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A Passing Thought About Authority

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 7, 2018

Be sure of this: what is going on in the world of religion today is no whit different from what was going on when Jesus was here. And what was going on when Jesus was here is no whit different than what had been going on in the religious world since the day Adam and Eve were banned from the garden.

And, ALL, I repeat, ALL, world religions flow from what was originally introduced to Eve in the Garden. It worked on Eve, why would the kingdom of darkness reinvent the religious wheel? ALL world religions are predicated on the gospel of authority. What you personally believe and embrace doesn’t save you, submission to a religious elite saves you.  The question of authority saturated Jesus’ ministry and that of the apostles as well; “By what authority do you teach these things?” “By what authority do you do these things?”

When we read that Jesus astonished the people because he taught as one having authority, not like, or as the Pharisees, Scribes, and others, it probably means they were shocked that he would have the audacity to teach without their peer approval.

Here we can stop the stick at this particular church error, although there is error everywhere you point the stick. While preaching the authority of God, sovereignty of God, and power of God, His kingdom is supposedly presently on earth, and He has put the church in charge of mopping-up operations. The notion is patently absurd. Here is another thing you can be sure of: if God’s kingdom was presently on earth, we would well know it.

This is not an age of authority; that is coming in the millennial kingdom when Christ will rule the world with an iron rod from David’s throne in Jerusalem. We have been given authority (every professing Christian) to be ambassadors in a foreign country. We are “aliens” in another kingdom not our own. Our home and kingdom is yet in heaven.

Presently, God himself is not even implementing authority much less delegating it to others by proxy. We are priests offering our own members as living sacrifices from a willing heart, not under compulsion.

We reject the gospel of authority which calls for the violation of our personal consciences in order to obey men rather than God. When the Bible states that there is “one” mediator between God and man, “one” means just that, ONE.


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  1. John said, on January 7, 2018 at 11:28 AM

    And just this morning “God is in control no matter what state the world is in” came from local radio. Ooh, wee, baby; we understand God’s Sovereignty, but for this Calvinist hack to have claimed the sentence above made me roll my eyes as quickly as a pair of spinning tops. Does he know what he is saying? Does he ever sit down on his Hummer’s seat and think of the guano he feeds those dumb, mindless sheep who are following him as though he is God incarnate.

    In control? Of whom? Of what? Where? When? Right now? Oh, the millions of starving in the “town” of Africa? Of the daily suicide bombings worldwide? Of its victims of its survivors or of those who missed it all together? Pick one? Of the ferry disasters? Of my neighbor’s kid’s leukemia?; The boy does not have a week left. In control? Wow, whatta ‘gawt’ that is, hey?

    You see, this same evil Calvinist deceiver/liar then brought up….wait….wait…wait…the ten commandments and that is why the world is in such good shape. “Coz we are not repenting.” We. Who the heck are “we”? As is typical, the devil did not say.

    But this evil Calvinist’s ‘gawt’ is in control?

    Of what? Is there a game on tonight somewhere?


  2. John said, on January 7, 2018 at 11:30 AM

    By the way, a good piece, Paul. How dare there be people who actually teach the truth?

    Good on you.


  3. truthseeker00 said, on January 9, 2018 at 1:13 PM

    I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. And how much I wish well-meaning believers around the world understood it. So many deceived and manipulated people, believing that ‘doing church’ is the same as loving God.


    • John said, on January 9, 2018 at 4:41 PM

      Truthseeker, it’s those few “well-meaning” believers honestly trapped in this thing that we must pray for; it’s them who must leave this whore called “doing church” (I have loved ones in there too). The rest don’t want to know a thing; they are there because their (note: their) sovereign God has said they should be…and this wickedness is confirmed by false, deceiving devils of whom this rest believe every word, CD, DVD, book, and conference that these workers of darkness spin.

      I enjoy your input.


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