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Abortion: The Slave Master Always Comes Offering Freedom

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 18, 2019

ppt-jpeg4I started writing for this blog in 2009 and have written well over 3000 articles; this is the first one on abortion. The enormity of an issue has never compelled me to write about it. However, of late, I have a few thoughts about it that I want to put down in writing.

“Freedom to choose.” There it is again, that freedom word. As the saying goes, “Always follow the money,” and that is fine, but in addition, never fail to follow the freedom, especially when the very word is being used in the discussion.

I suppose readers of this blog tire of seeing my continued emphasis on the essence of sin; viz, sin is an entity driven by the desire to enslave and control. Key to sin’s ability to do that is condemnation. If you are condemned, you are deemed unworthy by yourself and others and readily concede that you must be a follower. Sin is described in the Bible as an animal that crouches in wait for its prey to fail, and its hunting ground is enriched by law, civil law, God’s law, conscience, and the judgments of others.

The Bible also states that when condemnation is taken away, sin is disarmed. Sin is the epic slave master who comes offering freedom as a rouse to enslave. Sin always uses an offer of freedom to lead individuals into the condemnation trap. Whether a bear cage, raccoon cage, or minnow cage, it’s baited with freedom.

Most governments have a sin problem. By virtue of how societies work, the populous greatly outnumber those who make up government authority. Without the people there is no government, to begin with, but if the majority of any given populous stand against the government they are powerless to do anything about it. So, governments are always looking for ways to maintain control and seek to do this on many different levels.

Abortion is one of the many ways of doing so. There is strength in numbers, so keeping population down makes any given society easier to control. The following point is often made as well: “How many people who might have lived to invent a cure for cancer have been wiped out through abortion?” Indeed, but a cure for cancer is only one point among myriads of others that speak to benefiting humanity, not to mention great thinkers who may have greatly empowered individualism. How many James Madison types et al. didn’t make it out of the womb? Meanwhile, sin is hard at work offering freedom to those who do make it out of the womb as a way to enslave them.

I wonder if there is a greater example than the feminist movement: finding freedom through being somebody else that you aren’t; how much sense does that make? I owe this thought to Tucker Carlson. Women ought to be empowered by being who they are rather than the opposite. Rather than recognizing that women can do many things men cannot do, we have women trying to be more like men. Does this not concede to the ancient draconian view that women are inferior?

Hence, in many cases, the power and ability to bring life into the world is rejected in the name of freedom. Yes, laws against abortion are just another ploy by the evil man-driven world to enslave women. And rather than focus on the moral aspect of abortion specifically, let me focus on the theme of this post: in most cases, abortion does lead to self-condemnation via personal conscience.

And then sin pounces.

This can also be applied to any mentality that doesn’t embrace who we are individually in the name of being free from who we are. Wellbeing comes from embracing who we are as created individuals and making the best of it thereof. Wellbeing comes from being the best us.

Sin is a clever entity. It uses both law and sin to enslave in the name of freedom leading to slavery. Beware of government laws whether seemingly moral or liberal; either one can lead to slavery. What is lawful may not be expedient to your self-image, but may rather lead to self-condemnation by catering to errant desires.

…and then sin pounces.



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  1. lydia00 said, on January 18, 2019 at 4:02 PM

    The theme of this year’s pro life march is Life and Science. Lol. Yep. But here is an interesting trajectory for abortion. It started out being mainly middle and upper class white women. Then it “progressed” to being mainly middle class black women. How does that fit in with the PC diversity SJW crowd?

    What I have seen after all these years is just increased normalization of getting rid of the unwanted.


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