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The Christmas Tree and So-Called “Idols of the Heart”

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 23, 2017

calvin-1Those who know me know I am all about the objective. But I must admit, love is at times mysterious to me. Here is one example: love possesses an unexplained patience with its object. Susan and I are very busy and she is a very social being. She works days; I work nights. So, this morning was not an unusual event.

I was awakened from a coma-like sleep by Susan on a bedside soapbox prior to her leaving for work. In her very welcomed new radio series, “Coffee Commentary with Susan Dohse,” her research has led her to an issue that is new to her: the whole Reformed “Idols of the Heart” doctrine. Her conversation with me in this particular venue began per the usual: at first I am not sure if I am dreaming, then I realize what is going on. Then I ask myself if she realizes that I got home at midnight followed by answering myself in the affirmative. Then the whole love thing kicks in and I begin to focus on the content of her speech followed by actual dialoged.

The Idols of the Heart doctrine is very familiar to me and was the focus of my fulltime research circa 2009. Undoubtedly, Susan will be addressing this in her new weekly series. I am excited about this new endeavor by Susan because it represents the possibility of ongoing teaching unique to present teaching among women taking place in a parched desert. Remember, all of these female puppets are “under the authority” of their Platonist husbands. For all practical purposes its Islam Light. I believe God has charged Susan with being a unique light among women. She is a born teacher, and loves THE truth, not A truth that fulfills misguided needs.

As her words became more and more in-tune as I awoke from my slumber, I understood exactly why she would be so exercised over such a doctrine. As she spoke, the Christmas tree still erected in the TANC conference room was dominate in the background of my mind. I am nowhere near the social being that Susan is, and I am nowhere near a lover of days either. For six years, I have pondered her love for days because God wants us to live with our wives according to understanding, so I always seek to understand her more and more.

On our very large Christmas tree is custom made ornaments that recognize what is going on in the lives of people near and dear to us. The ornaments testify to new careers, new preferences, new relationships, new arrivals into the world, and other elements of life. It testifies to this fact: I have never known a person who loves life and the people in it more than Susan. And I am married to her. And as a result, I am becoming more of a person who recognizes days because these days are when we pause to celebrate life and the people in it. Susan is one who sees little separation between God and His creation.

Any argument about the existence of God defies intuitive knowledge; the real debate is the character of God. Does He love His creation, or does He hate it? Does love for God necessarily demand a hatred for one’s life and all things material because God hates such? In regard to Protestantism, if you know what it really is, the answer is, “yes.”

Hence, we must not “eclipse the Son.” What does that mean? Well, ANYTHING that obscures the sun blocks the glory of the sun shining on us and creates shadows of truth. And in regard to relationships, responses to those relationships tell us whether we love/desire that relationship or any other material thing in the universe more than God. So, if we have an indifference towards the failings of our spouse, this indicates that we love God more than our spouse. Ahmen. Wow, look at him/her; married to a horrible spouse but yet has that silly spiritual grin with glassed-over eyes. Proof positive of a real lover of God and a hater of all things material.

Folks, read the book titled “Uneclipsing the Son” by John MacArthur sycophant Rick Holland; this is the very thesis of the book. This iscalvin-2 mainline evangelical stuff that underpins the massive biblical counseling movement.

So, anything in our life that we “desire” more than God (as indicated by our response to the woes of life) is an “idol of the heart.” Gospel counseling teaches us to “reorient our desires” so that we desire nothing but God. Please note: this doctrine doesn’t call for a reorientation of desires that will result in a desire to DO things according to God’s law, this is merely a desire apart from anything we do. Remember, John Piper’s ministry is simply, “Desiring God” ministries and not “Desiring to do good stuff” ministries. It is “beholding as a way of becoming,” but as I reminded Susan in the dialog process during the morning event, this “becoming” is strictly perception. The goal of all of this a “bigger cross” in our lives. Remember, Soli Deo Gloria! For the Glory of God Alone. And trust me, “alone” means, ALONE.

But wait a minute still: because we are totally depraved, “the human heart is an idol factory” (John Calvin). So, all of life is repenting of heart idols that our heart is continually producing. Paul David Tripp calls this a “lifestyle of repentance.” We are right back to the cross chart that this ministry continually shoves in your face. The sum and substance, supposedly, of sanctification is a perpetual return to repenting before the cross of Christ in order to keep ourselves saved. Oh, and by the way, you only have access to this ongoing forgiveness for newly created idols in your heart via church membership.

And remember this: like all other Protestant doctrines, the whole Idols of the Heart thing comes right out of Calvinism. BUT, when you call them out on that we hear this: “Calvin isn’t our authority, the Bible is.” That’s just a lie straight out of the pit of hell. EVERY fundamental of Protestant soteriology is found in the Calvin Institutes without exception.

