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Individualist Republicans Continue to be in Denial Concerning Collectivist Democrats

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 15, 2017

ppt-jpeg4They mean well—prefaced by Speaker Paul Ryan’s speech on the House floor yesterday concerning the assassination attempt of several Republican Representatives who had gathered for a baseball team practice, many Republican politicians are seeing a silver lining in the attack; they hope it will lead to unity between the two parties. After all, the assassin smashed all of the narratives spewed forth concerning an “alt-right” movement representing a clear and present danger to our fragile open society.

This hope defines a grievously misinformed political populous including the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. While it can be said that the issue of sin entering the world is a fundamental pillar of metaphysical understanding, the matching bookend is the freedom of man. Simply stated, this is the idea that man possesses the ability to self-govern, and to the degree that this takes place the best state of societal wellbeing is experienced. This is Individualism.

In contrast, we have the idea that man is unable to self-govern and to the extent that he is allowed to do so, societal chaos will ensue leading to a present-day-existence depicted by the movie Water World. Because, you know, man wasn’t ruled over and melted the polar icecaps. Hence, man must be ruled over by those who possess the knowledge of total inability. This is Collectivism. Without statism, mankind will eventually perish under the weight of its own total depravity.

Instead of the state being an institution that protects man’s freedom (its role under Individualism), the state dictates life to save man from himself. And supposedly, man has a natural inclination to think he is able; this delusion supposedly defines total depravity. As Socrates stated it, a truly wise man knows that he doesn’t know while the totally depraved think they can know stuff. The experts, when it gets right down to it, are experts regarding social engineering that gives us the best life now based on our inability to know. This is knowledge of man’s total inability and total depravity.

A good example, possibly the best, of how people are confused about this is the whole idea that the church is mostly made up of Republicans or the so-called “religious right.” No, this is totally untrue; the uniting principle between the church and Democrats is the total inability of mankind. Historically, the church and Collectivist politicians are the sole proprietors of every torture devise or machine known to man. There is only one thing you can do, in the religious world or the political world when an individual is hellbent on believing they can know stuff and do stuff which is the greatest single threat to the existence of mankind; eliminate them with a slow tortured death for daring to blaspheme expertism.

Nevertheless, it is amazing to ponder the fact that the average Joe in America gets all of this. How do we know? Regardless of Donald Trump’s outrageous and un-presidential behavior, he was elected in an electoral landslide. Why? Because Trump, regardless of what you think of him as an individual, is an Individualist. However, you may also note the Trump deranged syndrome suffered by Democrats at large, and Hollywood entertainers in particular.

And what does their artistic statements call for? Answer: the elimination/assassination of the Donald. This is ALWAYS the Collectivist endgame for the sake of saving humanity from itself. The assassination of a group of Republicans is merely the next best thing apart from killing the Donald. What happened represents the intended results…period. While the Democrats are playing along with the misguided musings of the Individualists, aside from a few notables, you may notice that the Collectivist community at large are relatively mum on the event.

Let me ask you a question; what is the difference between the Collectivist call for individual jihad and what has been going on in the media including the arts? Nothing, and the results are intended, and will continue to be expected.

Democrats are not representing the people and taking it upon themselves to be obstructionists. Of course they are, because they know better than the people they represent. Like the guardians of adolescents, mommy knows best.

And per the usual, some sort of assassination, personal or physical, is the endgame; Collectivists do NOT negotiate with Individualists…that will never happen except for the exploitation of naivety under the guise of compromise. And because those who think they know stuff and can do stuff are stupid, Collectivists will continue to accuse the Individualists of what they are guilty of; namely, extremism for the sake of humanity’s survival and the “collective good.”


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  1. lydia00 said, on June 15, 2017 at 10:27 PM

    Great points. The collectivist mindset has quadrupled in the last 30 years. The corruption is so vast that we cannot even trust our justice system at. All.

    I had not thought of the individualism angle. I had been thinking in terns of outside the establishment bubble angle. But collectivists despise self governing. They call it selfish. Christians even call it evil and accuse you of being a Randian. (As if our Founders were not going for the idea of individual self governing….that is how foreign the concept has become)

    Nothing would be worse for the establishment and their left followers if more people sought to be independent and self governing. Who would they use to look pious because they “care” and “talk” about it publicly so everyone will know they are a good person because they care. They all need victims. Not strong indecent people. And that is the biggest shame on them all. They crave oppression and dependency.


