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Get A Grip: Climate Change is NOT Going to End the World; The Coming Mega Church State Will

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 21, 2019

ppt-jpeg4The essence of sin is control lust and sin has no greater weapon than fear which is the antithesis of love. “Perfect love casts out fear.” For certain, one of the purposes of the book of Revelation is to inform Christians on how the world is going to end. And no, climate change doesn’t end the world as we know it. No, space aliens are not in the picture at all. No, earth’s inhabitants will not be living on other planets. No, a meteor doesn’t hit earth and destroy it.

Actually, the earth doesn’t end at all, Christ comes down and sets up His future kingdom. Then, after 1000 years, God the Father moves all of heaven to earth. This was pictured by the Jewish tabernacle in the wilderness. These events also coincide with the eradication of God’s enemies: Christ came first to end sin, the coming kingdom of Christ will end sickness and disease, and the new heaven and new earth will end death and all sadness.

World history is dominated by the marriage of church and state. This is state rulership in the name of God, or a plethora of gods. Religion determines the theology, and that theology is enforced by the state. It began as the pagan-state which ruled the world in various and sundry forms until it was overcome by the church-state in the fourth century. The marriage of religion and state force began shortly after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden and reined in one form or another until the advent of Americanism in the 1700s. Until then, the pagan-state and church-state rained terror and misery on humanity.

Americanism rejected determinism, collectivism, Plato’s systemization of the pagan-state which was later adopted by the church, emphasized individualism, separation of church and state, and a government by the people and for the people. This turned the world order completely upside down. It also brought collective happiness and wellbeing to the world for the first time in history. America ended the church-state in the Western world, and communism filled the void with a secular version of Platonism.

However, what we find in the book of Revelation is the following: the church-state comes back with a vengeance. Its pent-up hatred for freedom and individualism will unleash hell on earth. The anti-Christ will be a renowned world leader who will proclaim himself to be God just like the Roman emperors of times past, and will be in unison with a false prophet and a false religious system. It is the return of the church-state on steroids.

The Bible is clear: during this time, if Christ does not return and intervene, humanity will not survive. Undoubtedly, due to weapons of the nuclear sort that the church never had at its disposal before. Check history for yourself; the VAST majority of wars prior to Americanism were religious wars. That’s just historical fact.

The Bible is also clear on something else: the world economy will be booming and there will be a time of relative peace on earth, and then out of nowhere, it all hits the fan. One can take these primary elements and do their own math in conjunction with present events.


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