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Why Are Democrats Acting Like This?

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 19, 2017

nintchdbpict000280981506-e1478667522778Am I here right now? Did America really elect Donald Trump 45th President of the United States of America? And how could this guy beat the tremendous odds against him including himself? Especially himself.

People don’t like change and Trump represents a gamble never before undertaken by the American people. How did it happen? It happened because of Americanism. What is Americanism? It is a spirit of rugged individualism inspired by roughly 10,000 years of collectivism which is the antithesis of individualism.

Let’s set the table for answering the question posed by the title of this post.

This is simply a matter of two worldviews: self-actualization (Americanism) as opposed to self-worth being defined by one’s willingness to obey the top of the societal caste hierarchy. For the first time in history, men said “no” to the caste system.

What is the caste system? It is predicated on the idea that the masses are totally depraved and will destroy themselves unless ruled over by preselected mediators. The mediators serve a cosmic force or god of your choice. Caste has utterly dominated all of human history until the American Revolution. This is why the Protestant claim of historical uniqueness among religions is utterly laughable. Protestantism’s “inability of man” doctrine is the same old worn out historical song and dance with some modifications here and there. Martin Luther nor John Calvin were original thinkers and I seriously doubt God was much impressed with either of them.

Nevertheless, Protestant scholars insist that Luther and Calvin were God’s anointed. So, which church counsel was it when God attended and established such? Never happened. So, why should we take their word for it? Because they are God’s preselected representatives to save His people from self-destructive ignorance…and because they say so. And how do you become one of these rulers? You buy the privilege by attending a Protestant seminary.

Finally, men stood up and rejected this nonsense that licensed elitists to rule over other men. Furthermore, Americanism will never go away because humanity has tasted of it for over 200 years. For the most part, humanity will never go back to collectivism. The American experience connects with how man was created: free, and individually responsible for the sum and substance of their own lives before God.

Human experience is a tension between fears of failure leading to death and established self-confidence. It is a tension between the ability to be free and an inability to be free while believing the latter will lead to death and the destruction of mankind. Supposedly, mankind must be saved from itself by the elitists. Remember, elitism is defined by the belief that gods or cosmic powers preselect knowers to save mankind from its totally depraved self.

Only problem is, who are the real elitists? Who are the elitists who are best capable to usher in the utopia of Plato’s Republic? Throughout human history wars have supposedly settled that issue. But at any rate, America began as a run of the mill caste system church state. The Puritan version of such drove the colonials to demand liberty or death. America was NOT founded on Christianity, it was founded on the freedom of man and the ability of man to be free. The founders of Americanism were a mixed bag of people who agreed on the freedom of man. That’s the core factor that united them, not the because aspect; man is free because…. The founders of Americanism were not united on why man is free, but on the principle that man is indeed free. Some said that such was “self-evident” while others said God made it so. Religion was not the primary uniting issue.

Now let’s talk about crash and burn politics. Sometimes a system is so deeply entrenched in a society that the only hope for change is to destroy the system and hope something better comes out the ashes. To first destroy the present system is the only real hope for something better. What came over the pond and established colonial America has never gone away. After the American Revolution it moved South and eventually incited the American Civil War. A cursory observation of history will identify the South as the post-Revolution remnant of Puritan caste. Historically, the Democratic Party was founded on and came out of the Southern caste system which of course included slavery which is fundamentally driven by caste.

In our day, even though Protestants disagreed with President Obama on many issues, they saw him as the only hope in crashing Americanism with the hope that the same old song and dance would rise from the ashes. Remember, Protestantism was founded and chartered as a church-state and was the primary negative inspiration for Americanism’s separation of church and state. The present-day New Calvinist movement that has taken over the Protestant church and is returning it to its former tyrannical roots understands how this all works. Caste governments give those who control blocks of population a place at the tyrannical table. In their endeavor to return America to the glory days of Calvin’s Geneva, they must destroy Americanism at any cost and hope their control of a large block of people will give them bargaining power with the new government. That’s crash and burn politics.

