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Fergie, the National Anthem, God’s Church Position, Freedom, Present Duty, and Thankfulness for the Future

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 20, 2018

Dear God

“And, does this secular viewpoint sound all too familiar? Why does this sound a lot like church? Because it’s the selfsame ideology.”

I finally found some time this morning, well, more accurately, made time to finally view the Fergie rendition of the National Anthem that has caused such a kerfuffle. My take on what is offensive about it doesn’t coincide with what I have heard in passing; namely, the execution of it vocally, which was actually pretty impressive. I think the issue here follows: it was a borderline mocking of America. This is somewhat confirmed in the way the cameras panned to celebrities in the audience and NBA players who are routinely critical of America. In all cases, their smirks seemed to verify that this was a nuanced besmirching of Americanism.

During one of our tasks in our very task oriented lives yesterday, Susan and I became involved in a protracted discussion on so-called racism in America. We were deluged with a tsunami of liberal talking points on this subject. Partaking in this arena of ideas, the unraveling of massive misinformation is daunting.

It made me VERY thankful for something: as born again believers of God’s literal family offspring, this is not our kingdom. And, when the time comes, Christ will implement God’s kingdom on earth. GONE totally will be the cultural nonsense we are tortured with daily on Fox news and CNN. Nevertheless, until that day, we have to live here, and it would behoove us to make the very best of it by remaining free. Indeed, freedom is not even free in peacetime; in order to remain free, we must enter and fight in the arena of ideas.

I am not much concerned with the idea that there is racism in America, Because there is, but I am very concerned about the idea that America is a racist nation. As Susan and I successfully disallowed ourselves to be distracted by all of the residual talking points including the idea that racism is a core problem instead of the result of a deeper problem, we were able to zoom in and reduce the issue to its most basic common denominator: was America founded on racism, or is there racism in the land called America?

Why is this THE interpretive question? Because it all boils down to one’s definition of mankind. Is man able or unable? If he is unable, his freedoms must be limited to save mankind from itself. But who determines what these limitations should be? Well, if God doesn’t yet have a shop location on earth, and obviously, He doesn’t, hark, he must appoint special people to rule for Him on earth. This may be clergy, or philosophers, or both, who have the knowledge (gnosis) to bring about a just society among the great unwashed while the purpose of government is to enforce the given philosophy.

Let me now utilize one of the residual distractions from the main point, viz, stuff that Donald Trump says that was brought up. Specifically, he is a bad person because he referred to “s#^!*-hole countries.” Susan and I used this to state the crux of the issue. Before America, historically, the whole world was a SH. A cursory observation of world history bears this out. There were no “good ol’ days” before America.

What made the American idea different? It’s presuppositions regarding mankind; primarily, man is able…to self govern. A universally radical idea that turned all world ideology prior to Americanism completely on its head. The results? Nothing is more obvious than the fact that America has been the greatest force for good in all of human history.

Why is there racism in America? Because America didn’t start with a clean slate. America was founded on old-world ideology.  The American colonies were a Puritan church-state and their orthodoxy was enforced by the Church of England with the Red Coats at their disposal. America was taken over by Americanism; the idea of a government BY the people and FOR the people and for the express purpose of securing the freedom of the individual to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Man is able.

This core value results in a progression of freedom and the subsequent eradication of oppression. Hence, unity around the core value increases the dignity and freedom of the people individually. This is why racism in America isn’t what it was; the progression of the core value.

However, please note, those who believe in the total depravity of mankind will invariably say that America IS racist as opposed to racism being IN America and declining. Telling is their claim that racism is worse than it has ever been in the face of a clear reality that states the opposite. Yes, as we heard yesterday, America has always been racist but when Obama became president, black people were finally given the freedom to speak out about it. And yes, even though this has unfortunately led to reverse discrimination, white people need to get over it and accept what they have coming to them in regard to past oppression of black people by commission and omission. Hence, all white people are guilty and need to accept what they have coming to them.

And proof that America is racist? Well, the founding fathers had slaves. Right, they did, because that’s the only economic model that existed because of old-world ideology, but did that change? of course it did except in the South. The South, during the Civil War era, was for all practical purposes a Presbyterian church-state. Again, what we are talking about is vestiges of what originally came from over the pond. What happened? Americanism eventually faced off with the old-world ideology in one of the ugliest, darkest, and bloodiest confrontations in all of human history. Additionally stunning in the midst of these accusations against Americanism is the idea that we presently benefit from the slavery based economy that existed during the infancy of America. In reality, slavery created an extremely weak economy and low production because the workers had no vested interest or incentive to increase productivity for their own good and self fulfillment.

