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Follow-up: A Response to the Shapiro / MacArthur Interview

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on December 16, 2018


One of the salient points brought up by John Immel during our discussion this afternoon was Ben Shapiro’s woeful misunderstanding and mis-representation of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and it’s resulting impact on western culture.  In response to this, we have reposted a portion of John’s 2016 TANC Conference where he discusses sacrifice as the highest moral standard and Kant’s contribution to that ideology.

TANC Round Table Discussion with Paul Dohse, Andy Young, and John Immel

John Immel on Immanuel Kant from TANC 2016:

2 Responses

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  1. Argo said, on December 17, 2018 at 12:13 AM

    John makes a good point about Kant not actually failing at all.

    I find myself making the same mistake. I will say something like “Communism fails everywhere it is tried”. But this depends on what your definition of success is. If we want to wreck the middle class, destroy capitalism, elevate the state to the level of deification, all of which are its openly stated objectives, then communism is actually a swimming success everywhere it’s tried. And, technically, if you turn mass murder into a virtue, you can actually eliminate a lot of humanities problems. So…


  2. lydia00 said, on December 18, 2018 at 11:57 AM

    Great Point, Argo. We are seeing this very thing playing out around us. f I think you have “wrong views” and I have power and platform to do so then MY success is censoring you. We are seeing this played out at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, etc. The new Orwellian term is, “Manifest Observable Behavior”. And that’s fine. They can do that. Coercive Power is success in these scenerios.

    Same with McArthur’s church. Salvation is what they say it is and is “successful” when you follow their doctrine because they are the authority.


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