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Why No Self-Respecting Nurse Aide or Nurse Should Be a Democrat

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 6, 2019

ppt-jpeg4As a state tested nurse aide, I never cease to marvel at the healthcare system that takes care of America’s elderly and disabled young people. So, this is long-term care as opposed to acute care which we can also consider. I will only mention Kettering Hospital and the whole Kettering Health Network outside of Dayton, Ohio. The quality of this whole network is astonishing. Whether long-term or short-term care, it’s not perfect, but it is the best in the world by far. There are no Kettering-like systems anywhere else in the world and if you think there is you are egregiously misinformed.

Full stop, a preface, if you will. When I heard Machelle Obama say that she was proud of America for the first time in her life because her husband got elected, as a nurse aide, it revealed to me how out of touch she is with reality because of her own self-lust. When I experienced the care that our disabled people get in nursing facilities, that is, people who in many cases have no family and few friends to boot, I was proud of America based on that fact alone. Every time I walk into a nursing facility to ply my trade, I thank God for America. I find her mindset chilling for reasons I will discuss further along.

Overt lies are used to sell the idea that the American healthcare system needs a total overhaul. Sure, everything can use improvement this side of heaven, but a total overhaul, viz, “the Affordable Care Act”? That is/was such a big, fat, LIE told by politicians who know it’s a lie. What was the premise of the lie? That millions of Americans are without health insurance.

Ok, so I am one who writes on, and studies religion, which also makes me knowledgeable about politics because there is little difference between the two; both are based on a few fundamental presuppositions concerning humanity. Much more on that as we move along. Here is the outline: Collectivism; the noble lie; total depravity; caste; sin. These terms are political as much as they are religious. And hold on, all of this works towards making the case for the title.

Yes, its true, many Americans are without health insurance. You see, there is a difference between true facts and truth—truth has a moral aspect whereas facts can be used in the commission of a deception. Hence, the Affordable Care Act lie and the lie the serpent told Eve in the garden are kissing cousins. That was a fact, Eve was not going to die as the serpent told her, that is, physically in the short-term. He used a fact in the commission of a deception. He allowed her to assume immediate physical death was being spoken of; obviously, that wasn’t the case. It’s true, many Americans are uninsured, that’s a fact, but it doesn’t mean that the same Americans will be denied care accordingly; that’s not the truth. Politicians used this assumption to deceive the public. Deliberately, to gain control over them.

I am going to keep my illustrations short and sweet. Some years ago, I ended up in the hospital  for five days with no health insurance. Based on my income at the time, a county program paid for 90% of the hospital bill which was 25,000 dollars. Not only did I get a bill for a mere 250 dollars, they gave me a year to pay for it. For you Democrats out there, let me help you out, that’s about 20.83 dollars per month. So, being in America, you can go to a street corner with a sign that reads, “Need twenty bucks to pay my healthcare bill for this month” and I probably have the money in about one hour or less.

The whole idea that Americans were without healthcare because they are uninsured was a lie and the politicians knew they were lying and they also know why they can get away with lies like this: our populous isn’t educated about collectivism. If they were, there wouldn’t be a Democrat Party. Our children grow up to be Democrats because public schools teach them how to put on condoms rather than educate them about what collectivism is. And know this: there is a logic behind EVERY action; there is a reason why our children are taught to violate their own consciences. That’s part of our outline that we will get to.

Let me begin to develop the first word of our outline, “collectivism,” with a somewhat contemporary historical event in American history. Once upon a time, the Democrats thought it would be a good idea to withhold money from people’s paychecks and put it in a “lockbox” so they would have money to live on when they retired. Please note the underlying presupposition about people in the reasoning for such a law. If the government doesn’t step in and withhold income from people; ie., involuntary savings, viz, withholding money that they earned with their own labor, mass portions of the population would end up with no money when they are too old to work, or unable to work.  The whole social security debacle can be used to develop our outline.

What is the logic that drove this action/idea? People are generally unable. In religion, we call it, “total depravity,” or better suited for this article and the political realm, “total inability.” People are generally unable. If we don’t take their money from them and set it aside, they will end up destitute. If our children have a paper route, we confiscate 10% and put it in a co-parental savings account. Because children are not good with money; they will spend it all on chocolate and rubberband guns and stuff like that. In a recent interview, Machelle Obama mentioned that her husband was a “good parent” when he was president, but now we have a bad parent who lets the children stay up all night and eat whatever they want. Folks, that is very descriptive and not a mere “in a manner of speaking” by her. This comment by her is really the whole enchilada.

