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Churchians Do Not Understand the New Birth

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 21, 2018


So, is “human effort” involved after we give our heart to God?

I think it talks about the first and main factor to achieve having proper relationship with others is to have good relationship with God first. It doesn’t mean we can be rude to others after having proper relationship God, then we will still have proper relationship with others. But it talks about having proper relationships with others is based on our relationship with God.

Why wouldn’t it be based on our new nature?

What do you mean by new nature?

The born again Christian is a new creation, no?

But does being born again mean our sinful nature completely gets rid? If so, why do we still commit sin every day now?

Yes, according to the Bible, “ALL things are new.” A remaining sinful nature wouldn’t be “new.” In the new birth, the old person dies with Christ, so, no, that person is no longer around. And no, since the new person resurrected with Christ is no longer under law, they do not sin because, “where there is no law there is no sin.” Christians fail to love according to the law because they are “weak,” but being weaker than God is not sin. Weakness does not = “sin.” Though not a legal loophole because the nature of the born again Christian is changed from being indifferent to God’s word to loving God’s word, and a willing spirit as apposed to an unwilling spirit, it is incorrect to say that a Christian commits sin that needs ongoing forgiveness to prevent condemnation. Justification is not progressive; our sin is not merely covered, it is ended.


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