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The Gospel is Indeed Simple

Posted in Uncategorized by Paul M. Dohse Sr. on December 5, 2016

potters-house-logo-2Where should we start in explaining the good news? We could start by acknowledging that every human being ever born into the world will see God one day. There is no way around that.

Then we could state that there are only two ways anybody will stand before God when that time comes: as his offspring, or as one being judged.

Every person born into the world is born under law; the law of conscience, or God’s written law, or both. Unless one becomes the offspring of God, they will be judged by their conscience, or the law of God, or both. Indeed, all people do good works, but the focus of this judgment will be violation of one’s conscience, or violation of God’s written law (the Bible, if you will), or both. The religious will be judged by both and incur the stricter judgment.

Historically, this will be the “second resurrection.” In the Bible, a resurrection is always accompanied by judgment. All those who will be swept up in the second resurrection are judged by law and will be condemned. Their good works will only temper eternal condemnation in varying degrees.

Salvation saves one from appearing at the judgment that follows the second resurrection. Christ went to the cross to cancel that judgment for all who believe on Him.

We hear a lot about the death and resurrection of Christ, but what is that really all about? It is about Christ establishing the new birth. His death did pay the penalty for sin, but it also enabled those who believe on Him to die with Him. His resurrection also enables those who believe on Him to be resurrected with Him as well. The old self dies with Christ, and is resurrected anew. Christ is the “first fruits” of all who believe.

This miracle can be likened to the moment when a woman conceives. It is non- experiential, but no less a miracle. The joy will come when the pregnancy is confirmed. The literal new birth is like that. Joy comes when the facts are believed to be true and what that means; in this case, there is no condemnation for those who believe on Christ. However, the new birth will bring about some discernable changes; the born-again believer will no longer be indifferent to things that are near and dear to God’s heart. This is because the saved person is truly born of God. They were a created being, but now they are born into God’s family and His literal offspring.

Assurance comes from knowing that a person who has died cannot be judged by the law. The county prosecutor cannot indict a dead person, but the Bible even takes it further than that; even if the county prosecutor had you exhumed and brought into court, the judge would have no law in which to judge you. The prosecutor has no case because there is no law…that can condemn.

That doesn’t mean that a born-again believer doesn’t need the Bible. The Bible is now a guide to loving God and others as well as living a life according to spiritual wisdom. The words of God no longer condemn you, but are rather the guiding words of your Father.

A person who wants to be saved wants to escape the coming judgment and wants to be a different person. Most people who shun the gospel do not want to give up who they are.

If you want to escape the coming judgment and the hopelessness of your present life, acknowledge the truth of the gospel, and ask God to be born again. One of the primary names for the gospel in the Bible is, “The Promise.” It is a promise for all those who want new life in Christ and ask God for it.

What now? As a person permanently indwelled by the Holy Spirit who will co-labor with you and guide you in all truth, begin to study the Bible and anything else that will aide you in understanding the Bible. Seek God according to the reason (logic) God has given you and according to your own re-enlightened conscience.

But do not go to church or join a church. You are not saved by going to church; you are saved through the new birth. Find like-minded family-of-God believers to fellowship with, and grow up in your faith with.

Going to church will not help you, it will hinder you.

And of course, TANC ministries is always here to help you in your new faith anyway we can. Questions? Need help? Contact us: / 937.478.1201.

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  1. John said, on December 5, 2016 at 2:06 PM

    Beautiful, Paul. Simply a beautiful, true, biblical piece. What, I ask, is so difficult to understand about it? Well, it all goes muddy, murky, mad, and evil when one puts on the Calvinist/Reformed/Protestant glasses and try to read the Bible with that thing over one’s eyes.


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