But on the other side, we have the same thing. Americans who are of Americanism have sensed over the years that caste is taking over via both Parties. Like WWF wrestlers who fight in public and go out to drink beer together afterwards, Democrats and Republicans play golf. President Bush’s seemingly honorable refusal to criticize Obama is really based on his respect for fellow elitists. This is also why he gave Hillary Clinton a kiss-n-hug at Nancy Reagan’s funeral. Be sure of this; she rolled in her grave accordingly.

This is why Americanism elected Donald Trump; crash and burn politics, the present system has to go at any cost while hoping that the Donald will bring back Americanism out of the ashes. Ok, so, now you’re going to point out Trump’s tyrannical side but that’s not the point. The point follows: Trump is a better shot at a return to Americanism than Hillary Clinton; that’s how crash and burn politics work. It’s not either/or, it’s the best gamble. This alone is why Trump correctly stated that he could shoot somebody in Central Park and still rise in the polls. He gets it.

Now we get to why Democrats are acting like they are completely unhinged, because they are, over Trump’s victory. Answer: fear of self-dependence leading to the destruction of humanity, and the loss of power to control the masses by the political elite represented by two parties: Caste Light (Republican), and Caste Lager of the stout ale variety (Democrat). Whether scotch and water or straight up, Americanism is sick of both. For crying out loud, football and baseball are even being politicized; and that’s were red-blooded Colonial Revolutionaries will draw the line. Crash and burn time. In addition, remember that many Trumpers even threatened actual revolution if Hillary was elected.

Hence, anything Trump said or did was completely beside the point.

So, in conclusion, this is why Democrats are acting the way they are acting: fear of two things; freedom is supposedly like handing a toddler a loaded pistol, and loss of elitist power that satisfies the sin of control-lust.


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  1. John said, on January 19, 2017 at 12:54 PM

    Deep sighs. Remember “Save the whale,” “Save the dolphin,” “Save the planet”? These notions were big in the 80s, and then came the huge hole in the ozone layer that never really was THAT big. Going to malls today, one is bombarded by the eco-terrorists called “Greenpeace” and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature; not the wrestlers!) because they KNOW something that others don’t, and they get very agitated if you don’t listen to their elaborated tales of impending doom and donate money on the spot.
    The Democrats’ post-election conduct somehow reminds me of the above. I “feel” the link.


    • Andy Young, PPT contributing editor said, on January 19, 2017 at 10:36 PM

      Here is John Piper to the rescue to save us from ourselves once again.

      Using these same arguments, John Piper isn’t morally qualified either to tell us who’s morally qualified or not. I find that ironic. If we are all totally depraved, including John Piper, why should any of us listen to John Piper? John Immel is correct when he says that Piper is a 3rd rate thinker at best.


      • John said, on January 20, 2017 at 3:21 AM

        That is a very funny but sad article by the liar Piper. What does “beautiful diversity” even mean? And his points under “How Then, Under This President, Shall We Live?” are cringeworthy and downright creepy, filled with the evil and false theology of Calvinism.

        Piper and his movement are doing more spiritual harm (and physical harm, as a result) than anyone he is pointing a finger to.

        What a clown! Does he dance around in his own head?


  2. Susan said, on January 20, 2017 at 7:14 PM

    I have held my breath today and I have prayed. I fully expected an assassination attempt, a terrorist attack or some other major and massive disruption. CNN certainly tried to urge that result with its downright creepy designated survivor and continuation of government broadcasting. It seems they were begging for someone to kill him. The day isn’t over, and there is nothing to say that any other day won’t carry these risks as well.

    It has spoken volumes to me that “our political leadership” did not urge calm and civility and did not remind the people of the history of our democratic process and the peaceful transition of power. Crickets. Not a Word. It is all about character or lack thereof. The message I get — my take away — is that the leadership cares little about the country or its people and/or what is in the best interests of our nation. They want chaos/ disruption.

