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The Four Pillars of Protestant Contradiction

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on February 7, 2017

ppt-jpeg4One. Saved people aren’t saved. A very familiar mantra in Protestantism is, “We are all just sinners saved by grace.” In the Bible, “sinner” always refers to the unregenerate.

Two. The new birth is a legal declaration. So, the saved are not really recreated into new people, they have only been declared as such even though it is not their true state of being.

Three. The Christian life is a “rest” in Jesus. The Bible continually states that the Christian life is hard work and a labor of love.

Four. All people appear at one final judgement. The Bible is clear that everyone who appears at the White Throne Judgement is already condemned. They only appear there to receive their eternal sentence. This judgement is referred to as “the second death.”

Conclusion. In other words, Protestantism openly defies the word of God on soteriology (the doctrine of salvation), metaphysics (state of being), sanctification (the doctrine of Christian living), and eschatology (the doctrine of end times).


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  1. John said, on February 7, 2017 at 2:16 PM

    Great list, Paul. Calvinism is one HUGE contradiction, from start to finish.

    Shall we add “irresistible grace” and “election” to these pillars? Well, Calvinists do not seem to know the difference between spiritual death and physical death (White and Sproul, a pair of liars and deceivers, as the rest of them). White has said something like this: “The unregenerate man is like Lazarus, incapable of self-resurrection.” (Peel me a banana, please! I need the potassium).

    The problem is that unregenerate man is alive, physically. I said that.

    Okay, so after Jesus had raised Lazarus from physical death, did Jesus tell those present that he had just made a fantastic point about someone who had been spiritually dead but who had been “called” to a new life? Wait, someone who had been “pre-destined” to respond to His call? No. No. No. Someone who had been predestined from before the Mississippi flowed for the first time? Before color TV?

    No. Jesus never even implied a spiritual angle, because it was not a spiritual episode. But Sproul believes that we respond “like Lazarus.” I simply can’t stand their twisting, mangling, and brutal rape of the Bible any longer. Let’s hand the mic to Satan and get it done with.

    There are many other holes we can shoot in these Calvinists’ preposterous and childish take on Lazarus. But somehow I don’t want to feel sick at this very moment. I might just get a call to “come forth.” And the call may be from one of these workers of iniquity.


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