And we must remember this: racism is one of many results of the basic presupposition; man is totally depraved. But what we miss is the degrees of total depravity defined by discrimination which comes in all forms: social class, education, lineage, physical appearance, physical handicaps, nationality, etc., etc., ect. “Surely, we are all sinners saved by grace, but because of my pedigree, I am ordained to rule over you for your own good and especially mine because I am a special kind of total depravity.” If this concept is confusing, you only need to look at the present-day caste systems that saturate human existence and always have.

One question that Susan and I posed in the discussion yesterday follows: “So, what is the game plan for eradicating discrimination in this country? What about discrimination against poor people, different religions, different political parties, single people, married people, fat people, ugly people, Jews, men in careers dominated by women, women in careers dominated by men, other nationalities, sexual preference…to name but a few?” The answer? “We must start according to priority, and the bulk of racism is against black people.” Oh my! Really? What racism rivals the execution of  6 million Jews in camps built for that very purpose? Again, the unraveling of misthinking and misinformation is immeasurably daunting.

If your view of humanity is that of total depravity, you must believe that any perceived improvement is an illusion. And since America is racist, the only cure for this racism is the very eradication of America itself. No, the American idea did not improve anything because it propagates rulership by the great unwashed en mass. This cannot turn out good, and any appearance of improvement is somehow tainted with evil; hence, as we heard yesterday, “Ya, things got better for _______, but at the expense of_________.”

Yes indeed, according to this worldview, no deed is absent from ill motives. This person, not speaking from any religious viewpoint whatsoever, rejected my assertion that there isn’t a “racist bone in my body” because it is “impossible for anyone to not have some level of racism within them.” Hence, if we are all honest, we must admit that we are all racist to some degree and deserve what our kind dished out to others.

Get it? We need to be honest totally depraved people.

And, does this secular viewpoint sound all too familiar? Why does this sound a lot like church? Because it’s the selfsame ideology. What happened when Americanism destroyed the church-state? Communism was created to fill the void. It’s no accident whatsoever that Communism pops up in the 18th century. It is by no means an accident that the Democratic Party was a church-state with the KKK as its military arm and then later became a socialist party. And it is no accident that the present day American church longs for a return to its church-state days; practically pining away on the point with great weeping in sackcloth and ashes.

What is the closest they can get to their long lost days of executing anyone who dared cross them? Well, taking away salvation through excommunication, and claiming that God sends hurricanes,  tornados, earthquakes, disease, famine, plagues, and more recently mass shooters to judge all of those who dare be indifferent to the church. Sure, they claim God is the one being dissed, but what is supposedly God’s authority on earth? When we see memes like the one displayed at the top of this post, what is being said? A little history will help. The public school system was founded by the Puritans. At one time, the church ruled public schools, and trust me, there isn’t one Baptist or Presbyterian on the face of the earth who doesn’t think it would be wonderful if this was the case once again.

However, though separation of church and state kicked the church out of public schools, the same ideology in the form of socialism replaced it. Churchians who think socialism and Protestantism are incongruent are simply misinformed; they share the exact same presuppositions regarding man’s nature. And, both are morally indignant towards anyone who questions their ideology thinking them worthy of death. While Protestants claim that God will curse you for daring to diss church, liberals will use art to suggest that someone should do humanity a favor and assassinate Donald Trump.  It’s all the same lump of dough intellectually and behaviorally.

Ironically, the well traveled idea that God was kicked out of public schools by the socialist version of religious tyranny speaks to the necessary denial of the new birth by the church. A literal new birth would greatly enable an individual in contrast to the idea of total inability. If the believer is the temple of God individually indwelled by the Holy Spirit, it’s the church that took God out of the public schools, not God Himself. Furthermore, regarding the intellectual embarrassment that church is often a part of, mass shootings also take place in churches. Nevertheless, memes like the one above will light up the churchian LIKE buttons on Facebook and other social media venues.

In God’s eyes, man is able, but no doubt alienated from Him. However, this does not discount the fact that man was born able, and free. Man is individually accountable to God, and what is right is self evident. Because man is able, He has no excuse before God because God created him with ability.

As true Christians, though we look for a city built by God, we have an obligation to support the freedom of mankind based on God-given ability. It does not behoove us to be indifferent to present day politics that determine present social wellbeing. The inability of man ideology invariably leads to cultural atrocities that compel the true Christian to act. Though our kingdom will display mercy, justice, and happiness in perfection, our love for these compel us to fight for them in this present kingdom. Mercy, love, and justice have virtue wherever and whenever they occur.

Therefore, it is our duty to study to show ourselves approved in articulating the truth in all worldly matters. It’s hard work, but it is our duty.



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  1. John said, on February 20, 2018 at 6:02 PM

    The T-shirt needs that irritating “I am with stupid———–>” shirt as an accompaniment.
    Let’s fall to our knees and repent if we please before someone says America must repent. Oops, too late. So, let’s rock instead since this is a hot topic:

    Interesting lyrics; is the guy singing about the devil Macarthur? The coming Calvinist egg-on-your-face dance? I don’t know.


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