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Continued: What is the Gospel? Church Authority Fails to Clarify the Way of Salvation

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 13, 2017

Hundreds of years of church scholarship has failed to define the new birth.

Continued from Sunday 11/12/2017: Archive Link

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 RC Sproul Double Imputation


Apart From the Law

But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify (Romans 3:21).

Roman 3:19 – Now we know that whatever the Law says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that every mouth may be closed and all the world may become accountable to God; 20 because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law comes the knowledge of sin.

because the law brings wrath. And where there is no law there is no transgression Romans (4:15).

To be sure, sin was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not charged against anyone’s account where there is no law (Romans 5:13).

Romans 7:6 – But now we have been released from the Law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter.
7 What shall we say then? Is the Law sin? May it never be! On the contrary, I would not have come to know sin except through the Law; for I would not have known about coveting if the Law had not said, “YOU SHALL NOT COVET.” 8 But sin, taking opportunity through the commandment, produced in me coveting of every kind; for apart from the Law sin is dead.

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes (Romans 10:4).

We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious, for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers, (1Timothy 1:9).

For through the law I died to the law so that I might live for God (Galatians 2:19) [see Romans 8:2].

having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross (Colossians 2:14) [see also John 1:9].

It’s Not About Election ebook

It’s Not About Election ebook


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Galatians 2:20 and the Gospel According to Phil Johnson, Parts 1 & 2

3 Responses

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  1. John said, on November 14, 2017 at 7:34 AM

    What was that that I’ve just watched? How confused is your opponent, Paul? His doublespeak and confusion are embarrassing. What’s worse is his typical Calvinist superiority complex, which stands out as a snobbish coffee shop in Toronto (what did I say about the “dr” James White mannerism?). I wanted to cringe, listening and seeing Randy Seiver and his new covenant “theology” blabbering absolute drivel. Good on you and Susan (who picks up on the most minute things; that’s great, Susan!) for shooting this dude and his evil, manmade belief system down.

    I’m looking forward to the next installment. The only difference between Catholicism and Protestantism is that Protestants are better at hiding their evil deeds. For now.


  2. Tony Eckley said, on November 14, 2017 at 6:09 PM

    Hi Paul.
    Hope you’re doing well.



    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on November 14, 2017 at 8:30 PM

      I am doing very well Tony…I hope the same is true for you as well.


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