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Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on September 23, 2017


Right, that’s the Protestant gospel, and that’s why it’s false. If we must repeat the same way we “became” a Christian in our ongoing lives, that is obviously progressive justification per John Calvin’s chapter stating such in his Institutes of the Christian Religion (3.14).

In other words, Calvin clearly advocated a progressive salvation in that chapter which shouldn’t surprise us because that’s what Protestantism is. And, the favorite cover for this is the subtle exchange of “salvation” for “grace,” and in this case, “we became a Christian” as well. You can restate the meme this way: “We live by faith ALONE to keep ourselves saved.” It’s clearly perpetual salvation through living by faith alone.

By the way, anything we do with intentionality, no matter how passive, or whether active or passive to keep ourselves saved is a form of works salvation. Keeping ourselves saved by doing nothing with intentionality is still a works salvation. If salvation is not presently complete as apposed to Protestantism’s “final justification,” we must DO something to keep ourselves saved. An unfinished salvation is mutually inclusive with works salvation in every case; this is unavoidable.

And this is is nothing new; James wrote a treatise against faith alone in the Christian life, “faith without works is dead, being alone.” Rather, we live by “faith working through love” (Gal 5:6).


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  1. John said, on September 23, 2017 at 7:15 AM

    It’s hilarious; their name it is: “Wisdom Hunters.” It’s a contradiction; a laughable oxymoron of note. Their lying inspirational junk states: “We live the Christian life in the same way we BECAME a Christian, by grace through faith.” Ambiguity much? Confusion, anyone? Rubbish, anyone? Using Christianese much? Hallelujah, pass the offering plate, and let it rain like at a strip show! (Well, it’s rubbish from the same dump, after all.)

    1) So, according to these deceivers, how is one saved? Aw, bless their deceiving hearts, they even tell us! Look at bullet point number four carefully (and at number three too, carefully). Call me a Jew who loves bacon, but THAT rubbish they present is not the gospel unto salvation. That is Calvinism/Reformed guano flakes/Protestantism. In other words: a false gospel, and as a born-again person, we know where falsehoods come from; we know who the father of lies is. No, it’s not Bill Clinton.

    2) And now, please take a look at the books these heretics and liars recommend (as you know, Calvinists have mountains of books because it gives the impression that they know something that you and I can’t know; that they are more intelligent than those who are not of the elect (you and I); that they have so much money because God is blessing them because they have accepted Calvin and his “destitutes” into their little hearts . . . wait, that’s wrong: Calvin accepted them by force. Sorry, my huge bad. Listen, some of the titles in this section are downright funny but the deadly, creepy, heretical. death-bringing, condemnatory ones are there. Go, have a look:

    3) And just for fun, have a look at their heretical team. See how many discrepancies and heresies you’re able to pick up simply by reading through their bios. Note, especially, a certain “Tripp” Prince. Tripping indeed, and right into mysticism, and this deceiver is a Protestant (Calvinist)? Whoo-hoo! We called this years ago. Augustine was one of the biggest mystical heretics ever, so I guess it naturally follows…

    4) Here’s their main site. Please go and learn about the enemy of God and warn others. But don’t waste your time on this junk site. Learn and leave, and then love as God wants us to, and tell those you love and meet about Jesus Christ, about the hope, the freedom, the absence of condemnation, the assurance of eternal life that He guarantees.

    In one of their latest devotional lies, this heretical junk site spins this drivel: “If we embody Jesus to those we mentor, we preach the Gospel in a powerful, compelling way that is more impactful than words alone.” Whoever has written that nonsense has a serious case of Ratman Piperism . . . that nonsense is senseless, illogical, ambigious, confusing, a lie, and it means less than an empty plate in an orphanage.


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