Now we will get to the political application of total inability as we continue to use social security as an example. During the LBJ administration, Congress voted to pass a law that enabled them to borrow money from the Social Security Trust Fund.  That’s right, the government took it upon themselves to be able to borrow money from the people’s retirement account. If a CEO does that, it’s a serious crime.

So, what in the world would justify them in doing that? Answer: collectivism, which speaks to the purpose of humanity. Total inability speaks to the condition of humanity, viz, they are generally unable, collectivism speaks to the purpose of humanity: the individual’s purpose is to serve the “greater good” as determined by those who understand the ins and outs of true reality. We may call these people the “experts.” Hence, why is it ok that the government experts gave themselves permission to borrow your hard-earned money? Well, because your sole purpose for existence is the greater good. And besides, you wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for government anyway. Remember what Obama said? “You didn’t build that.” So, since you really didn’t build that because you are totally unable without government, the government experts have a right to you and your property for the “greater good.”

Furthermore, since the sole purpose of the individual is the greater good, eventually, employers were required to match whatever the government withheld from payroll as additional funds for social security. In other words, an involuntary payment into an employee retirement plan managed by the government. Keep in mind, though this is the case, many companies pay into a retirement plan on top of that.

We can stop here for another preface. Capitalism is the primary and only funding for individual freedom. Capitalism empowers the individual, and supposedly, that’s detrimental to society because the individual is unable, right? The size and wellbeing of the middleclass is directly relational to the strength of any given capitalistic government. So, a strong middleclass represents a dissing of the collective good, supposedly. Herein we address another lie that the politicians know is a lie: the wealthy, the “one percenters,” don’t pay taxes. That’s a lie, and they know it’s a lie. First, most, if not all of the one percenters are business owners. Yes, it is a fact that they pay very little NON-MANDATORY TAXES (taxes that can be avoided via so-called “legal loopholes”). But in another example of true facts used in the commission of an immoral lie, companies pay MASSIVE mandatory taxes for government programs such as unemployment compensation and on the job injury, and funds for Job and Family Services.

Why do they tell this lie? To demonize business owners who are key to middleclass strength and the antithesis of collectivism. Money/income supplies individual empowerment. And in regard to illegal immigration and border security, why are Democrats against it in the face of common sense and the havoc being wreaked on our society? Because a massive influx of illegals will decimate the middleclass and destroy the primary financial engine of individual freedom and upward mobility: Capitalism. This is why Nancy Pelosi can call all of the horrific stories about illegal immigration “collateral damage” of the greater good of collectivism.

And why is it ok to tell these lies? This brings us to the “noble lie.” Since the individual is unable, manipulating them to abandon visions of grandeur that will destroy society is a kind of veiled, virtuous truth. It’s like lying to the Nazi SS about the Jews hiding in your basement. Yes indeed, those one percenters are immoral greedy bastards that don’t pay any taxes while the little guy does. It’s unfair…lest you have financial independence that makes you harder to control…for your own good and that of society.

This brings us to caste systems which have dominated world history until America came along and is antithetical to a very important word in the realm of reality: upward mobility. Some countries have it, others don’t; America does presently. However, again, if you have upward mobility, along with your moral inability to contribute to “the group,” society will go to hell in a handbasket. This is the precedent for caste systems that allow the elitist class to rule over the great unwashed masses that could care less about others. In all cases in human history, this ends up being a lazy elitist ruling class who don’t work but merely dictate everything but the kitchen sink to the great unwashed. You might want to study a little bit about ancient Greece for an example.

