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Galatians Study #4 Sunday April 8 @ 10:30 am

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Opening conversation:

Acts Archives, and…

Bottom Line: Your Own Understanding of Scripture is the Final Authority…PERIOD

One of the staple truisms of the Protestant Reformation is “ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda” (the church reformed, always reforming). Logical conclusion? Truth is progressive. In essence, being right or wrong about anything isn’t the point, church authority is the point. What validates the church is its supposed appointment by God (though Christ never attended any church counsel to say so), and not truth because, hey, we are still reforming, and by the way, always will be.

Hence, the church doesn’t have to be right about anything including soteriology, and in fact, isn’t.

A cursory observation reveals the following: the church gets a pass for ill behavior of every sort, doctrinal chaos among thousands of denominations, enumerable doctrinal controversies, steroidal cognitive dissonance, and a history of torturing to death those who refute its orthodoxy until stopped by the American Revolution. Because, don’t you know, it’s still reforming. Yet, church authorities constantly bemoan the dangers of not submitting to church authority lest there be chaos of every sort. Really?

Moreover, this is no different from cultism’s “progressive light” doctrines. “Well, yes, we were wrong about vaccinations and blood transfusions and it’s a shame all of those children died accordingly, but don’t you know, revelation is progressive as determined by God” says the Watchtower and many like them, including Protestantism. John MacArthur’s message to the Young, Reformed, and Restless is; “Grow Up. Settle Down. Keep Reforming.” In the same article MacArthur states, “No one is truly Reformed who is not constantly reforming.”

And as history shows us, that even includes gospel truth. The present-day Neo-Protestant movement, or New Calvinism, or whatever you want to call it, touts its “gospel recovery” initiative. Why do we need a gospel recovery? Because the church lost the first one, but hey, we are still reforming, so no big deal.

Furthermore, punishment for slighting the church is always just depending on whatever light has been revealed to the church by God at that present time. Hence, we must remember, that Calvin and Luther were “men of their time.”

I have said it before and will keep saying it: if you join a church in formal membership, you are forfeiting all of your personal rights; authority is the issue, not right or wrong, and all bets are off. Defending yourself or others with the plain sense of Scripture will be answered with silent blank stares—it’s simply not the point at all.

Here is the point, and the bottom line; individual understanding of the Bible is the only authority and EVERY individual will answer to Christ alone. Christ alone is every person’s judge, and no one else. When Christ said all authority in heaven and earth was given to him, “ALL” means “all.”





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  1. John said, on April 8, 2018 at 2:40 PM

    Oops. When Jeff said, “We should use our favorite scholars and pastors as a springboard for our own bible study…” he jumped from the fat into the fire. Let’s suppose those scholars are the devils MacArthur, Sproul, White, Calvin, Luther, Phil Shoeshine Boy Johnson, etc., then how objective is the reader going to be? He/she is going to look for something to reinforce his favorite scholars and teachers’ ideas. Yes, I said “ideas.”

    And these mentioned devils do indeed claim church authority over doctrine, and we all know why (control, control, control, money, fake authority, being worshiped by others, supposed power, free licence to do anything). Has anyone ever seen a Calvinist or a Reformed lost soul’s idea of “essentials”? Who made up that frog vomit, and why are there even “essentials”? Who decided on those? Why?

    Christ is the only mediator between God and me. If not so, Jesus would have told me that He is just an option.

    So, people want to follow foolish men and diabolical things like the ACBC? It’s their choice, but they should not come crying “we did not know” when they find out they’ve been hitting home runs with Satan himself.

    Jesus is the only mediator. Period. The rest can go to hell.


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