  2. Greg T. said, on June 17, 2017 at 12:13 AM

    Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to tell you just got updated, you’ll find it interesting.


    • Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on June 17, 2017 at 7:57 AM

      Thanks for the update!


  3. johnimmel said, on June 17, 2017 at 2:47 PM

    Well, Paul i think you are exactly right,. The thing that makes Donald Trump the odd man in this Washington cesspool is that he is an implicit individualist.

    My one disagreement here is with this line: “Regardless of Donald Trump’s outrageous and un-presidential behavior . . .” The more i ponder the life and times of Donald Trump the more i think he isn’t that outrageous and the term “un-presidential” is little more than one more way the media tries to condition our understanding of this mans actions.

    Frankly in the grand scheme of “outrageous” behavior Donald Trump is a neophyte. Beyond the Entertainment Tonight video his life has been largely moral scandal free. And while i understand why American puritanical sexual sensibilities are tipped when listening to a man declare his overt sexual desires, but the fact is most men have made similar comments, or had similar fantasies . . . which curiously enough most men don’t act on, just like Donald didn’t act on them. By contrast the sexual predator formerly known as Bill Clinton did, repeatedly take women against their will, and then invoked the power of the presidency to malign the victims. Crooked Hilary was complicit in that “outrageous behavior” and her list of “outrageous behaviors” would take to long to list. And I could go on at length about the “outrageous behaviors” of other Political leftists: Anthony Wiener, Huma Abodien, Ted Kennedy, Leon Podesta, Nancey Pellosi etc etc etc. So the problem is this: there is no real moral equivalency between truly outrageous behavior and the half theatrics of Donald Trump.

    And half theatrics leads me to my second point: The whole propaganda media misdirection called “acting Presidential.”

    This term is a total fiction.

    What EXACTLY is “acting presidential?” at best it is a vague appeal to statesmanship but what then is statesmanship? Yet another vague term that maybe describes a temperament that is a cross between the Maharishi Mehesh Yogi, and a magnanimous academic scolding unruly children. But the caricature doesn’t exist in real life because people have many dimensions. Likely the greatest statesmen of the 19th century was Winston Churchill but he was a drunk with a bellicose personality. His personality was so repulsive that he was rejected by his country prior to WWII but thank God he was a bastard, because without that very personality Great Britain would likely be saying Heil Hitler to this day.

    Abraham Lincoln was an impressive writer and a damned good speech maker. As a result he is posthumously given credit for “acting Presidential.” But any casual look into his life makes it clear he was a profoundly depressed– likely bi polar–with an equally profound amount of morally grey political scheming to facilitate his eventual ascendancy to the presidency.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone who feels the need to qualify Donald Trumps existence with homage to some social acquiescent moral condemnation (as if he is the lesser of all evils) you need to get your mind right.

    We are likely witnessing the political crime of the millennia as the Washington swamp monsters are brazen in conducting a coup d’ etat, seeking to de-legitimatize the lawful election of a man to POTUS. We are watching the systematic overthrow of the US Constitution at EVERY level of our government and the ONLY one fighting with any effect is Donald Trump. With each passing day we are watching the truth of Donald John Trumps character-he is proved to tell the truth over and over and over and over. His profound moral character is what is prevailing against despicable displays of liberal evil and republican cowardice.

    Donald Trumps actions ARE presidential because HE is the one executing the power of the executive branch to defeat the coup. If he succeeds he will likely go down in history on same level as Winston Churchill. If he fails . . . well, very few of us will ever get to read what the history books say about him, because Kathy Griffen and the rest of the political left will have long since taken us to the guillotine.


  4. lydia00 said, on June 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM

    John, I was thinking about this the other day. Career politician Lawyers. That is what people are used to in elected officials. Deceptive, parsing, plausible deniability stances using lawfare to get what they want. When we go outside that bubble they freak out.

    Thanks for pointing out that what Trump said, Clinton actually did over and over. I have been cheered to see that his rape victim, Juanita Broderick, at age 73, has not gone away. She is still trying to get the word out about Hillary intimidating her after the rape. This goes back to the 80’s.

    As to trying to overturn the vote, that should be the most chilling aspect of all. It’s happening in England with Brexit, too. The oligarchs establishment is entrenched. Trump and Brexit were a step to saying enough.


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