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Come Now, Are You Really “Under Authority” Because Self Rule Leads to Crazy Things?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 14, 2018

hf-potters-house-2We at TANC Ministries have a lot of work ahead of us in unraveling commonly accepted traditions about self rule, particularly in regard to laity led home fellowships that replace church. The common intuition-like belief follows: a group of believers meeting together without some religious authority overseeing them will invariably lead to some kind of chaos. Some idea that humankind was created for self rule is deemed ludicrous according to commonly held beliefs that are, by the way, very ancient.

The real chaos and suffering had to be endured for thousands of years before the pain caused men to rethink all of human history. What was the result? A government BY the people and FOR the people. In short, a self governing model called America. What have been the consequences? For the first time in history, a government that has been a consistent force for good in the world.

True home fellowship, not church in a home, functions by the following principles: A fellowship is comprised of people who agree on basic principles that unify; It is a body with members defined by gifts that cooperate and colabor with each other to accomplish a common cause; A legal contract doesn’t determine membership, but rather one functioning as a body member. Your arm is a member of your body because it functions as an arm; Those gifted as teachers have no authority, but are able to persuade with that gift; Other than the basic unifying principles, every member is given the freedom to be persuaded in their own minds.

The real misnomer, particularly in America, is the idea that church members are really “under authority.” Curiously, authority is defined by obeying what we already agree with. That’s not being under authority. Moreover, when we reject what any given church teaches, we go to another “authority” of our choosing; ie., somebody we agree with. Is this really being under authority? Hardly.

However, worse yet, and more and more, the church is becoming a place where parishioners are truly under authority. What is that? By definition, a cult. Here is the true definition of a cult: the combining of faith and authority. That’s when things really get crazy because one’s authority becomes the measure of truth. Hence, when Jim Jones told 900 people to drink the poison, they drank the poison. Many didn’t want to, so why did they? Because obviously, he had authority over them. That, my friends, is authority, not the choice to follow someone on points of agreement only.

So, below is just another snippet from the church crazy train. If you are really under authority, you accept this pastor’s explanation and remain faithful to the legal membership contract. However, if  you do, you are also a consummate cultist.

If you leave by your own choice, or say you would in that case, please stop lecturing the unchurched about being “under authority.” You are not functioning any different than the unchurched in a home fellowship; you are just paying a lot of money for the privilege.


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