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The Aesthetics of Authentic Protestant Assumptions

Posted in Uncategorized by Andy Young, PPT contributing editor on December 20, 2016

Know first that the video below is satire (which some elements of the population have a hard time recognizing).  Yet what makes satire so effective, like any good comedic material, is that it contains elements of reality that resonate with us.  However, I seriously doubt the creators of this comic sketch fully realize the philosophical implications of their work.  What should we learn from this video?

Christian” music would be considered “art” or artistic expression which would place it under the philosophical discipline of Aesthetics- the study of how man reflects his assumptions back to the world. So if this form of art is the rational conclusion of a comprehensive philosophy, what then would be the metaphysical assumption that results in this kind of music?

…In other words, what must be the root assumption about the nature of exisitence regarding both man and God that produces these kinds of artistic expressions in the realm of Contemporary Christian Music?

~ Andy

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  1. John said, on December 20, 2016 at 2:44 PM

    I’ve noticed John Crist is also the “comedian” who posted the Facebook entry about “drop it like its hot.” Maybe he was joking there too; maybe not.

    To me, CCM is about a couple of things: (1) money, (2) bad, outrageous hairdos/fashion, (3) “coming out…and being who God has always really, really wanted me to be even though He perfectly made me a certain way,” (4) questionable women (no joke; of course, not all of them), (5) babe magnets, as many male CCM bands think (Christian girls are easy, right?), (6) bad, I mean, really bad, putrid theology (Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Calvinist tripe, for example, (7) oh, and words that rhyme with grace and sinner (pages full), like rage and thinner; stage, beginner; Calvinist…winner.

    But I get the satire, Andy, and it’s Christmastime, and so I am not going to dissect CCM even more or say something nasty about CCM more than I already have, except to say it ain’t for me.

    Strippers and the like even pervert Christmas songs (nothing is sacred to them, obviously), but at least this is something to listen to, and not a Christmas song. A dear friend from somewhere in Illinois suggested this song to me. I love it, and it actually means something. Apparently, it has its roots in an old Irish hymn…once upon a time.

    And as we edge ever closer to Christmas Day, may we experience that special peace that man simply cannot understand.

    Love and greetings,



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