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Why So Much Contention in Religion?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 25, 2017

ppt-handleI was four different kinds of Baptist for about twenty years and I can tell you there isn’t a more contentious environment anywhere. In addition, a cursory perusal of history will reveal that the vast majority of wars are religious by nature.

In this ministry, which is a think tank and not a Christian organization though religion is part of what we study, we are constantly plagued by petty issues brought up by religionists. What’s going on?

Answer: under law.

In the New Testament, we find a dominant theme: those under condemnation condemn. Love isn’t the order of the day; it’s all about sin sniffing. This flavors all of reality. The worthiness of a person is judged by their lack of faults from the perspective of everyone who has their own mental court of law.

Think about how scary that is; everyone you come in contact with is going to judge you by their own perception of what is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. And think about gossip for a moment; it is the combined condemnation of multiple courts of law from different perspectives. Gossip condemns you from multiple angles while rarely missing any fault and even adding some that aren’t true. The endgame of condemnation is condemnation and slander is a handy shortcut for that purpose.

And don’t forget Bible verses. A single verse standing alone can be twisted to say anything about everything.

What is the biblical prescription? The law is to be used for love and not condemnation. When one is born again and no longer under condemnation, the preoccupation is love towards others and not fault finding; or at least it should be.

Another attribute of being under condemnation is the desire to control others and it shouldn’t be a surprise that condemnation is used to accomplish that by people who are under condemnation. It goes something like this: “Because you are unworthy, you need to obey me for your own good.”

Condemnation is also used by those under condemnation to uncondemn themselves and proclaim themselves innocent in their own personal court of law. “My wife is frigid; therefore, I had no choice but to commit adultery.” Examples along this line are inexhaustible.

Most marriage counseling is unsuccessful because it seeks to rectify two condemnation lists from two different courts of law; good luck with that. If the focus is love, sin will be displaced as a natural consequence. In contrast, condemnation is a bottomless pit that can never be sufficiently rectified.

No surprise then: God so loved the world that He gave His only Son who didn’t come into the world to condemn it, but to save it.  

You CANNOT fix anything predicated on condemnation and that includes church as the quintessential example. Where the Bible is used to condemn rather than to instruct in regard to love which does no wrong to its neighbor, only strife and misery remain.  



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  1. John said, on February 25, 2017 at 2:18 PM

    I speak out strongly against Calvinism/Reformed stuff, just as I would speak out against arsenic if it were on your steak on your plate and you were just about to eat it. Because it kills too. It’s a cult as all the others out there. Huh, so some think Scientology is weird? Try double imputation; try progressive justification (which contradicts and nullifies the gift of salvation made possible through Jesus Christ); try telling the world that Jesus had not always been righteous (in other words, not always God); try the whole silly thing. Try believing the doctrines of sinful, evil men (Calvin, Luther, blah blah).

    And you thought Joseph Smith and the big pair of glasses he’d found were weird?

    Nothing beats Calvinism.

    As long as one is under the law, crushed by it, ruled by it, the very life suffocated out of you, one will act the same to those around you, and even harsher to those who do not fall for your fairy tales, i.e., those who think for themselves, those who are being led by the Holy Spirit. In love, to live out the law. In love.

    I have yet to meet a cheerful Calvinist. Heck, there is always some issue with them! If they are not being psychotic, then they are full of self-pity. The weirdest thing: they are always full of themselves, a huge contradiction to the “humility” they sell in “large, “extra large” and “Calvin” size.

    Jesus has set all true born-again believers free. Let it sink in. And then live accordingly.

    We may allow Calvinists to wallow in the pigs’ mud, but we should not! The least we can do is tell them the truth, the biblical gospel; the rest is up to them…their CHOICE.


    • john smith said, on February 25, 2017 at 3:50 PM

      But aren’t you being too hard on the Calvinists John? The leaders of the SBC say they’re brethren and must be respected as such since they believe in some kind of Jesus. Just because their Jesus is a false Jesus and a soul-eating ogre who ties half humanity to a tree saying “Come to me if you can! Hahaha!” doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect them as brothers, right? I mean we totally respect Mormons as brothers despite their believing in a false Jesus who is the devil’s spirit-brother, right? Oh, wait, we don’t. So why the double standard? (At least Mormons only believe Jesus is the devil’s brother, while Calvinists make him the devil himself.)


      • John said, on February 26, 2017 at 9:19 AM

        john smith, it’s not permitted to make others laugh on the Lord’s day (Sinday, err, Sunday). “Some kind of Jesus”…some unleavened bread for you, john with a minuscule “j.”

        No double standard, john, those who are not born-again (whether Mormon, moron, JW, RC, members of SBC, YMCA, CNN, FBI) do not have the same Father as those who are born again, and they certainly have a very strange and other “Jesus” (the Calvinist’s Jesus is a weakling, not even properly God, and an elitist, and cruel), and those who are not born-again simply do not have the Holy Spirit. Ya, they may have spirits galore (believe me, I can tell you tales, john) but it’s not the Holy Spirit. As such, they’re not my brethren or cistern (stet).

        No, I am not too hard on Calvinists. They are a very dangerous, deceptive lot and have been for 500 years plus. Tragically, some people I love are in that ugly, demonic thing (many in there are deceived, john), hence the praying (yes, we should pray for all who are lost, but this site here is focused on Calvin and his gang of rapists of Scripture and logic.)

        The last time I saw a Mormon (two of ’em, of course) of the church of LSD (LDS?), they were chatting up a bimbo in the shopping mall. Heck, I’ve just given myself an idea…

        Blessings, john smith.


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