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Update: The Cross Conference 2016 Inside Report

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on December 28, 2016

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  1. John said, on December 28, 2016 at 12:14 PM

    The line-up of false preachers is frightening. And the sponsors are straight from hell.
    Have a look here: Satan is smiling, ain’t he? (I knew there’d be hip-hop. Biggest trash man ever invented; stuff that’s on Satan’s playlist all the time).

    You guys who are there, please help these students! The false teacher DeYoung denies they (whatever they are) are a personality cult. Why deny something if it is blatantly false? Not only are these deceivers a personality cult; they are an unbiblical cult too. They would not know the gospel if it “liked” one of their posts or tweets.

    Please help these students by giving them the truth, and keep threm away from the evil Reformed/Calvinist rubbish. I’ll be praying for you, Paul.


  2. John said, on December 28, 2016 at 12:17 PM

    Oh, and wait for the “social gospel.” With the false teacher Platt around, it’s bound to come at any second…if it hasn’t already appeared.


  3. John said, on December 28, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    A quote from the Cross website. Once again, a pointless, nonsensical bunch of seaweed from the most confused anti-biblical person around: The Pied Piper:

    “There is no better reason to lose your life and no greater way to live it.” — John Piper

    Okay, I’m taking two months off to decipher that senseless junk.


  4. John said, on December 29, 2016 at 5:53 AM

    Have just listened to your live stream update No. 1. What frightening stuff indeed. Of course, there will be books, etc. all over the place; it’s part of the Protestant indoctrination! (Every Calvinist boasts about the number of books they have read, or possess, on their dead idols and dead gods; it’s in their death-culture). And yes, they have a weird and inferior look and view of Jesus. And they lie, these speakers, all the time…to your face. Ya, I knew there would be little (if anything) about the New Birth (being born-again) because they don’t believe in it. And so their despicable gospel is false, is evil, is not of God.

    I pray too that this demonic movement grinds to a halt and dies out; the sooner, the better. With fools like Piper and MacArthur and Sproul making the idiotic statements they make (because what they believe demands these idiotic statements), I hope this Calvinist thing dies today. What a load of wet and smelly bubblegum under the movie theater seats. Quick example, this is wat the sage Piper had to say (this week, on his site) when asked why so many single missionaries (up to 85%) were women. Here is the self-made sage’s answer (part of it):

    “Single missionaries by and large would prefer to be married. Proposing marriage falls on men, so the type of man that is single because he lacks the courage to propose marriage also lacks the courage to become a missionary, which takes grit, courage and strength.”

    There, I’ve just thrown up in my mouth again. Just what the hell is this? Evil, evil, evil!

    Let them have it over there in Indianapolis; they need the biblical Gospel…Jesus Christ and the New Birth.


  5. John said, on December 29, 2016 at 9:05 AM

    I am listening right now to your Live stream No.2. Good to hear there was confusion during the panel session (someone’s prayers worked; maybe many people’s prayers were answered!). I pray that this confusion will register with these students (and other innocent attendees), so that they may realize that this Cross Thing Conference, with sponsors like TGC and MacArthur’s Den of Liars, have nothing to do with the Bible, God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. Yes, it may sound harsh, but this conference has the markings of Satan all over it: confusion…lies…dishonesty…agendas…man…man…man…fake authority…dead idols…more lies…ungodly music…

    Paul, thank you for asking the liar Piper that question. I bet he spun in seven different directions at the same time, squirming for something nonsensical to answer…which he did, anyway…all the time.

    David Platt? “God, continually save us from our sins and ourselves?” WHAT? Oh, no surprise there; he is a Calvinist and extremely insecure (as they all are) in his beliefs, as that line shows. That line is pure heresy and actually blasphemous. Has Platt (who LOVES the spotlight), brought up his social gospel yet? That rubbish will tie in well with this fake conference’s “missionary” aspect.

    Ya, I was waiting for Thabiti Anyabwile’s statement (the deceiver and blasphemer RC Sproul must sing with happiness, no?). “Jesus Christ obtained his righteousness by coming to earth and keeping the law perfectly.”
    That’s not only an astounding statement; it’s blasphemy in the first degree. It’s a statement from the father of lies, the devil, who must be having a ball at this conference.

    May the confusion at the Cross conference continue, and may the students flee from it, looking for the Biblical truth. May this conference be one of the first ones to ring in the end of this diabolical belief system that is built entirely on the opinions and philosophies of evil men (Calvin, Augustine, Luther, Mac, Piper, etc.). The list is long.

    Thanks for the updates; I will not go to their site again. It is nauseating and like viewing death.


  6. republican mother said, on December 29, 2016 at 9:56 PM

    To pay for this shindig, you can make your check out to the “Cross”. That seems so wrong. There’s a verse about when with feigned words they make merchandise of you. This is a prime example.

    Also, a little while ago one of my older girls mentioned how the UN and environmentalists say that humanity is scum and killing the environment, etc. Yeah, like Calvinists say we’re filthy worms and general scum also. What do these groups have in common? Spirit of Antichrist, that’s what.