    What we as a nation have done to many other countries (color revolution) is now being attempted on our own soil but people are too brainwashed and unthinking to understand what is happening. The intellectual decay, the moral decay, the social decay, the spiritual decay has taken years. These anti-groups are being used as useful idiots to advance the agenda of elite. As soon as the agenda is accomplished, they will be discarded.

    It is a good thing President Trump has kept his own security forces (that he knows and trusts). He is a clear and present danger to the Deep State, the Powers that Be, the Mainstream Media, the Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharmacy, etc. He may well be the modern-day version of JFK. Yes, he is a gamble. I hope he is smart enough, paranoid enough and nasty enough to survive long enough to bring about positive change.

    As for John Piper: Even if everything Piper says about Donald Trump is accurate, Piper misrepresents the truth. It is one thing to brag and boast and to generally come across as an ass! It is a totally different thing if one considers Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens and the others, private unprotected email servers for secret government documents, uranium sales to Russia, foundation donations/ payments and conflicts of interest.

    And I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. But I am sure the adoring followers of John Piper will not be engaging in any critical thinking, judgment or reasoning skills as I have done above. Piper = Awesomeness Amen, John. Preach it brother. As I see it, Piper is part and parcel with the elite and one of the things that is wrong with our nation. At some point, people will become disillusioned enough to understand.

    Protestantism is dying and will fail too. It is only a matter of time. Today I received an advertisement from a local church inviting all the neighbors to the pastor’s new sermon series — a glossy postcard with a picture of a woman who looks downright depressed. Are you ready for this? The series is titled: “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” And it sounds like a life coach/ relationship/ motivational/ therapy series. That is church! And rock band too!

    Yep, the church is as out of touch with the people as the elite and the government are! Trump got it! And he rode the wave of American discontent right into the highest position in the land. Deplorable, I tell you! Not.


    • John said, on January 21, 2017 at 4:52 AM

      “Protestantism is dying and will fail too. It is only a matter of time. Today I received an advertisement from a local church inviting all the neighbors to the pastor’s new sermon series — a glossy postcard with a picture of a woman who looks downright depressed. Are you ready for this? The series is titled: “It’s Not You, It’s Me.” And it sounds like a life coach/ relationship/ motivational/ therapy series. That is church! And rock band too!”


      What a horrible thing to have received! It is rather sickening, yes?

      I have been praying for Protestantism’s death. What a wonderful day that’s going to be! No more man-made obstacles to the truth that is Jesus Christ, the New Birth, and freedom in Christ!

      “A woman who looks downright depressed” = “I’m a lowly worm who can’t stop sinning. All glory to God.”

      Calvinism is depressing because it is death.


  3. John said, on January 21, 2017 at 4:43 AM

    Watching the protests against a democratically elected president was cringeworthy.

    Piper is a clown and belongs to a movement that is evil and anti-Christian/Jesus. He has nothing of importance to utter.

    I enjoyed this:


  4. Lydia said, on January 22, 2017 at 10:03 AM

    Piper prospered quite a bit over the last 8 years. How many people do you know who can afford to fly a film crew to Geneva for a retirement video? It’s the small businesses and self employed who have been squeezed to death by massive regulation that only benefits more government bureaucrats.

    Trump is a backlash to the entire establishment that operates like an oligharchy. My view is that most people who voted for him saw him as the anti DC establishment candidate. Nothing else mattered. That is how sick they are of the status quo of the establishment mandating laws for everyone else while they are exempt. Better a private sector zillionaire then a public servant who became rich selling access who is too important to follow the laws. We have an entitled establishment who put in a two tier justice system.

