are all family, right? The result? A physical confrontation literally ten feet from the casket. As Christians, we are called to peace first and foremost. Family events that can occur serve to shine a light on the folly that makes such a separation necessary for the sake of family peace. This principle is a biblical principle of love that has been bastardized by church and turned into, of course, a law principle. This is known as so-called, “church discipline,” an ordinance clearly based on authority that supposedly removes a person from the “body of Christ.”

Once a person is born into a family, they cannot be unborn out of the family. They, whether our earthly family or heavenly family, will always be family. But sometimes a season of separation is necessary until the two family members figure things out.




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  1. Argo said, on June 18, 2019 at 6:02 PM

    Are you guys doing a conference this year? Thanks, Paul.


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