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Because of Trump We Must Now Ask Ourselves; How Free Are We?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 31, 2019

ppt-jpeg4The present hot mess we are seeing in American politics boils down to one word: FREEDOM. The question of freedom is the pinnacle of human existence. Mankind was created for individual freedom. Thereafter, all political questions boil down to man’s ability to be free. By ability to be free, we mean the following: will individual freedom lead to the detriment of humanity, or a better humanity? And who is the judge of that? What is really the crux of TDS? (Trump Derangement Syndrome). Answer: Donald Trump thinks individuals have a high ability to be free. That’s it. That’s why. This is what makes him so hated.

No, the question of sin is not the pinnacle of human existence: the essence of sin is a desire to control others; sin merely uses condemnation to do that. This, according to the Bible in general and Genesis 4:6,7 in particular. You can go to church and hear about how bad you are because the church wants to control you through condemnation, or you can watch CNN. In both cases, you are unable, you need a pastor to watch over you, or the state, or until America came along, both, whether you liked it or not.

Look, total inability is not just a religious doctrine, it is a secular political doctrine as well. Communism, socialism, and fascism are all predicated on total inability. Of late, evangelicals are perplexed about the Southern Baptist Convention’s move towards Marxism. This shouldn’t perplex us at all, both are clearly predicated on the same doctrine of total inability. Especially in light of the Neo-Protestant movement (1970-present), communism is much closer to reality than Americanism. To the degree that man is free to self-rule, humanity is in peril. Mankind is unable, and must be overseen.

The doctrine of total inability dominated world history until the advent of Americanism. The application of total inability is social caste. From circa 10,000 BC to 350 AD, it was the pagan-state. From 350 AD to 1776, it was the church-state. After Americanism eradicated the church-state, communism filled the void. The basis of the dominate worldview was/is dualism which was later articulated by Plato (circa 400 BC). Dualism teaches that the material world is evil and only the invisible world is good. Hence, since mankind is of the material world, well, you do the philosophical math. Plato later systematized the theory. Plato’s theory was based on social caste, or in other words, a society ordered by philosopher kings, warrior class, and producer class. Since no truth or knowledge can be known by material mankind, philosopher kings were/are predetermined to guide mankind through the material world of subjective reality.

America was born out of Enlightenment thought, which we could say in very simple terms (like the preponderance of this thumbnail presented), is framed in the philosophy of Aristotle. The latter believed reality can be known (A=A/B=B), promoted the ability of mankind, and upward mobility. In other words, reality is objective. There was still a social caste, but minus the predeterminism and the addition of upward mobility. In more other words, your social caste can be earned. This is elitism which is a much more merciful tyrant than socialism. Americanism didn’t go far enough with the total ability of mankind, but yet, look at the results nevertheless.

Platonism holds to the idea that one’s social status is predetermined by lineage or other means while Aristotleism holds to the idea of social mobility. Rather than being born into the right to rule over others, you can earn it. However, capitalism and the free market of Americanism trumps socialism and elitism both. Pun may be applied if you wish. In capitalism, one can excel in social status based on personal accomplishment alone and apart from any formal credentials of elitism or socialism, and much to the disdain of socialists and elitists. Don’t miss the point: capitalism is the purest form of individualism and self-rule, and its greatest nemesis is excessive taxation. Excessive taxation is a deliberate attack on capitalism by socialism and elitism both because it is a vehicle for true individualism.

So, it seems strange that those who have benefited from capitalism, like movie stars, evangelists, academics, etc., would be socialists or elitists, but it shouldn’t seem strange. These people do not think they are successful because of capitalism. They believe they would be of the uppercrust anyway because of their pedigree or personal ability. This is why socialists will hate Trump more than elitists, but both will hate him. Socialists see individualism as a dire threat to humanity; a bunch of unparented children turned lose on the world. Elitists see capitalism as an unjust vehicle that empowers dumb hillbillies to have stuff they didn’t earn. If some uneducated dweeb lives in a house or drives a car as nice as yours, that lowers your status and primary purpose in life; to be deemed higher than the little people, and to be worshipped by them.

Socialists and elitists hate capitalism, and want to destroy it because that would give them the power they want; they think capitalism gives them less power because it empowers the little people, and in fact, it does. Let me put this in context of evangelicals who are, at least among the Neo-Protestants, trying to usher in socialism. The rest have some confused notion of Americanism being born out of Christianity. This isn’t true; the primary catalyst was the idea of individual freedom, which of course included Christians, but on no wise was exclusively a Christian idea. In fact, historically, for the most part, at odds with professing Christianity. Evangelicals must destroy capitalism altogether and hope what they want arises out of the ashes; it is their only real hope of regaining the church-state. Remember, Protestantism was created in a church-state and for the express purpose of a church-state. ALL Protestant orthodoxy was written and created in the context of church-state. This is irrefutable history.

We must understand that socialism, and to some degree elitism, is comprised of powerbrokers. Those who control the minds of people have a place at the power table of socialism. One’s status at the table depends on how many people they control. Socialism is all about control, but prefers to control the populous by non-violent means. This means a heavy emphasis on mind control. So, if Neo-Protestants are successful in ushering in socialism, would they have a place at the Marxist table? You bet they would as the Neo-Protestants control an impressive number of people. At that table, telling their group to cooperate with the government and support the government would be traded for the enforcement of orthodoxy which is exactly how it worked in the good ole’ days. The example here is evangelicals, but you can add any other people group to that. The leaders will not lose their social status because capitalism is destroyed, it will probably be improved, while their useful idiots will pay the price when it is too late to do anything about it. In regard to Neo-Protestantism and other people groups, whether feminism or something else, only the great unwashed followers benefit from capitalism, not the leaders.

The arrival of Trumpism has revealed what has been going on for many years; we aren’t really as free as the founding fathers intended us to be, and we were on the verge of losing America altogether as it was originally intended. Moreover, because of elitism’s hindrance of capitalism, I would argue that we have never been free enough to begin with.

But now you know in simple terms why all hell is breaking loose and TDS has become pandemic. Let me close with what Attorney General William Barr stated in a recent interview that highlights the point of this article:

“Sometimes people can convince themselves that what they’re doing is in the higher interest and better good,” he said during an exclusive interview in Alaska on Thursday. “They don’t realize that what they’re doing is really antithetical to the democratic system that we have.”

Exactly, the socialists and elitists know what is best for the country more than the little people that capitalism empowers. And, even a half-pregnant version of freedom turned the world upside down for the better.

Those results are the judge: A=A, B=B. Let’s at least hang on to that.


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  1. lydia00 said, on June 2, 2019 at 7:15 PM

    “the essence of sin is a desire to control others; sin merely uses condemnation to do that.”

    Yes! How clever to make people believe they have no “choice” but to believe they are totally depraved and unable to do anything about it. The philosopher kings in government and church best for us.

    This is from the pit of hell and taught everywhere these days: Christians are positionally holy and functionally sinners. Sheesh! Does that sound like people you wasn’t to hang around with?


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