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Death is From Earth; Life is From Mars, and Lemonade from Heaven

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on January 18, 2017

ppt-handleGod is the God of freewill that intervenes and He is unlimited. Any god who writes a metaphysical narrative for its own glory is limited and must be in control of everything lest its sovereignty is overtaken. God is the creator of the unlimited which He has no need to fear because He is unlimited. Religion writes of “God’s attributes” because their god is limited.

No, no, that passage of Scripture couldn’t be saying that because God is ________ …fill in the blank with an attribute from men defining God.

Love must be freewill. At least the beast of the Dark Age, the Catholic Church, even knows that. Protestantism came along and ushered in a special kind of evil; God predetermined who will love Him because man is unable to love. Yes, God predetermined evil in order to better define His holiness. Apparently, God had a need for evil men to know How holy He is to prove a point, that is, men who would have never existed in the first place had He not created them.

Educated people actually fall for this stuff.

God only predetermines one thing: a happy ending, and total healing. In achieving this, He intervenes to keep things on schedule for the predetermined end. BUT, whatever side one wants to be on, in the end, is a matter of freewill choice.

Here is another thing God does: He takes evil perpetrated by men and turns it into something good. He is the cosmic maker of lemonade from lemons. Adam and Eve were created beings who were deceived by their own choice; God then, as a result, created a way to make mankind His literal family through the new birth.

Moses presented God as one who pushes every person to the precipice of eternal life and finally beseeches them to “choose life.”

Life. What must we say about it? In what way is it from Mars? We will get to that. But first, as a longtime Protestant cult member and leader; when events showed me a new path, I wanted to obtain a new career that would teach me about Christian living as opposed to Protestant progressive justification which makes everything about striving for a final salvation. Protestants can love bomb all they want to, but if the focus is your own eternal salvation you will throw babies out of the lifeboat to save yourself. You want examples? Really? Have you been on Mars all of your life?

I had no idea how much being a nurse’s aide would teach me about Christian living, but it has sure taught me a lot about the subject of life. Primarily…

Life has unlimited value in and of itself because of what it represents. Quality of life is a non-issue; all living things represent hope. My first RN mentor only said one thing I disagreed with: “There are worse things than dying.” That’s not true. As Steve Jobs once said, ““No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there.”

Quality of life is an earthly invention constantly contradicted by the earthlings themselves. Life is sometimes a dimly illumined ember that we try to nurse into a flame, but if we snuff out the ember all hope is lost. And don’t miss this: quality of life is an inevitable slippery slope that constantly asks the question: “How much?”

Indeed, the quality of every life is often defined by narrow human thinking and doesn’t ponder the lemonade that God is making. All life has a quality of value predicated on hope.

That’s why it is from Mars. Why would America invest trillions in a 48-year project to find life on Mars? Why has Congress looked the other way for years when these various projects run over-budget by billions? The answer? Hope. What if Earth loses its ability to support life? And how is quality of life judged on Mars? NASA researchers have a massive orgasmic reaction if a rock on Mars would suggest some kind of lifeform on Mars.

A rock…on Mars.

Quality is not the issue; hope is the issue, except on Earth.

Meanwhile, God is making capitalism lemonade from quality of life lemons here on Earth. Due to the fact that capitalism allows people to earn a right to care, especially in the United States, the hope of life is cultivated here on Earth. As a nurse’s aide, it is my job to fan the ember and draw as much quality of life out of it as possible. In this way, I serve hope, but hope is not the servant of quality of life; quality of life is the servant of hope.

By the way; Pope Francis has recently declared capitalism as inherent evil. Just sayin’.

God and His good news is hope; the Bible is clear, death is God’s enemy that will be defeated last. First, His Son defeated sin of the cross. Second, disease will be defeated in the Millennial Kingdom, and lastly, death.

MosesSome time ago, I received an unexpected phone call from a friend of this ministry that was in a quandary. The doctors were recommending a discontinuation of care because of a dim prognosis. The immediate two-word response that came out of my mouth even shocked me after the reply minus any forethought…

“Choose life.”

Where there is life, there is hope, and hope is where God makes His lemonade.

Choose life, and life eternally, offered from the God of love.

In His eternal love,



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  1. John said, on January 18, 2017 at 1:50 PM

    Wonderful message, beautifully written.

    1 John 5:11-12.


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