    He will be picked to death and will find it hard to accomplish much with an entrenched entitled massive bureaucracy and entitled establishment. But we elected a non D.C. Establishment person who is not a lawyer or general. It can be done. That’s all I needed to know. :o)

    Speaking of gnostic, Michelle told Oprah that “hope” is leaving the WH. Hope in the form of one man. And the entitled who love to be controlled by gov, wept and cheered then went out to shut down the roads so us poor working stiffs are inconvenienced. Never mind those assaulted. I honestly don’t think many liberals knew how bad it was in their tribe. The older flaming liberals I know are aghast at the violence and childishness. But they never questioned the policies, the packaged divisions he fanned or ignoring the legislative process with 54 exec orders. He was more dictator than president. Political correctness has just about killed us. A perfect example of the long term affects of political correctness are happening in Sweden right now. Women who are gang raped (and it happens often)cannot identify their victims as foreign, Muslim or Arab. You see, they are Swedes and must be identified as Swedes. This means that their statistics on crime or horribly skewed. The PC is more important than the gang raped victim. That is where of this ridiculousness leads. And we have been headed there for a long time.

    Just read this and ponder how educated people who have taken an oath to never harm could have even thought this up in the first place to affirm a cultural practice albeit more safely;

    This is where liberalism leads. This is diversity. This is multiculturalism. This is the hell they crave under the guise of inclusion.


    • Paul M. Dohse Sr. said, on January 22, 2017 at 10:14 AM

      Right, and God’s people will soon reject the establishment church in the same way and see the home fellowship movement as the rightful replacement.


  5. Lydia said, on January 22, 2017 at 1:59 PM

    I am not as sanguine as you are. We have a few generations now who honestly believe Gov is the solution to everything. They won’t know what to do with choice or competition. They also want the approval of their peers and their leaders. They keep their mouths shut when they see contradictions or red flags because they could lose their jobs or be excommunicated from church. The institutions are corrupt but people don’t know where else to turn because see they were raised to be lemmings. Or worse, they might not be “liked”. Or they will be labeled as racist or homophobe for simply disagreeing with policy.

    The desire to be accepted and belong to a group is strong. That is why so many hate the bellicose Trump. He doesn’t play that game –using syrupy platitudes to mask real intentions. What if Obama had been honest and admitted he wanted racial division? It’s what catapulted him to DC and the presidency as a Chicago community organizer. People ignored that. They ignored his mentor Jeremiah Wright who railed against “whitey” in sermons! They honestly thought they could put racism behind them by electing a liberal black president. They ignored what the left did to Cain, Carson, Thomas, etc.

    I don’t think the lefts penchant for violence is behind us.


  6. Lydia said, on January 22, 2017 at 7:18 PM

    “They want chaos/ disruption.”

    Bingo Susan. It is much easier to control people in that environment. It is a sign of group sociopathy which is ingrained in the establishment– afraid of losing their position and perks. I think it will get worse, fed by Obama and Hillary on the sidelines so they can look like the unifiers and rehab their legacies. Obama is not going away. But I hope more people will feel free to publicly disagree with his positions on issues. Before, they were labeled as racists and ruined. The shaming censorship worked which is why they did not see the election result coming.

    They are also scared to death that certain groups will decide to outgrow their perpetual victim rhetoric of low expectations due to color. They might not be needed.

    But The thing that blows my mind the most is how the left promotes oppressors as the oppressed. The women’s march displayed this so obviously I can’t believe people don’t see it. One of the big organizers is Linda Sarsour who is pro sharia law. She promotes it on her twitter claiming that under sharia, Americans will have interest free loans. From who, the Islamic theocracy? Funny how she leaves women out of the sharia mix on twitter. But She is also known as trying to suppress a film about honor killings. She was a darling of the Obama Administration. Why would they think her message is good for women? Or men?

    But anyone who has had close dealings with sociopaths know they do all they can to keep you off balance and not accomplishing much. The only way to deal with them is to stay on mission and go around them. That is why this president has to go around the media.


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