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James MacDonald Saga: Parishioners Are Complicit in Church Evil, and the Future of Church

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 25, 2019

ppt-jpeg4Church evil isn’t even news anymore; it’s now commonplace. The latest revelations of mega-church pastor James MacDonald being investigated for attempted murder-for-hire hasn’t even drawn the interest of secular news outlets. Regardless of the constant flow of evil from the church, is it still seen as a bastion of morality in our culture? I don’t think so, and I think most attempts to preach the gospel as a representative of the church will fall on deaf, if not incredulous ears.

Remember, as boasted by Dr. Albert Mohler at the last Southern Baptist Convention, the church’s testimony is strictly, “confessional.” What’s that mean? It means any attempt to practice what is preached is “moralism” and “Phariseeism.”  Preaching is all about what “Jesus HAS done, NOT what WE do.” If you have been paying attention for the last 40 years, the church has all but admitted the following: the notion of real personal change is only a pretense to get people into the church where they will be slowly indoctrinated with the real church gospel of progressive justification that is only a “legal declaration” to begin with.

The church gospel is a denial of the biblical new birth…period…end of discussion.

Not that long ago, James MacDonald even announced publicly that he was done trying to fix people because they can’t be fixed. That is, apparently, unless you have them killed. As bemoaned by this ministry for years; church, week in, and week out, preaches the total depravity of the saints and then fires its pastors when they get caught with both hands in the cookie jar. Why? Because moralism is a church pretense to initially draw people in until they are slowly indoctrinated. Right, that’s cult behavior, but we must remember that the very definition of a cult is the marriage of authority and faith. When pastors tout the authority of the church, they are, in fact, proclaiming that the church is a functioning cult.

For years, the church has survived all of its scandals by using the dichotomy ruse. What’s that? Church dichotomizes its leaders from the parishioners. Tisk, tisk, such and such has fallen into sin and is disqualified from the ministry. Well, such and such was supported by the parishioners for years while the congregation knew he was suspect. In fact, in one sermon some time ago, MacDonald suggested that his critics should be killed by launching them into the air with human catapults. The congregation laughed. The now disgraced Mark Driscoll referred to blessed piles of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill church.

The church has many other red herring dichotomies. “That sounds like a ‘high controlling church,’ not us.” “That’s ‘reformed,’ we aren’t reformed.” Etc., etc., etc. One of the biggest diversions was the trending implementation of “elder rule” in the churches or “plurality of elders” for the sake of, get this, “accountability.” What was the result? No church was accountable for any objective truth because, “Well, all of the elders would not agree with that position.”

Frankly, I think the jig is up. The church is in a downward spiral and refuses to change. Thanks to America, people cannot be compelled by force to support the church. My best guess follows: the Protestant church and the Catholic Church will unit for survival purposes. And, with the vast majority of government representatives being either Catholic or Protestant, and making laws accordingly, you have a church-state by default. This will be the final mega church-state that will usher in the last days.

Politically, I do not see the citizens of a country as victims of tyranny; they have the government they supported. Likewise, church parishioners share the guilt of the church they support. They share the guilt totally.

And as they feign gentle concern for you being “outside of the church’s love” while laws will compel faith more and more, remember that they laughed about the thought of you being run over by a church bus or “catapulted into the next county.”


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