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First Trump, Now the Kavanaugh Event Exposes Dee Parsons and Boz Tchividjian

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 6, 2018

ppt-jpeg4The emergence of Donald Trump has made us face up to something we didn’t want to believe: both political parties, that is, Democrat and Republican, are not the least bit interested in being guided and constrained by the American Constitution. Furthermore, elitists will forgive anyone of any sin who understands this one thing: individuals should not have the right to self-rule. Both parties were presenting a pretense of freedom while slowly taking away our freedoms. Trump flushed that out. Regardless of the fix being in, the people arose and the genius of our founding fathers has been put on full display. The Socialist elephant that was being fed to us in small bites was dragged from the barn to the middle of the field for everyone to see, and in time for some Republicans, and maybe some Democrats as well, to care enough about political survival to eat crow served up by the Donald.

Be sure of this: we are in the midst of a cultural civil war and a fight to retain freedom. People better wise up and get involved before this fight to retain freedom becomes a literal shooting war in the streets of America. That’s what the recent Kavanaugh event has clearly revealed. Kavanaugh has stuck it out at the expense of his family because he knows what is at stake. And though our hearts might have been somewhat warmed by the news that former President Bush was calling Senators in defense of Kavanaugh, that’s only because they are friends; Bush is an elitist shill who doesn’t get it. The great unwashed do not need training wheels on the freedom bike, we can ride it without help. The right to bear arms was put in place to protect us from the Kamala Harris’ of the world; tar and feathers were for the likes of George W. Bush.

Now we flip to what the Kavanaugh hermeneutic has taught us about church. Until America, there was never ANY difference between politics and church. Before America,  government in a political sense and church were mutually inclusive. In regard to the cradle of civilization outside of the Garden of Eden: In the beginning was the Democrat Party. Authority to rule over the great unwashed by elitists can only come from one place: God’s throne in the form of religion. Though America blew that up, it did so with a system that is still susceptible to an Aristotelian caste system as opposed to a Platonist caste system, but we will gladly accept the former. In other words, even half-pregnant freedom has been the greatest force for good that the world has ever seen.

We must fight hard to retain the half-pregnant freedom. It could be more free, but nothing has served the world better since Christ came to free mankind from sin. However, lest we forget, sin is the mother of control-lust.

Like Democrats and Republicans, like church. America took the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy. With Republican Churchians like Robert Jeffress aside, The Kavanaugh event has exposed the Democrat Churchians. Like the Democrats who claim to defend women and the downtrodden with the sword of justice, Democrat Churchians pose the same pretense as a ploy to gain control over others for the express purpose of fulfilling their power-lust.

Breakpoint: the idea that church poses itself as a Godfearing entity above the fray of politics is utterly laughable. The two are joined at the hip. And why not? Church is fond of theological driven division, politics is just another excuse to have a fight. And besides, both are driven by the same core issue: presuppositions concerning mankind. James, the brother of Christ, called out professing Christians for infighting amongst them. And the cause? Inward desire to control others. Nothing has changed; there is no new thing under the sun.

So, here we are. Those within the church who claim to be the hero warriors for the abused are speaking out on the Kavanaugh event, and guess what? If you watched the utterly despicable behavior and frightening verbiage of Senate Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings, I want to inform you that the talking points among the supposed women/children advocate church bloggers are exactly the same. There are a plethora of examples, but for time sake, I will focus on the same assertion that ALL women accusers must be believed regardless of anything.

Specifically, Dee Parsons of Wartburg Watch .com, and Boz Tchividjian. To kick things off in my discourse with these people this week, Julia Anne Smith (Spiritual Sounding Board .com), another notable blogger advocate for abused women, excommunicated me for suggesting that Christine Blasey Ford was/is not believable. Yes, merely for suggesting such, Smith abruptly ended our cordial relationship that has included long phone conversations in the past.

Before I move on to the Boz and Dee Parsons, let me preface my point this way: in the same way that the Democrats claim to uphold racial equality while the KKK was created by them, the Boz and Dee claim to be advocates for women and children while one is a practicing Lutheran and the other is a Presbyterian. In fact, Dee is very proud of being a Lutheran and often writes about it. Martin Luther, and any idea of compassion for women is an oxymoron. The same can be said for Calvin and children.

Do you see the absurd irony in that? You do if you know anything about Martin Luther and John Calvin. Of course, I suppose you could argue that Nazis are not necessarily followers of Hitler, for whatever that argument would be worth. In regard to both Dee and the Boz, they continually rail against church practices that are foundational orthodoxy for both denominations. I used to like them enough to be embarrassed for them. Now they just frighten me.

We have a thinking problem, do we not? What would you think of a Nazi that stands against things Hitler did and believed, but refuses to deny Hitler’s basic orthodoxy?

Do I really need to write anything further to make this point?

Nevertheless, I will close with the following. Here is what the Boz stated on Twitter a couple of days ago, after, by the way, singing the praises of CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (I kid you not): “Research has repeatedly found that at most 7% of sexual assault allegations are false. Sadly, it seems as if many focus 93% of their attention and anger on the 7% rather than the other way around.” Considering that the Boz was a prosecutor for many years, this should make cold chills run up our backs. Think about it; in essence, he is saying that presumption of innocence is only 7%, if that, and presumption of guilt is 93% or more. American jurisprudence is based on 100% assumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Besides, as I have written recently, statistics like this are totally bogus.