It will be interesting to see how Susan references all of this with her book review. Be sure to tune in.


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  1. John said, on February 23, 2017 at 2:46 PM

    Ya, the hypocritical world of Calvinism; it’s “hell”arious. Idol No. 1? Calvin. This devil has been number one and will stay right there.

    Here’s a shortened list of idols that are found within the Reformed/Calvinist circles of hypocrisy, confusion, false doctrine, and the false gospel. Yes, they will deny it, as they always do. I have left out thousands more, as I simply don’t feel like going through each and every idol of this evil movement. (For the normal reader, I’m not talking about “sins”; I’m talking about idols.)

    So, here they are, and in no particular order:

    The Reformation, Augustine, Luther, MacArthur and lapdog Johnson, Tripp, Dever, Sproul, Washer, White, Tyndale, Lawson, Mohler, Platt, Piper, every dead (and alive) Calvinist/Reformed preacher/writer ever (including them women folk writers and liars); the Greek language, Hebrew, Latin, philosophy, psychology, the apostle Paul, the ESV, Calvinist/Reformed blogs and websites, ACBC and its dubious-in-many-ways president Lambert, conferences, online conferences/tutoring/counseling; hip-hop trash, the Law, marriage (however ungodly, evil, perverted and abusive), money, tithing, elders, pastors, church services, the hipster culture; expensive coffee, travel, books (the more, the bigger the idolatry), iPads (Apple stuff), church functions, Egypt, Turkey, Mars Hill, Greece (or whichever country the Apostle Paul visited), The Book of Romans, men, TULIP, covering up for child molesters (yes, it’s an idol), The Puritans, The Valley of Vision, church services on Sundays, other gatherings through the week, church discipline, “authority,” power, control, misogyny, The Heidelberg Catechism, Calvin’s Institutes of the “Christian” Religion (“hell”arious), every other synod and similar nonsense; foul language (believe it), California, imputations (the more, the scarier), and many worldly possessions (such as cars and art), etc., until next year Monday.

    There was a time (probably still is; who cares?) when every Calvinist/Reformed blog’s author signed off with, yes, you’ve guessed it…

    “Soli Deo Gloria”…just how chichi is that?


  2. John said, on February 23, 2017 at 2:51 PM

    Oh, let me add just one more to the list of idols: sex (it’s a huge idol in that cult), and for some reason, the more abnormal the sex, the bigger the idol. No lie.


    • John said, on February 26, 2017 at 12:01 PM

      I promise this is the last one I’ll add to the list of idols in Calvinist/Reformed circles: Social Media in all its shapes, forms, and smells. And then many of them justify this idolatry by saying they are using it to spread the “gospel.” The gospel of what? (Or are they simply counting their “likes”?).


      • Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on February 26, 2017 at 2:04 PM

        They certainly are prolific out in the twitter-verse, aren’t they!


      • John said, on February 26, 2017 at 2:16 PM

        My inner Calvin tells me they love seeing their own names out there (anywhere), despite their super fake humility.


  3. john smith said, on February 23, 2017 at 7:04 PM

    Maybe a little off topic. I was raised believing its wrong to have a Christmas tree per Jeremiah 10, but as an adult have come to realize the whole thing is merely a translational quirk in the KJV and also doesn’t hold up if you read in context. The passage is not about taking a tree from the forest and decking it with gold but taking a tree from the forest and carving it into a literal idol and decking it with gold. Otherwise the statements about how it cannot walk or talk would be absurd (who thinks trees can walk or talk?). Also the old Jesus wasn’t really born on Dec 25th cannard no longer makes sense. “But the shrpherds were in the firlds! They wouldn’t be in the firlds when its cold!” Maybe they wouldn’t be in the fields when its hot either. Maybe since sheep were so economically and religously important due to the temple being only a few miles ftom Bethlehem they would slways have domeonr in the fields no matter the weather. Maybe Dec 25th is a Romanization of Chislev 25th (Hannukkah) and does not come from Paganism. Maybe the Internet pop culture myth that every society in thr pagsn world crlebrated some idolattous thingy on Dec 25th despite not evrn using yhe same calendar makes ZERO actual sense. Maybe the fact that the date of Hannukkah is easily provrn by quoting an ancient text, either 1st or 2nd Maccabees, and yet the supposedly pagan Dec 25 and attendent practices has NEVER been proven to me by a quotation of evrn one ancient text but only the wild accusations of internet atheists snd teenage Christians who don’t think to ask for book, chapter and verse ftom a pagan ancirnt text to prove it. Maybe.


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