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Is John MacArthur Totally Confused, or Simply a Liar?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on April 12, 2017

Mac 1Yesterday, I was sent a link from a series going on at Grace to You Blog. Of late, advocating the free and civil exchange of ideas is in vogue among the Neo-Protestants. Susan and I heard this theme echoed at the recent TGC conference in Indianapolis by Kevin DeYoung.

As one who has painstakingly documented Neo-Protestantism’s claim to God’s authority by proxy for years, the need to respond to such an absurd notion; specifically, that Protestantism advocates the free exchange of ideas, is much like getting motivated for oral surgery at the dentist’s office. Nevertheless, I will take one for the team.

However, instead of comparing MacArthur’s criticism of Pentecostalism’s authority claims with his own claims of authority and thereby painting a picture of gargantuan hypocrisy, I will instead explain what is really going on here.

First, the basics. All disagreements flowing from the church in general are disagreements over different expressions of the same basic doctrines. Whether Catholicism, Protestantism, or all  other flavors that flow from church ice cream, the fundamental doctrines are exactly the same. Let me name them: collectivism and progressive justification. For that matter, even religions that are of temple worship like Hinduism and Islam are predicated on the same basic doctrines.

Collectivism is based on particular presuppositions concerning mankind and reality. Like all churchians and templetons, MacArthur is neither confused or a liar per se, but totally driven by these exact same fundamental doctrines. Am I saying that when it’s all boiled down MacArthur is little different than a Hindu priest? Pretty much.

Collectivism is the idea that mankind cannot comprehend reality. The epitome of wisdom is defined by knowing that you can’t know. Those who think they can know are defined as having a god complex and are detrimental to the world in general and the collective good of others specifically. Hence, those who know that we cannot know should rule over those who struggle with the temptation of thinking they can know, and this for the common good of mankind and its ultimate survival. In other words, individual knowing is the destroyer of wellbeing that will eventually annihilate mankind. Therefore, all collectivists whether Protestant, Catholic, or Hindu are on a mission to save mankind from itself.

For the most part, reality is interpreted through Plato’s two worlds. The material world is a totally separate existence from the invisible world. Those granted wisdom via whatever spiritual/invisible realm authority seek the best wisdom for existence in the material realm, and of course, because they have been granted this wisdom from the other realm they should be vested with rulership over the great unwashed.

Farfetched? Keep these basic principles in mind and go to church on any given Sunday and listen carefully. Pay attention for a change and you might be surprised. Though the religious systems for our best material realm life now are innumerable, Protestantism claims an “objective” truth. What is that “objective” truth? All reality is interpreted through Christ’s redemptive act for the glory and self-love of God and this “truth” is “experienced subjectively.” It’s an ingenious system that posits Plato’s two world philosophy as objective truth. Sure, you can know something: here it is; “I know nothing but Christ and him crucified.” Reality, according to Protestantism, is a metaphysical movie produced by God to reveal one thing only: God’s holiness as set against mankind’s total depravity. The goal of all reality is a greater revelation regarding the dichotomy between mankind and God. Accordingly, you may note that the logical conclusion is the same outcome of all collectivist religions that make up the vast majority.

Now, Aristotle confused things a little. He made authority into authority light by making expertism a synonym for authority. Aristotle believed that the material world reflects reality in totality. Man can know reality. That glass sitting on the table is really a glass. A=A. Man can ascertain knowledge of reality through empirical observation and study. However, those who do the hard work of study and are able to comprehend should rule over the ignorant. This is where we get the following: “Dr. John Doe is a leading authority on…[fill in the particular discipline].” Unlike Platonism, authority is not mandated by force, but you are deemed an idiot if you do not obey the experts. This is why expertism is so prevalent in Western culture. Until Americanism came upon the world scene, freedom to ascertain reality for yourself could get you executed and often did. In contrast, Americanism didn’t go far enough with individualism; you are not executed for daring to think for yourself, but you are looked upon as ignorant. It’s character assassination versus physical assassination, and those who do the challenging work of study are rewarded with higher pay, attractive spouses, spacious living abodes, and collective accolades.

Either way, it’s a caste system. Nevertheless, it is interesting to note that America’s tacit node towards individualism completely turned the world upside down for the better. It is fair to say that the historical metaphysical pendulum swung from Platonism to Aristotelism, but in regard to religion is swinging back to Platonism. And by the way, this issue, Plato verses Aristotle, and collectivism verses individualism is what sparked the Protestant Reformation. That’s just plain historical fact. If you believe that freedom of religion and sola scriptura sparked the Protestant Reformation, I have some oceanfront property in Xenia, Ohio that I would like to sell you.

Speaking to the secular realm, not so much; Brexit and the election of Donald Trump signifies a rejection of expertism in exchange for collective individualism, or the ability of the individual versus “total inability.” At least in the secular realm, we may be seeing a movement that will go beyond Americanism. This probably poses an opportunity for the home fellowship movement which is greatly hindered by the idea of expertism. Home fellowships promote the idea of individuals contributing spiritual gifts to a body that is led, not ruled over by experts or those claiming authority over individual conscience in the name of God.

