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A Parable About Mysterious Heroes Looking for a Shower in a Dark Age and Without a Bad Song, and the Fearful Who Serve Them

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on June 5, 2017

ppt-jpeg4Bobby Aide was assigned to a different hall that morning and out of his element. But to his surprise as he passed a room, the name on the door was a resident he had served previously on his assigned hall. Bobby walked in the room and cheerfully greeted John Resident. “Hey! How are you doing sunshine?” Per the usual, John replied with those talking eyes that carry most of the water for his weak body of skin and bones. “No, I am not on this hall now,” Bobby replied, “just filling in.” Asking a resident how they are doing would ordinarily be a rude oxymoron, but aides can ask that because of what they observe though a mystery concerning heroism.

About then, a nurse walked in close to John’s side. John looked at her and whispered, “shower.” You see, the nurse is the aide’s superior officer, and John understands rank; he was a high-ranking officer in the Air Force piloting monster jets like the B-52. “I know, you are still trying to get that shower aren’t you?” replied the nurse with a compassionate grimace on her face. “Well, what do you say Bobby? Can you pull this off?”

Fact is, most aides in most facilities do not have the time to give a resident like John a real shower as opposed to a bed bath. But Bobby’s fear was heightened at the altar of petitions before God, and in accord with the guy to guy relationship they had on the other hall, Bobby answered, “Due to the way you smell, I better make time.” However, the politically incorrect jesting they mutually enjoy covered the truth.

During the shower Bobby, in his busyness, noticed that John was also in need of a shave. “Do you want a shave John?” ‘Do you have time?’ As Bobby picked up the razor and shaving cream and began to shave John he replied, “No.” John then replied with the second language of his eyes that reserves his voice for more important matters; tears…adding to the mystery of these heroes who are not only unsung heroes, but heroes who don’t even have a bad song.

Once-again on his normal hall the next day, Bobby heard back in regard to the shower incident: it’s all John talked about all day long.

More mystery.

How could a man with such a storied and accomplished life now stripped of all dignity put so much value on a shower? How does he find enjoyment in the minimal things of life that he inserts into his present existence? He once instructed Bobby; “Leave my door open I like to listen to all the commotion going on out there and the gossip.” Likewise, a resident once informed Bobby that he was being transferred to first shift before Bobby even knew. Bobby also knows what the aides on the other shifts say about him. The residents enjoy listening, and telling even more.

Any aide worth salt conversates fearfully with God about these mysteries. Aides don’t know if they could display such courage in the same circumstances. Perhaps at their altar, in fear, they cut deals with God: “Lord, you can’t let that happen to me because I’m an aide; after all, who would take care of these people?”

But all in all, these mysterious prophets proclaim truth that is little understood in Western culture dominated by Plato’s culture of death. Love of life is a mystery lamefully contended against by the dark gospel of “quality of life.” Indeed, this subjective so-called “quality of life” defines what we are talking about when we utter, “love of life.”

Therefore, the wise aide goes to work every day to assist these heroes in their stand for life undaunted by the labels and value placed on them by the so-called “experts.”

But more than anything, they go to learn from these mysterious prophets; for they experience something that we don’t understand about life, and understanding dissuades fear while the darkness of ignorance embraces it. Will we answer their call to understand life in this cultural Dark Age?

And in our attempt to cut deals with God at the altar in our temples of fear, will God answer…

“Who then would serve you?”


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  1. John said, on June 5, 2017 at 1:01 PM

    Chillingly beautiful. Thanks so much.


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