    • John said, on December 30, 2016 at 4:29 AM

      Republican mother,

      You’re closer than you think you are. “Spirit of Antichrist.” Oh, yeah!

      And have you also picked on the anti-American dream sentiment too? How does that fit into a “conference” that’s supposed to be “Christian”-related? What are the real agendas here? (There seem to be a few). They insult people and still want them to do their dirty work for them? How’s that for breaking you down and then lifting you up via worldly things and lies? I call it cult-like behavior.

      Some of the agendas that manifested (have you noticed others?):

      Man worship (Piper the rock star; oh, puhleeze!)
      Church worship/that church membership brings salvation (a Calvinist notion)
      Indoctrination into Reformed traditions/”theology”
      A patriarchal viewpoint/stamp on everything (I know of more women missionaries than men)
      Control/authority on every level
      Openly denying the Biblical Gospel and free will (calling it a “losing” proposition; rock star Piper)
      Political motives and jargon
      Social gospel
      Elitism (only for the opulent followers)
      False Gospel (election, etc.)
      A feeling of prestige by being associated with this “movement”, and that money is the way forward (wow, these wolves need a proper Bible. Soon).
      A complete misunderstanding of what missionaries are (because of their false gospel, these deceivers will always get this one wrong).
      Etc., etc.

      And in the end? Yes, a very real sense and even presence of the Spirit of Antichrist. You are so right, republican mother.


      • republican mother said, on December 30, 2016 at 10:15 AM

        Spirit of Antichrist is a term old timers use on cult members such as Mormons knocking at their door. These Augustinian-Gnostic-Plato fans are cut out of the same cloth.

        One pastor I follow is that if the preacher doesn’t talk about being born again, then he’s probably not himself. Recently left church when neo-cal pastor only subtly attacked me from pulpit. Not sure where to go from here, but I know not to hang out in the middle of false teaching.


    • John said, on December 30, 2016 at 11:48 AM

      I am well acquainted with the term, republican mother! Of course, they are cut from the same cloth (they have the same “father”), a dangerous difference being that this lot can get inside your bedroom (so to speak, and literally, too, via their “counselors” and the church’s so-called authority) before you realize just what it is that you’ve allowed walking through your front door…such are their deceit and trickery. They speak almost as born-again believers, act almost as born-again believers, react almost as born-again believers, take certain “stands” almost as born-again believers do (on abortion, for example, so do Muslims I know), they even almost read the Bible (mostly ESV, please take note) as born-again people do, but there are certain “things” all the time: like that pesky little thing they can’t say: “Jesus died for you.” That, and “I’m a born-again Christian/believer.” To say, “I’m a Christian” has a book full of different meanings, and we know that Protestants have changed the meaning of just about every word in order to fit their false gospel.

      Piper and the rest of this crowd openly punt their doctrine, and people pay blood money to go and listen to this trickery? Why? Deceit…it “appears” to be Christian. It “appears” to be a noble cause. It “appears” to be about Jesus…their “Jesus.” And so on.

      The pastor you follow hits the nail. If one is born-again, one will refer to it openly and unashamedly. Of course not to boast, but to proclaim our identity with Jesus. To say something like “I believe in Jesus” has many possible meanings. Hindus may use that line, and many do, for example. But by saying one is born-again, one is implying many other things too. For instance, that we accepted God’s gift of salvation that is there for ANYONE to accept; that we reject the notion of election as defined by these charlatans; that we don’t believe God is sovereign (we do, but God’s sovereignty is yet another thing this crowd has pulverized beyond recognition. Please watch, if you want, Piper in the short clip. He repeats that word about 30 times or so).

      It’s a good thing you left that particular church in which you were being attacked from the pulpit. Do you want to guess how they talked about you when they were not behind the pulpit? I’ve been through that personally; it’s pure witchcraft talk, and, yes, threats of death and of destruction. And also from church that had overnight turned into a Neo-Cal nightmare when it was taken over by one of MacArthur’s disciples.

      I can’t tell you where to go from here; it would be bossy and presumptuous. What I can tell you is that it is wise not to hang out in any kind of false teaching. Home fellowship (not “cell groups or “small groups) is something I’d invest in, and I know that TANC is going to tackle the biblical concept of home fellowship with renewed vigor after this conference.

      When born-again, we are family, not so? We then have ONE Father, one faith, one Savior who has saved us at a specific point in time after we’d responded to the Good News, and we all have the same Holy Spirit indwelling us. We are then no more under the law, but we live out the law with love, as it simply cannot condemn as anymore. And family members care for one another. No, we’re not filthy worms, etc. We are children of God; in His family now.

      In the meantime, Republican Mother, please feel totally accepted here and know that you are dealing with people who are “born-again.” Yes, I do rant on about certain things, but it’s out of frustration and out of love. To see people I love being eaten alive by this Calvinist monster is painful. It hurts deeply.

      May your (and husband’s and family’s) 2017 be a glorious one in which we glorify God in all we do.


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