This brings us to the last word in the outline before the conclusion: “Sin.” That’s a religious word, but doing bad things isn’t its primary tenet. At least biblically, one of the major tenets of sin is a desire to control others. And what is the primary methods of controlling others?  Condemnation. It goes something like this: “Since you are inherently unable and totally depraved, you need to let me rule over you for your own good and the greater good for the group.” Is this behind the shaming of America? Is this behind Obama’s apology tour? ABSOLUTLEY. Control lust is sin, individual low self-esteem is the means. How powerful is this concept? It is said that “white guilt” got Obama elected. That’s probably true. This is also why our children are taught to violate their own consciences; it leads to low self-esteem and self-condemnation which makes people easy to control. The fallout is skyrocketing suicide. What is more evident than the fact that suicide is the ultimate self-condemnation?  And what is even more evident that the only way out of low self-esteem is real change and upward mobility? Those brainwashed into being happy through Altruism is another subject that won’t be addressed here, but definitely a sad and depressing reality. Yes, people involved in scary cults will profess their happiness with a silly, creepy grin on their face right up until the call to the Kool-Aid vat of which they drink happily.

All of this why no self-respecting nurse aide or nurse should be a Democrat. We go to work every day in facilities that are the envy of the world and we uphold and advocate for the dignity of life no matter the “quality.” Regardless of the idea that Democrats posit themselves as defenders of the downtrodden, this is just another “noble” lie that conceals their ideology—an ideology that cannot ultimately suffer what we do, day in, and day out. You see, the disabled cannot contribute to the group, they are a drain on the group. Be sure of this, we are wired to love life, and I have seen some people in very poor shape, chronically, who want to go on living, and I am there to make that as easy as possible for them. I am there to aide them in living the best possible life they can have. It’s not about their ability to contribute to others, most of them have already done that to a great degree in their lives, it’s about them…this is their time. The question of  “quality of life” is a slippery slope, the belief that a person’s value is summed up in their ability to contribute to the group is a cliff into the abyss.

Alas! Alas!, many do not have health insurance! So, we bought into The Affordable Care Act. What was that all about? It made being insured the law. And how did it do it? The government did not get into the healthcare business. Imagine being in a business where it is the law that people must buy your product! Imagine being in a business where people are taxed so others can supposedly afford your premiums! “Wait a minute, I thought Democrats where against those big evil corporations that take advantage of the little guy!” Right, that would be just another noble lie. In fact, the Democrat Party got in bed with health insurance companies to get political power. Not only that, if you control people’s healthcare, you control them. All in all, as many warned, the ideology that drives it all can only lead to one place, and though those who warned of such were mocked, it happened: death panels. Decisions on care were taken from the doctors and handed over to bureaucrats that mediate between the insurance companies and the government. FYI, insurance agencies don’t take a Hippocratic oath.

If you are a nurse aide or a nurse and a Democrat, you don’t get it. During the unfolding of Obama Care, I genuinely worried about the future of the people I cared for, and the quality care I observed every day cruelly reminded me that it wasn’t going to be for long. For now, there seems to be a stay on that, and I hope that many more aides and nurses will see the contradiction in what we do and the ideology of the Democrat Party.

Collectivism and nursing are mutually exclusive.


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  1. lydia00 said, on January 7, 2019 at 7:46 PM

    Yes! I have seen the parallels for decades. But one allows certain things to become so normalized it’s hard to see. I became increasingly uncomfortable with how the churches I was around were using the language and structure of government. Then, in my consulting capacity I started to see how the the concept of leadership that comes from the business world does not map to Christian fellowship. At all I just kept coming across Mack truck holes in that approach and interpretation. It took me even longer to come to the realization it was really about authoritarianism, totalitarianism, collectivism, etc. All prefaced on the false concept that we are unable and our hearts were deceitful. (Don’t trust yourself) Frankly it’s everywhere. Even in what many will call non calvinistic seeker churches.

    It’s really something to guard against because so many groups, including voluntary groups of all kinds, gravitate toward this groupthink collectivism. To be accepted in the group people will continually censor themselves, virtue signal to one another, to be accepted by the popular people in the group.

    It’s exhausting to deal with and frankly not worth the effort. so few people left around are independent thinkers. And even fewer people left to really have your back when the rubber meets the road. They don’t want to lose the approval of the group.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 10, 2019 at 6:18 AM

      Found it in spam.


  2. April said, on January 8, 2019 at 9:53 AM


    Thanks for taking the time to write this!


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 8, 2019 at 4:26 PM

      You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by.


  3. lydia00 said, on January 10, 2019 at 5:39 AM

    I had so many to thoughts on this excellent piece but I think it got lost. I can never tell with WordPress if a comment went through. Oh well. No time to redo.


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