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Protestantism and Works Salvation

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Today, Friday 1/27/2017 @ 6pm Live Link.

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Page One: Review of Andy Young Post; “God’s Choosing in Election”

Page Two: Protestantism’s Classic Works Salvation and Paul’s Galatians Argument

Protestantism is a type of soteriology that was the brunt of the apostle Paul’s doctrinal contentions. However, of all the super-cults in the world, Protestantism hid the essence of their soteriology behind labeling claiming the exact opposite—salvation by faith alone or “justification by faith.”

In Protestantism, the word, “faith” is used to qualify works that supposedly aren’t works because “they are of faith.” Protestantism has so drilled this idea into the heads of the masses and incessantly espoused the mantra until most people hearing the accusation think it’s an absurd accusation. But, the constant repeating of a slogan that presents a central idea is an ancient brainwashing technique. While claiming a salvation by “faith alone” as its central theme, it is really everyday works salvation.



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  1. John said, on January 28, 2017 at 1:04 PM

    Great show. Some points:

    1) I openly call MacArthur a false teacher who poisons his naive, awestruck, starstruck, and brainwashed disciples with a false gospel that leads to death. Thank you for pointing out another of his heresies in this show. How this fraud has any followers is beyond me (can’t people think anymore?). “Salvation is a process”? So, at what point exactly are you safe and saved? Sealed and delivered? When exactly do you enter the safe zone? And thanks for linking another false teacher and the pompous liar Phil Johnson to MacArthur. They are cut from the same rotten Protestant cloth after all.

    2) Double grace? Double imputation? Doublespeak? Double Trouble? Dumb and Dumber? Next time you meet a Calvinist, have a look at his or her bible…you’ll notice that only a few pages have ever been read…it’s called selective reading for the elect.

    3) Talking of things rotten. You’re going to have fun in Indianapolis (wish I were able to join you). Here’s a list of some of the liars and false teachers who will, no doubt, spew forth putrid Protestantism and other dark things:

    Don Carson, Kevin DeYoung (Mr Doublespeak himself), Piper (liar), Paul Tripp (for goodness’ sake!), Thabiti Anyabwile, Keller, Russel Moore, Ligon Duncan, Mohler, and so on. I see that this time they have incorporated women, but believe me that these women, and I say that with respect to women, will only be used as to be a part of the indoctrinatory process and as “spiritual props.”

    Here’s the full list: “65 speakers, 3 days, 1 gospel” (yes, a false gospel)

    On TGC site ( ) promoting the non-event, the following jewels: “The Gospel Coalition 2017 National Conference celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, unleashed by God in 1517…”

    The reformation was “unleashed by God”? I cannot add to that. Blas-phuh-meeeee. You do know that statement makes God out to be a fool? A failure? And that statement diminshes and takes away everything that Jesus accomplished, ever? It pulverizes the Biblical Gospel. “Unleashed by God?” My backside.

    And this too: “Another three plenary talks will recount God’s work in the lives of Luther, John Calvin, and other leaders in the broader Reformed tradition.”

    God’s work in the lives of Calvin and Luther? Are they sure about that? I believe Satan should be credited with that. There’s no way God will set up another gospel, a false and evil one, when He had already given us one; one that has worked perfectly from the time He had given it to us…way before Satan and his “reformastion” came along.

    Yes, and as is usual with the false gospel that TGC spits out, there’s not a SINGLE word about Jesus Christ on the landing page of this site…maybe Jesus is not sovereign; maybe He is not fully God? Oh, but there is plenty of man worship and “god worship (Luther and Calvin references). Here is the page:

    Please, find the word “Jesus” and I’ll send you a signed copy (by MacArthur, who else?) of God’s personal copy of the Bible, the ESV.

    And Paul, Susan, and Andy, you’d better get “with it” before you go. You gotta look the part, people. You need the hipster glasses, the torn denims, the soul patches, the gear, the funky apps on your iPads…
    …and a false gospel.


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