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New Dilemmas for Institutional Religion

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on November 7, 2017

After the recent shooting massacre in Texas (First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs), there is little doubt that churches will have to add another accessory in order to recommend themselves; armed security, otherwise known as a “security team.” They will have to add that to the “worship team,” the “leadership team,” and many other teams that make up a church’s repertoire of selling points.

But there are other things to think about that will escape most parishioners. Though I would never step foot in a Protestant temple for any reason, I can give some helpful advice to those who for some reason find comfort in the fusion of faith and authority. Indeed, armed security is important, a must, but more than likely, most churches will have armed security for the sake of being able to say they have it.

In other words, it will be parishioners who have obtained conceal carry permits, but rarely visit the range for target or tactical practice. In addition, these are unlikely participants in advanced firearm training. If there is an unfortunate event, this reality simply increases your chances of being shot by multiple sources instead of one.

But even if a church has qualified security, and the “teams” you like to see, there is yet another consideration; do they have formal counseling? If you attend a church that does formal counseling, more than likely, they will be supplying counsel for volatile domestic situations which places the congregation at very high risk. As a former elder in a Reformed Baptist church, I can tell you we frequently counseled in situations that put the congregation at risk. And of course, they were unaware of this.

Is this just another post suggesting more reasons why church is not only spiritually impractical and counterproductive, but dangerous?



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  1. Martin said, on November 9, 2017 at 4:02 PM

    “Is this just another post suggesting more reasons why church is not only spiritually impractical and counterproductive, but dangerous?”

    Good post!


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