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Galatians Interlude: How Authority Destroys Marriages

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on May 18, 2018


“Know this: the kingdom of God does not presently reside on earth and does not presently utilize authority. The contrary belief is at the heart of failed Christian marriages.”

Blog Talk Radio Live Link: Authority, Division, Death; Freedom, Oneness, Life

As a former pastor in the institutional church I heard it often: “He’s a control freak.” Personally, I couldn’t relate to that. Sure, I perceived that people had issues with control and constantly suspicious of their spouses, but I just chalked it up to some sort of paranoia.

In our reality, authority is assumed to be not only a good thing, but efficacious to world order. Well, there has always been plenty of authority in the world, but very little order. Nevertheless, it is assumed that an authority is needed on every level of life.

This year’s TANC conference is focused on the kingdom of God. When the church thinks of God’s kingdom; authority is assumed, but is that really the case? Is God’s kingdom really authority based? And how does our view of authority effect every level of life?

And if not authority, what should we use instead?

Sunday, 5/20/2018 @ 10am 



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