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Truth as Authority is NOT a Laughing Matter

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on July 13, 2018


I recently stumbled upon the latest from the The Babylon Bee .com which is a satire site dealing with church issues. The piece is short, so I will paste it here for the reference.

Pastor Assures Seniors Church Organ Sent Away To Nice, Big Farm In Country

MANCHESTER, NH—Senior church members who had begun to grow worried over the sudden disappearance of Manchester Baptist Church’s pipe organ were reassured by Pastor Claude Wednesday evening that the instrument simply went to live on a nice, big farm in the country where it could roam free.

The pastor was compelled to make a statement after the church’s older members began to spread rumors that the finely crafted church instrument had been sold on eBay due to a long period of disuse.

“Don’t you worry,” the pastor reportedly told one older woman as her eyes welled up with tears. “This is for the best—now the organ isn’t crammed up here on the stage where it doesn’t have any room to spread its wings. It’s free now, Gertrude. Don’t you want it to be happy?” The woman nodded, wiping her face with her kerchief.

The church further claimed that the beautiful pipe organ was adjusting “really well” to its new life on the farm in the country, where it had reportedly made several friends from among fellow pipe organs that other churches had sent to the idyllic paradise.

Mark Twain once said that humor is the good natured side of truth, and so it is. But there is a little too much truth in this one. The fact of the matter follows: when authority is truth, the absurdity of the “truth” is irrelevant because it is a law that governs stated reality for all intents and purposes.

People under law ALWAYS have to have additional mediators beyond Christ in order to remain under law. If people were free to ascertain truth from the Bible on their own, they would be led out of law and its human mediators to freedom in Christ. Under law and the authority of the church go hand in glove. Do you think the church has authority? Then you are under law.

Fact is, in reality, parishioners believe things that are far less believable than this satire. And to chuckle at this satire is to laugh at the devil. The devil is no laughing matter.

When people are under law…law is the reality and not reasonable truth. Believing the laws enacted by human mediators is the best hope for obtaining eternal life. The proof? Just look at what Catholics believe, and Catholic Light, viz, Protestantism. Look at what Charismatics believe. Look at what people in “cults” believe. And by the way, cult orthodoxy is no more or less believable than church orthodoxy when placed side by side. Let us not forget the true definition of a cult: it is religion’s use of mind control as an alternative to faith and force which was taken away from the church by the American Revolution.

Politics are little different. That’s under law as well. Come now, look at what Democrats believe in the face of hard facts. Look at what socialists believe. Why do they believe it? The laws pronounced by the socialist elites. The works of the law written on the heart by God are totally abandoned for the gods that we can see. Look at how Christ consistently taught by appealing to individual reason. How many lessons did He begin with, “What do you think, if…”? He constantly called on His hearers to believe certain things based on the logical deduction of a hypothetical situation or parable. And remember, those hearers were both lost and saved.

The Bee could have just as easily used a narrative from what the church actually teaches. But that wouldn’t be funny. Instead, they used a supposedly absurd narrative that is somehow less absurd than what parishioners already believe. You see, the rationality of the law isn’t the issue, believing the law set down by the priests of orthodoxy is what gets you to heaven. You see, if everyone would just submit to who was here first, the Catholic Church, there would be unity, no? In this way, the religions of Islam and church are religions of peace; there will be peace when everyone obeys God’s anointed which are those who win whatever war is currently in process. But not really. Once sin gains such control, the depths of the control-lust knows no boundaries. Sin seeks to control and its ultimate weapon for doing so is murder. This is what’s behind abortion; not only does it keep the population of the great unwashed manageable through lesser numbers, it eliminates many who might inspire individualism. Under the banner of individualism, or “freedom” to choose, abortion is really a tool to enslave useful idiots. Any physiological mass on foot can be taught to live under law, but the fewer hard cases reduced through carpet bombing, the better.

No? Then you tell me why so many people think Machelle Wolf’s abortion jokes are so funny. Like the Bee, it covers for lies we use to deliberately suppress righteousness in the name of the human gods we trust for our salvation. “Love” is obeying the dumbed down laws of orthodoxy which keeps individualism in check for the collective good. This makes bath time for the great unwashed children of humanity a fun time with lots of rubber duckies floating in the playful splashing, though the tub is filled with blood.

Hurry with the satire, so we may quite our consciences with laughter.




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  1. John said, on July 13, 2018 at 12:38 PM

    That’s why I find stand-up “comedians” everything but funny. It’s though they have the masses’ authority to make sexist, racist, blasphemous jokes and use the f-word (to roars of drunken laughter). Most of them (so many are insecure wimps, anyway, pushing their abnormal agendas) would not dare say those things in my presence, I promise you that. One could apply the same principle to “pastors” and the like . . . it’s people who have given these pastors, elders, and counselors their imagined “power” platform from which to lie, deceive, and ridicule. And to kill, eventually.

    So the church organ has been replaced by what? A vulgar Nine-inch-nail?

    Not even falling into an invisible hole is funny…


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