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Trump Has Brought Elitism Into Focus

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 13, 2018

ppt-jpeg4We now know what the missing denominator was in figuring out why Republicans act like Democrats. We now, no longer, scratch our heads and wonder why George W. Bush can have such a cozy relationship with the Clintons and Obamas. It’s Elitism, and it has components of individual freedom that has also confused us until Donald Trump cleared things up.

How can the benefactors of capitalism be against capitalism? Trump cleared that up as well. We also understand that a democracy is not a representative republic, and why Democrats want to eliminate the Electoral College. We also understand what open borders are all about as well.

Elitist democracies have existed in the past, here is what they looked like. In the first century, in many cultures, 90% of the population were indentured slaves or bond slaves. Only the elitist class, or upper crust of society were allowed to vote. Open borders were huge because indentured slaves earned their citizenship by serving in the households of the elitist class of any given country. This is exactly what is going on in our day, though technically illegal according to U.S. laws. Indentured slavery isn’t law, and we don’t have open borders. Not yet.

Elitism doesn’t function with a large middle class. There are only two classes in elitism: the ruling class, and the working class; the ruling class, and the commoners; the lords, and the serfs. All the power is where it should be: with the educated high-bred people, not the uneducated low-bred. In an elitist democracy, hillbillies are not allowed to have a say in how society is run. In an elitist society, that would be like letting the inmates run the asylum.

And too many of the commoners are willing to buy into Elitism, at least initially. The worship of the elitist class is evident; whether movie stars, charismatic politicians promising free stuff, musicians, pop culture icons, journalists, novelists, or whoever else that inspires awe in a populous suffering from self-esteem anemia. When our children die a tragic death, it doesn’t make the news, but when an elitist is diagnosed with cancer or suffers a family tragedy it escapes no media venue, and they become the experts on how we should endure a similar fate. So what? if uncle Charlie is addicted to OxyContin, but if our favorite movie star is addicted to it we can’t wait to talk about it at the office watercooler. Hollywood actors are called on to testify before Congress about any number of social issues while no one stops to ask what exactly makes them an expert regarding such. The most disgusting examples of human beings walking the earth can get any woman they want, or as many as they want, doing whatever they want, because they play lead guitar in a rock band. And so it goes; our tendency to worship others in light of our total depravity.

Here is the thing about elitists of all types: the size and empowerment of the middle class is directly related to their self-importance. The elimination of manufacturing in the U.S. was no accident. Environmental religions seek to do one thing: kill jobs that empower the middle class under the auspices of saving the environment. Open border advocates seek to import more of elitist societies into America to make America an elitist democracy as opposed to a representative republic. Yes, the imports are primarily from socialist nations, but socialism and elitism are more than just kissing cousins; in socialist societies, the upper crust live well on the backs of the working class who are serving the greater good, and NO greater good empowers the hillbillies of any given society.

Open borders are all about eliminating the middle class which further empowers the elitist class. Plainly, a class that Trump was IN, but not OF. Now that he is President and pushing an individualist representative republic, the war is on…big time.


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  1. lydia00 said, on November 13, 2018 at 3:43 PM

    Real Money is global. Years ago, my SIL was doing due diligence on bank mergers in NYC (before she became a mega church legal eagle) and told me that soon there would only be a handful of very large banks in the US. This was before the dot com bust and the housing bust. Both horrors made this tiny section of elites even richer who in turn fund our elected oligharchs. Party doesn’t matter anymore. It’s the establishment elite oligarchs verses the nobodies. They despise our Constitution because it is predicted on self governing.


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