Paul's Passing Thoughts

“I’m Sorry, Do I Know You?”

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on November 15, 2017

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  1. John said, on November 15, 2017 at 2:15 PM

    Susan (the sharp commenter) should never have written “Ratman” Piper. I simply can’t move past the first pic without a gnawing sensation, and I can’t help but think of a sewer (Calvinism) and infested rats (those deceivers in the collage) climbing and crawling over one another to eat away at a decaying corpse (their “church” members).

    Oh, and the rest of them give me instant mental Ebola. Ugh, MacArthur and his shoeshine slave Johnson, etc.

    Thanks so much, Susan.

    “Moonshine, here I come; still the pain in me
    Numb my tomorrows; erase my memory.”


  2. Ken B said, on November 17, 2017 at 7:39 PM

    I would be wary of saying such luminaries are not saved. I would certainly object to the way some calvinists tend to think Arminians may not be saved, or are heretics, but in fairness the opposite should apply. In the end, God alone knows those who are his.

    I have noticed, however, that some of the names in the picture above, like nominal church members too, show a strong tendency to play down the work of the Holy Spirit. They have a doctrine of the Holy Spirit, but are frightened of any claim to the Spirit actually doing something in a believer’s life. The gifts are the most obvious example, but it goes further than this. The word experience is missing from their vocabulary. Personal blessings are dismissed as mysticism, or if a theologically not very well educated car mechanic is filled with the Spirit in some way, or shows forth a gift that edifies, they tend to mock because he doesn’t have an MDiv. ‘Dagifts’ as Dan Phillips would so often say. It has taken me a fair while to get free of the effects of this kind of mockery. It is the opposite of edification.


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