Paul's Passing Thoughts

The Church Lie

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 15, 2019

Chapter 1: The Church is Not the Body of Christ
Thesis: Church redefines the true Christian identity.

Chapter 2: The Church is Not the Gospel
Thesis: Church, like all false religions, propagates a progressive salvation as opposed to a one-time finished transformation.

Chapter 3: The Church is Not the Assembly of Christ
Thesis: The church has no real history or doctrine that connects it to the Gospels or the Book of Acts. It changed the work “ekklesia” to “church” in order to erase 300 years of history between Christ’s assembly and the institutionalization of the Christian faith.

Chapter 4: The Church is Not God’s People
Thesis: The church is temple worship and salvation by church, not a family operating as a living body. It restricts worship to a time and place, and redefines worship as the obtaining of progressive salvation rather than the practice of love.

Chapter 5: The Church is Not the Elect of God
Thesis: Church redefines biblical election, and makes salvation a matter of choosing a preferable authority for submission. It replaces the only head, Christ, with many mediators who claim to have authority over salvation.

Chapter 6: The Church is Not the Kingdom of God
Thesis: God’s kingdom is not presently on earth as the church claims. God’s kingdom is future. The church is not an overseer of God’s kingdom.

Chapter 7: The Church is Not a Light for God in This World
Thesis: The church presents itself as society’s moral compass as a deliberate ploy to draw people into the church where they will be indoctrinated into a strictly “confessional” religion.

Chapter 8: The Church is Not the Bride of Christ
Thesis: The bride of Christ doctrine connects the church to its Gnostic origins.

Chapter 9: The Church is Not Founded on the Word of God
Thesis: The foundation of church is built upon world philosophy, not Scripture. “Sola Scriptura” is a lie.

Chapter 10: The Church is Not the Love of God
Thesis: Church orthodoxy necessarily excludes the ability of the individual believer to love.

Chapter 11: The Biblical Alternative
Thesis: The ekklesia family functioning as the true body of Christ is the only way to revival. It is a focus on individual gifts cooperating together for a common cause, not a top down salvific hierarchy.

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