This brings us to the second fundamental, progressive justification. This is the basic soteriology of all religions. Why? Because if the new birth changes the individual’s state of being to a literal child of God and a family heir to Christ’s kingdom, where does that leave mere men regarding knowledge and authority? Answer: totally out in the cold with no clothing. In addition, authoritative institutional religion must have what we call reoccurring monthly revenue (RMR) to support infrastructure where the gods or cosmic authorities over men meet to dole out salvation on the installment plan. Salvation becomes a lifelong goal instead of being spiritually birthed into God’s family as a onetime finished, and permanent transaction. This lends no authority whatsoever to men claiming coregency with God.

So, MacArthur et al are not confused or lying per se, but are practicing Platonism’s “noble lie.” What they teach is driven by trending “concerns” coming from the great unwashed herd. Of late, it’s the idea that the church doesn’t tolerate critical thinking. What in the world might give them that idea? Therefore, the herd is calmed by statements of crass contradiction. Regardless of the obvious, MacArthur is the expert. Any contradictions must be “truth masquerading as a contradiction” otherwise known as “paradox.”


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  1. John said, on April 12, 2017 at 2:42 PM

    Yeah, only the chosen few know anything, but how in the name of hell they “know” they are chosen, I don’t know. My goodness, suddenly I feel like a plate of beef samosas, straight from that Indian restaurant just around the corner, the one where an untouchable sleeps on the sidewalk, and whom people jump over and ignore him because of the evil caste system. No, the owners are not Hindus; they are fake Christians, what else? Lovely, loving, Calvinists. My bottom on a rock!

    MacArthur is a master deceiver, and his father the devil is proud of him. Phil Johnson, the pious fake and Mac’s personal Press Officer and Image consultant, is surely writing in defense of his god MacArthur as we speak. Pathetic.


  2. republican mother said, on April 12, 2017 at 9:46 PM

    Judging by his church’s summer camp, I’ll go with possessed. If you search for the video, you’ll find teenagers dancing in a circle around the severed head of a pig.

    I am hoping the information age will further serve to tear down these man-made strongholds over men’s souls. I’ve learned much more over the web these last ten years of research than I ever did in a church building.


    • John said, on April 13, 2017 at 10:32 AM

      Haha, republican mother! Yes, I have seen those, and “possessed” is good and correct. Do a little more research on this deceiver and the hair on your neck will turn to icicles…

      A blessed Easter to you, rm. Always a pleasure to read your honest and intelligent comments.


  3. Alan said, on April 13, 2017 at 5:12 PM

    John and all,

    I think, to some degree, they choose and appoint themselves by seeking and completing programs from accredited institutions of “higher learning”. After which they are set loose by denominations or movements, to inflict many.

    I dropped out of a bible college as an adult student. Too many things being taught that were not scriptural but “traditions of men”. A unit in the pastoral ministry class was “How to get along with your church board. My first thought upon reading that in the syllabus was, “Where in the Bible are we directed to have a church board?”

    I read of loving consensus with the oversight of true elders. Also sending 22 year olds out, after 4 years in a college, to be “senior” pastors of congregations was the norm. Same problem as the Mormons. A 22 year old is not an “elder”, he is still a young man.

    All hail the False Reformation. Instead of one pope to keep track of (as flawed as that is), we now have a multitude of them wreaking havoc on the unwashed masses that are somehow lesser in caste.


    • John said, on April 13, 2017 at 6:13 PM

      No, I get you, I just sometimes wonder wat makes a specific individual thinks he is the bee’s knees years before seminary and stuff. Mental problems, Alan. HUGE ones. Demonic ones.


      • Alan said, on April 13, 2017 at 9:26 PM


        Thanks. Agreed.

        Since all they have ever been exposed to is an incorrect template, it’s the only form they know to comply with. Seems to me they are just doing it the same way they always have.

        I don’t have all all the answers but we definitely know that “Something is rotten in the state of Christendom.”


    • johnimmel said, on April 14, 2017 at 2:06 PM

      Oh . . . as a former bright eyed and bushy tailed Theology student i can attest that it takes very little to seduced young minds into the Calvinist fraternity.

      Young minds full of mush… have virtually no way to defend themselves against the philosophical onslaught. And when they get out of college they have lost all sense of proportion. Best thing that ever happened to me was that i never got into the “ministry” out of college.

      “All hail the False Reformation. Instead of one pope to keep track of (as flawed as that is), we now have a multitude of them wreaking havoc on the unwashed masses that are somehow lesser in caste.”

      Funny that you say this . . . my church history teacher made this same argument and eventually the logic made him decide to renounce Protestantism and become catholic.


  4. johnimmel said, on April 14, 2017 at 1:56 PM

    “It’s character assassination versus physical assassination, and those who do the challenging work of study are rewarded with higher pay, attractive spouses, spacious living abodes, and collective accolades.”



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