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Why Do Christians Meet at a Designated Place to Be Slaughtered?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 14, 2018

Churchgoers routinely deny that the church religion is temple worship, and that no real worship takes place outside of the church building which houses “lawfully appointed ministers of the gospel” (Westminster Confession). Yet, as we have seen in the news often of late, regardless of being located in areas where persecution is taking place, Christians meet at designated public locations for church.

Why would Christians risk the lives of their families by meeting in designated purpose buildings in geographies where ongoing persecution is taking place? Because regardless of their intellectual denials, their functionality reveals what the orthodoxy really is.

Furthermore, where are the well-known evangelical leaders on this? Why have they not spoken up and said, “Yo!, meet in private locations; don’t be fish in a barrel!” Answer: because that would devalue church authority. Not only that, it’s good cause to ask for money. And what for, to build nicer and bigger buildings for them to be slaughtered in?


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  1. John said, on July 15, 2018 at 1:32 PM

    Yep, and they are too scared to leave . . . for instance, a wife would rather stay in a terribly abusive (life-threatening) marriage than risk “breaking” the sanctity of marriage (as protestants put it). Is marriage sacred/holy? Look around ya; is it? Not by a loooong shot 9how many examples would you like?); it’s just another Protestant lie to guarantee control unto death.


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