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The New Calvinism Movement Has Always Been Marxism in Broad Daylight

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 4, 2018

ppt-jpeg4New Calvinism isn’t anything new. It is a return to authentic Protestant orthodoxy. But it can be new. This is because one of the original tenets of Protestantism is Semper Reformanda, viz, “always reforming.” Got it? Remember the movie, Love Story? “Love means never having to say you are sorry.” In Protestant Story, “Orthodoxy means you never have to be right because truth is a process.” This is no different from the Jehovah Witnesses doctrine of  Increasing Light. “Oh ya, uh, sorry about all the children that died because we were against blood transfusions in the 50s, but ya know, understanding increases and reformation is a process.”

Much can be discussed about the present-day New Calvinism movement, but with all cults, the obvious is often missed because of the many-faceted issues created by cults that keep people busy with confusion. That’s by design. The premiere example is the election debate when Protestant soteriology denies the biblical new birth to begin with.

This post is about the blatant Marxism that the movement has displayed since its conception. Marxism is a form of Collectivism that would reject capitalism, individualism, a middle class, and is a rigid elitist caste system. Marxism is not predicated on a thriving middleclass that diminishes serfdom.  Many in the church are bewildered by the movement’s overt Marxism, but they shouldn’t be. What we miss while chasing all the issues they create is an observation regarding how they function.

Susan and I have attended many of the nonstop conferences hosted by T4G and TGC. When the speakers attend these conferences, they are not only being well paid, but everything from the hotel suites to the meals are first-class. Keep in mind that these conferences are not for the laity and never have been. These are all leadership conferences.

But who pays for them? The cost of these conferences are on the backs of the working uninvited laity. That’s how Marxism works: you work like a dog to pay people to tell you how to live and how to spend the product of your own labor. It’s both sad and stupid.

So, while church leadership is partaking in nothing more than social engineering and indoctrination/marching orders to lower lieutenants, the laity, or the producers, are paying for everything.

That’s just classic functioning Marxism in a nutshell.



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  1. lydia00 said, on November 4, 2018 at 10:10 PM

    Now they have added social justice —another form of controlling cultural Marxism. Unless I join in their hyper emotional appeals to whatever the current issue, I am labeled, marginalized, etc. A sort of compelled compassion —or suffer the groupthink consequences. No real solutions are sought— for good reason. They need the issue. It’s another form of control and faux virtue that is a hallmark of cultural Marxism. They shame the working poor citizens who are the most burdened by illegal immigration. It’s truly a sickening sight. But they know best for people because they are constantly telling us how compassionate they are with everyone’s money and resources.


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