Soon, I will be stating some things for our young men to consider and will be speaking directly to them…hope you will tune in.



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  1. lydia00 said, on October 8, 2018 at 8:53 AM

    In William Shirers, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, there is a sub chapter on the Reichs use of Martin Luther’s writings on the Jews to bring the Lutheran Church into alignment. Shirer was there and described the process. My guess is most Lutherans today claim Bonhoeffer more than Luther if they have any idea of the revisionist history of their founder. But then, my view is the reformation was political because the state was the church and any reading of that period makes it clear the Princes and Electors were ready to split from Rome.


  2. lydia00 said, on October 8, 2018 at 9:28 AM

    “We have a thinking problem, do we not? What would you think of a Nazi that stands against things Hitler did and believed, but refuses to deny Hitler’s basic orthodoxy?”

    I think it’s much more subtle than that. And if people like your personality and think you really “care” because you say you care a lot, then they don’t question or analyze too deeply. In fact, they will defend you to the death. It’s part of cult of personality.

    One of the subtleties is the assertion we all have “mixed motives”. Evidently a pastor taught Dee this years ago and it’s her answer to everything. ‘Saved sinners, sin? It’s mixed motives. We cannot know ourselves.’ It fits everything including “believe all women” even in the political arena. Every time she says that I think of the Hegelian dialectic. I worked with an academic on a project for several years and he was totally besotted by Hagel. Is start to note the patterns. I don’t think Dee has a clue. She parrots.

    Since I don’t buy into organized church anymore, I tend to see church as voluntary and a higher standard attached to what the congregation has to put up with. Churches do not have to follow the labor laws in hiring or firing. It’s when an allegation is referred to civil authorities we have to uphold everyone’s rights. I will never give up due process or presumption of innocence. These are people who don’t even know that they despise the constitution. They would argue all day that they don’t. I am the absolute worst part is they are not doing lowly nobody victims any good at all.

    Most of the survivor blogs eventually end up evolving into a core group who know best for everyone else because they are more “compassionate” and virtuous while claiming to be sinners, too. . If both blogs did not take on leftist totalitarian tendencies they would lose 90% of their commenters. The sad truth is it’s not to their advantage that people who have been victimized become strong, resilient, mature and independent. They need oppressed people to stay on top of the compassion heap. The commoners over there constantly making the assertion that the culture is far ahead of the church terms of dealing with victims and perps. I am wondering if most of them don’t live in a sort of white bread suburban bubble. Or perhaps work in a cubicle at a major company. I don’t think they get it at all. There is basically no difference in the current leftist culture and the church. Both project a fundamentalist sin sniffing puritanism. Anyone who doesn’t think secular totalitarianism isn’t a religion, doesn’t know history. They make church zealots look like Boy Scouts.

    The irony is thick. They claim to despise totalitarian churches but encourage totalitarian government in the name of compassions! They don’t seem to believe in self governance for adults which is crucial to preventing more victims. These are the same people who need perpetual helpless female victims to virtue signal but want to encroach on my ability to protect myself.

    Don’t even get me started on their protection and promotion of Wade Burleson. I recently found out by reading the Dr. Kloudas legal testimony he outed her without her permission to go after his enemy, Paige Patterson. I had front row seats to his blog posts on this during this time ((around 2007] and was absolutely stunned to read years later in her legal testimony of her gender discrimination lawsuit against SWBTS . That’s not what he made his blog post sound like! He certainly deceived a lot of people. The ends justify the means, I suppose. Just as Wade was able to talk TWW into helping to save JD halls of Pulpit and Pen ministry career. It’s amazing we can be so easily fooled by people because they claim Jesus. The only way to protect ourselves from this is to question everything and everyone. Way too much deceit going on out there in order to virtue signal or get revenge.


  3. lydia00 said, on October 8, 2018 at 8:37 PM

    “The commoners over there constantly making the assertion that the culture is far ahead of the church terms of dealing with victims and perps. “

    Oops. Should read “commenters” not “commoners”. iPad is autocorrecting in an elitist manner! Lots of autocorrect in that comment. Need an edit button and an editor.


  4. lydia00 said, on October 9, 2018 at 3:11 PM

    Dee claims that Martin Luther believed in freedom of conscience. Perhaps she is mapping his “freedom of conscience” stance of the nailing of the 95 Theses to his Lutheran doctrine overall. (The Theses were about indulgences) Evidently her Lutheran church is teaching this because she parrots it often. The problem is neither his doctrine nor his long term behavior back up that statement. Perhaps Luther applied it to agreement in reforming the RCC? She has really become a Lutheran apologist. faith “alone” does not convey freedom of conscience, as one example.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 9, 2018 at 8:10 PM

      And as we know, Marty didn’t like James too much because he wrote, “faith without works is dead.” Faith alone indeed, but few Protestants realize that really means faith alone with an “alien righteousness.”


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