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Seek and You Will Find: Something Wasn’t Right About Church from the Very Beginning; Part Two, The Big Lie

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on October 28, 2017

ppt-jpeg4The truly born-again Christian will have intuitive assumptions that will almost immediately run afoul with the institutional church. Here, in part two, we will begin to discuss these contradictions.

Fundamentally, the new birth changes the believer’s relationship to the law in two major ways; from condemnation to no condemnation, and from former contempt to a love for the truth. Orthodox Christianity rejects the Spirit’s two uses of the law, and keeps “Christians” under one perspective: perfect law-keeping as the standard for justification.

Hence, orthodoxy is a covering for sin, and not an ending of sin. In fact, leading evangelicals constantly refer to salvation as “the atonement” which is fundamentally errant concerning the true gospel.

It’s all one, big, fat, lie, period.

New converts who naively think that the church wants them to read the Bible with their own minds will immediately see glaring contradictions that will pileup week after week. This is because how church is done flows from its original orthodoxy which will clash with the plain sense of Scripture. New converts full of joy, zeal, and confidence will quickly become confused, doubtful, paralyzed, and enslaved to the supposed authority of the institutional church.

Orthodoxy 101 will be strongly emphasized weekly in order to get people to accept these contradictions and abandon all sense of personal conscience and reason. This starts with the complete deconstruction of individualism.

The Big Lie

In reality, condemnation is the water that we swim in. Church will paint a different picture, week, after week, after week. Church will emphasize our supposed tendency to blame shift and deny our sins. Though this seems to be the case, it is really a pushback against condemnation overload.

Let’s look at some examples pertaining to the real reality; we have a strong tendency towards condemning ourselves. Generally speaking, the cause is due to the fact that mankind is under the condemnation of the law, but that doesn’t mean people are always guilty. Yet, the world is dominated with a fear of individualism, and condemnation is the primary tool in tempering individualistic notions. Since we already have a strong tendency to condemn ourselves, the world uses it to control us. The world is full of sin, and the primary essence of sin is to control others through condemnation and fear (Genesis 4:6,7).

We hardly need to look further than sexual assault victims. The constant testimony we hear repeatedly follows: they blame themselves, and have to tell themselves over and over again, “It’s not my fault.” Note, the ultimate assault on a person’s individualism results in self-guilt.

Another example is from my career as a nurse aide. Large nursing facilities will have a large number of aides which also instills fear in the administration. The managers fear they will lose control of the facility if too many aides know they are good aides. If they lack confidence in their ability to be an aide, they will also lack confidence in changing their present circumstance. It goes something like this: “We know this place is a joke, but where else is a substandard aide like you going to get a job? Please note that we are willing to keep you around because we feel sorry for you, and of course, it goes without saying that we are kind and compassionate.”

Trust me, when you are put on a heavy hall by yourself, unreasonable expectations are never the issue, your supposed inability is the issue. If you are a truly confident aide, and intouch with what reasonable standards are, that will not set well with most administrators because why? Right, they can’t control you.

Church is little different, if not worse. The primary thrust of orthodoxy is to condemn and control people through fear and lack of self-confidence. This program is always running in the background or in the forefront of the church milieu.

This is why church orthodoxy redefines the true meaning of biblical new birth which empowers the individual. In a body, all the members rejoice when the other body parts are excelling because wellbeing is interdependent; not so with top-down hierarchies where members compete for the higher levels of control lust experience.

Don’t get me wrong, institutions have their necessary place in reality, but the body blueprint is woefully underrated as an organizing principle and is uberunique.

There is much talk about the conflation of family and institution as a good thing, but this is unrealistic at best. Families function as a body whereas authority lust will always be an issue in institutions. Most dysfunctional families are such because of this very conflation that replaces love with authority. Instead of mutual edification and oneness being the goal, control is the goal.

Please note what a wife in a troubled marriage shared with me recently. Apparently, the husband said to her, “You would never make it without me.” Get the picture? Why do people demean you? They want to control you. People with low self-esteem are easy to control.

This is why people stay in church regardless of the foolishness that goes on. This is why truly born-again people grin and bear the contradictions, “Surely, I must be the problem. Look, I am the only one making a fuss about this.” Likewise, it is why a lot of good aides, and nurses, stay at awful facilities and look the other way in regard to substandard care.

The church’s doctrine of man plays on human tendency to self-condemn while claiming that mankind has the exact opposite inclinations. This is by far the most important and dominate doctrine of the church…total depravity/total inability. In part three, we will examine the second most important doctrine that keeps people trusting in the institutional model rather than the family model.


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  1. Martin said, on October 28, 2017 at 11:05 AM

    Paul, I’m taking the liberty of reposting these thoughts of yours to one of my new FB friends. I think he’ll greatly benefit. Thank you.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 29, 2017 at 8:47 AM

      No, thank you Martin!


  2. John said, on October 28, 2017 at 12:40 PM

    Almost verbatim of what I was told when I left the “church” that overnight had exploded into a Calvinist joke: “You will not make it without us. You will hit a wall.”

    Still waiting . . .


  3. Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on October 29, 2017 at 8:49 AM

    …and a friend of ours was told that I would lead her off a cliff…we are still waiting for that as well.


  4. Anonymous said, on December 31, 2017 at 8:25 AM

    Wow Paul, I must have missed this one when originally posted last Fall. My experience and ongoing commitment to the Protestant Reformed Institutional Church and it’s MANY, SERIOUS and EVIL DECEPTIONS, left me realizing the state of my very existence in marriage to an all-knowing, higher than Thou, determinist, dogmatic, angry, mocking, mystic despot, elitist, narcissistic tyrant in the first degree, atruistic, sociopathic lying, filibustering forever Calvinist wanna-be Pastor/Elder. I too was given a similar response from my now X-husband who when I finally revealed plans to divorce said to me, “I’ll make it, but you won’t”. Oh really? (I love humor and chuckles) Speaks volumes.


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