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Email: What’s Wrong with John MacArthur and John Piper?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 2, 2017


It’s pretty simple; Catholicism and Protestantism, and the vast majority of other religions expressed in institutional church buildings hold to Progressive Justification. This is a soteriology that makes salvation a “process” and not a finished work. And, that process can only be completed through church membership. Most Protestants would deny this because they don’t know what Protestantism is. Few Protestants have read the documents of its orthodoxy for themselves, but rather rely on the doublespeak and nuance heard weekly at church and on “Christian radio.”

The motivation of edification alone would hardly support the massive infrastructure of the institutional church, but be assured, the motivation of ongoing salvation will keep the money rolling in.

This ministry has documented this charge extensively with book publications and hundreds of articles. John Piper has said several times that “Christians still need to be saved.” MacArthur and those who teach under him continually refer to salvation as a “process” and “atonement” (ie., a covering for condemning sin, not an ending of sin). Furthermore, the Calvinism aspect of Protestantism, though Calvinists deny it because many professing Calvinists don’t really know what Calvinism is, completely rejects assurance of salvation and promotes fear of eternal damnation as the primary motivator for sanctification. But basically, all Protestantism, at least its official orthodoxy, makes sanctification the progression of justification, or “justification in motion.”

What do we believe? We believe in a literal new birth into God’s family, and once you are born unto eternal life you cannot be unborn. We also believe that the literal new birth through the baptism of the Spirit changes our relationship to the law. We believe the two relationships are “the law of sin and death” versus “the law of the Spirit of life.” When we die with Christ, we die to the law of sin and death (under law) and are resurrected to the law of life (under grace). The law is no longer our condemner, but our rule for loving God and others. Per MacArthur et al, it is impossible for ANY individual to fulfil the “righteous demands of the law” (viz, perfect law-keeping) because they don’t understand how the new birth changes our relationship to the law. In other words, Protestantism holds to a single perspective on the law; “under grace” means that we are still under law but Jesus fulfilled/fulfills the law in our stead if we partake in the “means of grace.” According to what we believe, you are under one or the other law alone; you cannot be saved by being under both, and grace is not a progressive cure for remaining under law.

If one is under grace, love indeed fulfills the law; we are not still “sinners (a biblical designation for those still under law) saved (perpetually) by grace.” Technically, true Christians do not sin under the law of sin and death, but fail to love under grace. Moreover, the answer is a return to home fellowships which express the gospel of literal new birth into the literal family of God and the emphasis on individual gifts. Fellowship, not membership, and a cooperation of individual members of Christ’s body with Him being the only head, not the authority of mere men. A priesthood of believers offering living sacrifices from the temples of our body where the Spirit dwells, not an institutional building with top-down authority.


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  1. John said, on December 2, 2017 at 8:03 AM

    Apart from your excellent answer, the problem with those two devils (Piper and MacArthur) is that they have nothing to do with the God of the Bible. One can easily and without the slightest of guilt slot them and their heretical, anti-biblical drivel in with the following:




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